15 Cute And Funny Baby Onesies To Gift

Any new parent will tell you that you can’t have too many baby onesies.

Considering the amount of spillages, poops, possets and paint splodges that seem to constantly occur, babies have more outfit changes in a day than Mariah Carey! 

This is why a onesie makes such a great baby shower and first birthday gift, especially if it has been specifically chosen with one special baby in mind.

Luckily, we have put together a list of 15 adorable and cute baby onesies to give you some inspiration.

Just remember, the onesie that you pick is as much about the parents as it is about the child, so machine washable, tumble dryer friendly options are always a winner!


Let’s start with this simply adorable footie and hat set by Little Me.

The floral pattern is so adorable that you really can’t go wrong when gifting this set, and the matching hat makes it that little bit more special.

This footie is great for gifting to babies who live in cold climates as the long sleeves and full legs provide plenty of warmth.

What is great is that it is made from 100% cotton, which is breathable, machine washable and also suitable to tumble dry!

This type of thing really makes a difference to new mums who have so much on their plates.

By gifting this beautiful and practical onesie you will be making their child look gorgeous whilst also making their life that little bit easier!

Now that is precious.


My First Rodeo Onesie

For parents who love all things cowboy, this ‘Actually this is my First Rodeo’ onesie is humorous and adorable.

We love the clever play on words and the clear, large font that it is printed in which makes for easy reading.

Rodeo clowns and rural folk will love the cowboy boot artwork and this onesie will put a smile on the face of all who see it.

Of course, it is not just a funny slogan. This onesie is handmade from 100% cotton, and the sizing chart is simply brilliant.

There are so many sizes to choose from, and if you are gifting to a child you haven’t met then we recommend going slightly bigger in order to leave some growing room.

The poppers on the bottom make nappy changing a breeze, so the parents will thank you for that too!


New to the Herd Baby Onesie

To continue on the cowboy theme, we absolutely love this ‘New to the Herd’ onesie and cow print baby leggings set.

For farming parents and those who love the rural lifestyle, this onesie set will be hilarious and oh so cute! 

The set is made by hand from the seller's own studio, so it has that bespoke, handcrafted element which makes it all the more precious.

The cow print leggings are designed to be snug fitting, and are made from lycra and polyester so are soft and stretchy.

Little legs will be able to crawl and kick in these bottoms without feeling restricted or itchy. 

However, if you don’t want to risk a sizing issue, order larger than expected as the leggings look very cute when baggy too.


For any feminist friends who may have had little girls recently, this Dinosaur onesie is a sure fire hit.

We love that the onesie has a matching bow which is so quintessentially ‘girly’, and yet the design on the romper itself is of dinosaurs, which are usually reserved for little boys.

Why shouldn’t little girls get to have cool dinosaurs on their clothes too?! This onesie turns gender expectations on their head and looks absolutely gorgeous while its at it!

The long sleeves make this onesie great for fall and winter weather, and the skin-friendly cotton fabric is perfect for soft baby skin.

This onesie is unique and stylish and will go down a storm with any new mums and babies.


Dinosaur Romper with Hood Baby Onesie

Oh wow! This dinosaur onesie is raaaadiculously cute!

We have seen similar designs out there but the bright yellow fabric and colorful dino pattern set this romper apart.

It will make a great gift for newborns and toddlers as it is so eye catching and fun to wear. 

What is more, the fun spikes that run down the back are padded, making them more distinctive, rigid and durable.

This onesie is definitely a winter item, and the thich cotton will keep little bodies lovely and warm on cold nights. It can also double as a fun costume for parties and photoshoots and the hood gives it that little extra scare factor!

It is machine washable, suitable for tumble drying, and the fastenings are easy click poppers which make changing a doddle. 


If you are looking to gift something a little more fancy then why not try this ruffle romper with gorgeous bow detail.

What is so great about this onesie is that it is special enough for parties and photoshoots thanks to the frills and bows, but it is also easy to dress down and use as a casual daysuit, meaning any baby will get a lot of wear out of this beauty.

The fit and form is loose, allowing the baby to wriggle and move with zero restrictions or discomfort.

What is more, this onesie comes in a whole host of vibrant colors and has both long and short sleeved options. 

As it is such a versatile onesie you might even think about buying multiples in different colors! This is especially adorable with twins and triplets!


If you want to send the perfect christmas gift to a little someone in your life, then this cute christmas onesie is just the thing.

We can’t get over how adorable the little frilly skirt attachment is, and the festive print is just to die for. 

The addition of the matching bow headband makes this onesie a real party favorite.

Whether it is for midnight mass, family gatherings, or a trip to Santa's grotto, this onesie will make your little one look like a Christmas angel. 

With four different sizing options, this onesie is suitable for babies from 3 to 18 months old.


If you are looking for something more summery to give to a little one, then this fresh and fruity watermelon onesie is simply delicious.

The gathered design means that babies have plenty of room to stretch and wriggle in this suit, and they can lift their arms and kick their legs freely. 

The sizings are also really generous thanks to the hidden pleats, meaning there is plenty of growing room. The oversized bow on the headband is dramatic and very summery.

This onesie is a great buy for babies going on holiday, or experiencing their first summer.

