15 Cute Jack Skellington Baby Clothes & Accessories


Kicking off the list is this classic and sweet Jack Skellington dress up outfit. This is perfect for Halloween, and other fancy dress occasions.

This is a complete striped suit, with a Jack Skellington hat to finish off the outfit perfectly. There is even a safe bow tie, shaped like a bat. 

It is a onesie, with easy diaper access for those all important changes. 

This particular outfit is aged 6-12 months. It must be hand washed in cold water in order to keep the outfit from shrinking or other washing related damage.


Here is a hoodie and trousers combo. It can be worn by any gender. It is comfy and bewitching. 

It features a hooded top with Jack Skellington’s face in the middle, adorned with the words ‘I’m Scary Cute’. 

The trousers are striped, to mimic Jack’s iconic pinstripe suit that he wears in the films. Jack’s face also features on the knees of the trousers, just to add to the overall look.

It is a mixture of cotton and polyester, which makes it soft and easy to wash.

There is even an elastic waist band to add to the comfort for your little one. 


This outfit is a vest, footed trousers and hat three piece set, The hat and the trousers match identically. They have the same black background material, with white spooky characters patterned all over. 

The vest is a contrast in white with black details around the neck and the diaper poppers. There is Jack Skellington’s face as a feature, with a play on the famous film title - ‘Nightmare before Naptime’. 

The outfit itself is 60% cotton and 40% polyester. This makes it stretchy and comfortable, and easy to wash in the machine.


A Jack Skellington vest and hat combo. The hat is all in white, with Jack Skellington’s eyes and mouth etched into the design. The Vest is black with white stripes, and a bat bow tie all worked into the body. 

It is a cute outfit for the warmer months, made with cotton and polyester. 


Next, we have a dungaree, bodysuit combination outfit. 

The dungarees feature black and white stripes, just like Jack’s famous suit. Jack’s face is the other main feature of the dungarees. 

The bodysuit, however, has his leading lady, Sally’s face.  

The bodysuit has ‘Nightmare before Bedtime’, embossed into the body. There are also handy poppers to help make diaper changes easier.


Here are five different pairs and five different patterns of Jack Skellington themed socks. These can be for babies up to toddlers and small children. 

Unlike other Jack Skellington themed clothes, these socks are all brightly colored. 

Each pair features a different color and a different character from the film. 

They are made with polyester and spandex and are machine washable. 


Who doesn’t love a little crochet hat for a baby? This Jack Skellington crochet hat is very sweet. 

There are two different style options. 

You can choose a black hat with a white Jack Skellington face or a white hat with a black Jack Skellington face. 

This product is completely handmade. There are two different material options - acrylic or cotton. 

The hat also features hat pigtails or trails. These are twisted black and white striped. 

We love this because it really keeps your little one’s head warm, while also being Skellington themed. 


‘Just because I cannot see it, doesn’t mean I can’t believe it.’ The classic line from Jack Skellington is featured on this adorable black baby vest. 

The quote is accompanied by the Jack himself, the iconic image. He stands on the curled hill with the moon bright behind him. 

Visually, this vest is very pretty. It comes in a range of sizes from newborn up to two years. 

It is made from predominantly cotton with a slight polyester presence.


These little booties are a fantastic Jack Skellington themed clothing item for your little one. 

They are tiny soft shoes made for pre-walkers, to keep the feet warm and cute. 

There are two options. One design features a fluffy style white top with Jack’s face, and the other has a stripy top also with Jack’s face.

Both designs are knitted in all black, acrylic, and polyester yarn. Hand knitted baby clothes are the epitome of cuteness.


This is a festive, seasonal themed white vest. It is sized from newborns to around 18 months. 

It is a simple, white vest with a stand out feature. Jack Skellington’s head with his infamous Father Christmas, bright red hat atop it. 

Though it may be seasonal, this gender neutral vest can be worn all year round by Jack fans, as it is a true likeness to the way his character dresses in the film.


Number eleven is a sweet little bodysuit and mittens combination outfit collaborative. It is completely white, with the Pumpkin King himself featured front and center on both the bodysuit and the mittens. 

Scratch mittens are an essential part of a newborn’s wardrobe. They help keep those tiny fingernails away from your baby’s face and body. 

This set is made from warm material and is great for adding warm layers to any outfit. 


It’s time for another cute vest. Because let’s face it, you can never have enough cute vests. When it comes to babies, there’s no such thing as too many clothes. 

This vest is white, with a baby Jack Skellington style image on the front. He even has a skull design baby bottle and is accompanied by his puppy Zero too. 

It can be put in the washing machine on a standard wash, and it comes in sizes from newborn to around 12 months.


Something cute and cartoon style now. 

This long sleeved bodysuit features the main characters from the Nightmare Before Christmas film. Jack Skellington is there, cartoon style, in his Santa hat. There is also Zero, Sally, and Oogie. 

It is made from cotton and polyester and is completely machine washable. 

There are a few different choices when it comes to the color of the bodysuit. You can choose dark blue, heather gray, light pink or black.


If like us, you have spent months thinking about the perfect first birthday outfit for your little one, then your search is over. 

This is a Jack Skellington themed first birthday, adorable outfit. 

It features a black bodysuit, with Jack’s face forming the ‘o’ in the word ‘one’. You can personalize this with your child’s name too. 

A puffy skirt, with a bow. This is black with white polka dots and a white satin bow with Jack’s face in the middle. 

There are white and black striped leg warmers too, just to complete the look. You can also expect a Jack themed headband. 

This outfit is something special.


Leggings, a bodysuit, and a headband or beanie. This is a gender neutral option for your little one. 

The leggings are white, gray, and black with characters from the film dotted all over. 

The bodysuit has to be the most sentimental on the list. It has the sweet message, ‘simply meant to be’ written across the front. 

This is accompanied by a silhouette of Jack, Sally, and Zero. You can get the vest in black or white. 

This oufit can be washed in any standard washing machine and is made from a blend of cotton and polyester material. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Best Place to Buy Jack Skellington Themed Clothes for your Little One?

There are so many baby clothes sites out there. We have narrowed it down to three great options for Jack Skellington themed clothes for your baby or toddler. 

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Redbubble

These sites have hundreds of options between them to choose from. 

15 Cute Jack Skellington Baby Clothes & Accessories

What is the Best Way to Wash Baby Clothes?

There are lots of different answers to this question, but some general advice can be applied to all washes. 

  • Use a gentle washing powder or detergent. 
  • Always check the care label on the clothing item. Some items need cooler washes. 
  • Lots of washing machines have a specific baby clothes setting.

Some people prefer to wash their newborn clothes by hand, and that is perfectly fine. 

What are Gender Neutral Outfits? 

Gender neutral outfits are clothes that can be worn by a girl or a boy. Lots of the items in the article are gender neutral. 

Lots of parents prefer to dress their baby or child in neutral colors, such as taupe and gray. 

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