The cotton blend material is soft and breathable so that they won’t get clammy and sweaty on hot, balmy days. Any little one will look good enough to eat whilst wearing this beautiful onesie.


Pearfect Baby Onesie

If fruit themed onesies are your thing, then this next suit is simple yet adorable. The onesie itself is made from 100% cotton which is breathable and very soft on delicate newborn skin.

The long sleeves are great for keeping little arms warm, especially at night, however this onesie is available in a short sleeve design as well.

The pear image is bold and clear and very, very cute.

Any parent would feel proud to dress their baby in such a sweet suit, especially as every baby really is ‘pearfect’ in their mother’s eyes.


Star Wars Storm Pooper Baby Onesie

Star Wars fans will absolutely love receiving this Storm Pooper onesie as a gift for their little one! It is just hilarious, especially the added surprise on the back of the suit which reads The Dark Side!

This is an ideal gift for parents with a great sense of humor, and parents who love geeky sci-fi jokes.

You will get a great reaction when gifting this onesie, just as any baby will get a great reaction when they wear it! 

Luckily, it is available in 7 sizes ranging from newborn through to 24 months of age. We are just sad they don’t make it in adult sizes!


If Star Wars isn’t quite the ticket, then this 5 pack of Avengers themed Baby onesies surely will be!

We love the simplicity of the designs on these suits, because each Marvel character is clear and instantly recognizable without the onesie being cluttered or overly realistic. 

These suits are children’s versions of the Avengers characters, and the bold colors and simple shapes reflect this.

The onesies are made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester, making them durable and able to keep their shape and color even after multiple washes. 

They have plenty of stretch, and the popper fastenings on the bottom are ideal for nappy changes. Mum’s and Dad’s who are fans of the Marvel universe will be thrilled with this baby gift.


This 5 piece Minnie Mouse Disney onesie set is seriously iconic!

We love that there are three different options for these Disney sets, so if you think that your little one would prefer princesses then Snow White, Belle, Cinderella and Ariel are all at the ready. 

As for the Minnie Mouse onesie designs, the polka dots and bows are simply adorable and will certainly make great outfits for playdates and parties.

The onesies are extremely durable, reliable, and easy to pull on and off. What is more, all parents prefer getting multipacks because every child needs back ups!


This fun little onesie is the perfect gift for parents who have a sense of humor.

We love how the text pokes fun at Dads because so often Dads are less included in the consideration of baby gifts. 

New fathers will have to hold their hands up and admit their guilt whenever their little one has this onesie on!

Luckily, the onesie is also soft, breathable and easy to get on and off, so babies will also feel comfortable and cosy when wearing it. 

A top choice if you are looking for a baby shower gift that will make everyone laugh!


This teddy bear onesie is the ideal gift for toddlers and babies who want to feel cosy and snuggly before bed.

The fleece material is moisture wicking so is great for regulating their temperature through the night.

Children will absolutely love wearing this onesie and parents will love how easy it is to get them to put it on! 

The onesie also doubles brilliantly as a halloween costume and works well for fancy dress parties throughout the year. It is super warm and soft, and will inspire lots of wonderful imaginary games.

What is better still is that there are tons of other animal inspired options available from this seller, so you can buy the chic, the monster and even the astronaut onesie as well!


Unicorn Baby Onesie

And finally, we just adore this unicorn onesie. What little baby girl would not love to be dressed in this suit?

It is eye-catching, colorful and full of drama, and at the same time it is not unnecessarily fussy and impractical. 

Babies will still be able to crawl, play and eat whilst wearing this onesie, and they will look fantastic as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Material Is Best For Baby Onesies?

The best types of materials for baby onesies are natural and organic fabrics like cotton. Cotton is breathable, light and soft so will keep your baby comfortable and safe.

Cotton blends, particularly polycotton, are also great because they have added stretch and durability.

What Size Onesie Would I Buy For A Newborn Baby?

Most baby onesies offer newborn sizing, however, if you are in any doubt about what size you should opt for then it is always best to go for a bigger size.

Babies grow incredibly quickly, especially in the first few months of life, and if you go for a small size they are sure to outgrow their onesie before long. Leaving a little growing space is always appreciated.

Should A Baby Onesie Have Short Or Long Sleeves?

Baby onesies can have short or long sleeves, and which style you choose will depend on the season and climate that your baby is living in, as well as the intended purpose for the onesie.

Long sleeved onesies are best for fall and winter, and are great at overnight wear. Short sleeves work well in spring and summer and are great as day wear since you don’t have to worry about long sleeves getting messy or wet!

How Should I Wash A Baby Onesie?

Most baby onesies are machine washable, and suitable to be dried in a tumble dryer. To avoid shrinking or fading the onesies it is best to avoid very hot wash cycles.

If your baby has stained their onesie badly then try soaking it in hot water over night.

What Fastenings Are Best For Baby Onesies?

Wherever possible, easy access poppers and baby friendly zips are the best kind of fastenings for baby onesies.

When you have to change tens of nappies everyday, having a quick and easy popper fastening at the bottom of your baby’s onesie will speed things up remarkably.

Front zippers are a great choice for toddlers as there is less fiddling involved when you are trying to get them dressed and undressed.

Just be sure that the zipper is child friendly in order to avoid any little fingers getting caught unnecessarily.

Stephanie Creek