Adorable Gamer Baby Clothes Suitable For Your Little One

Gaming is here to stay. You were a gamer - no, wait - you are a gamer, and it is a fact your little one is very likely going to grow up gaming too - it is in their blood!

Whilst they will not be playing the likes of Fall Out or Grand Theft Auto just yet, they might just be close to delving into the world of Super Mario helping to save Princess Peach (again), and building blocky things with Steve in Minecraft.

Even though they are not even old enough to hold a Nintendo Switch right now, there is nothing wrong with letting them indulge in some gaming inspired wear.

Not only are there some great things out there, they will also look so darned cute.

So, let us take a look at what is out there with this handy gaming inspired list.


Achievement Unlocked New Character Onesie

As someone who plays video games, you are likely to be all too aware of unlocking achievements whilst you play.

This cute little onesie plays on that fact with this ‘Achievement unlocked, new character activated’ print which is so cute for a newborn.

Handmade, with every onesie made to order, it includes a vinyl transfer and is available in a wide selection of colors, from white and black to bright pink and green - there is something to suit every taste.

Whether it is for you as a new parent or a gift for a new mother, it will go down a treat for any gaming fan out there.


Legend of Zelda Bib

A baby will always need a bib to catch their food that has gone AWOL, but why stop at the usual plain, standard type of bibs when you could be investing in a Legend of Zelda inspired one. We know, right?

Not only will they look like Link from the video game, but they will also have a high quality handmade bib that is easy to wash. It includes an applique pattern that features the belt and the triforce.

It can also be used for cosplay too, so is an easy ‘costume’ if you are attending a comic convention with the little one.


Minecraft Onesie

Of course Minecraft was going to end up in this list, it will probably be one of the first games they play.

Who does not like fighting Creepers and building blocks so high just to see how far they can go? We do!

This bright green onesie is adorable for any Minecraft fans out there, big or small. It is ultra comfortable and features Creepers and TNT boxes.

The bottom half has a plain green and white pattern to stop the overall design from becoming too garish.

Suitable for those aged from 12 to 18 months, the cotton onesie includes KAM snaps for ease of getting in and out of the garment, and for changing diapers. 


Nintendo Game Boy Silicone Teether

Whilst not officially an item of clothing, we could not resist adding this to the list - sorry!

Whether or not you are old enough to remember playing the Game Boy, or perhaps you just admire it as a retro piece of history, this silicone teether is a must-have for any child.

It is fully handmade and safe for a baby to use while they go through the teething period. It features a textured back to help soothe their gums, it is easy to clean, and can be attached to a pacifier clip.

It is perfect for any gamer parents out there who want to add more video game history to their child’s accessories, and this is not only cool but also really helpful. 


Video Game Controller Booties

Booties are a must-have for young babies, and these video game controller booties are a perfect addition to any child’s wardrobe.

Whilst ‘boyish’ in its colors - black, blue, green and white (for the Wii controllers) - it is suitable for both a boy and a girl. They are handmade to fit a baby from newborn to around 18 months.

They include a fleece lining for extra warmth and have a cotton outer layer, and can be made to order for bigger sizes too.

It really is a cute pair of booties that have no attachment to a particular game, making them a go-to for any gamer parents out there.


We are back to the bibs, and this time it is all about Super Mario.

This set of two washable bibs are big enough to cover the full area of a child’s chest, shoulders and stomach, and also features a little pocket to catch food that has made its way out of the hands and off the table. We are looking at you mushed up broccoli!

The bibs are perfect for those aged around 6 to 24 months who need all the help they can get to protect their clothes from foodie disasters.

They measure from approximately 9 inches from the neck down and 10 inches across.

They are completely BPA-free, and made from 100% polyester that has been embedded with TPU to make it machine washable as well as wipeable.

Basically, it is safe for your child to wear whilst eating and even doing something like painting a picture.


Again, we could not help ourselves, but we had to add this adorable Legend of Zelda inspired rattle.

If you have ever played the game, you will know that it is an amazing achievement to acquire the Master Sword in something like Ocarina of Time, so being able to give your child a mini version - well, that is just awesome, right?

It is 3D printed and made from a non-toxic material due to babies having the habit of chewing everything they see. There are also no small parts which may come loose, no sharp edges, and has a soft rattling sound.

As usual with these sorts of things it can be used as part of a cosplay outfit too, and would go well with a Link outfit. 


Gamer Girl Video Game Controller Dress

Girls are gamers too, and this video game controller inspired dress most certainly makes a statement.

Dark in color, it leaves behind the stereotypical pink that girls get, even when it comes to video game accessories.

It includes an overall print that features a variety of new and old video game controllers which will have you feeling nostalgic every time you see it.

Made to feel comfortable, the skirt reaches around mid-calf to avoid any tripping. It has KAM snaps for ease and to make sure they are safe for a youngster.

The dresses can be worn by a newborn, all the way up to a size 8, giving you a number of options when thinking about buying it for somebody. 


Minecraft Baby Bloomers

It is back to Minecraft again with these cute baby bloomers. They are 100% handmade and suitable for a newborn baby and up to 6 months.

They are comfortable and have been lovingly put together with elastic to help with the changing of the baby’s diaper.

It is not too garish with the overall print and black background, so will not seem too over-the-top.

Instead, it gives the baby’s wardrobe a bit of character and personality, and gets them ready to prepare themselves as a future Minecraft gamer.


Mario Outfit for a Newborn

Anything made from acrylic wool is perfect for a newborn baby. It keeps them warm and is super soft without the itchiness of real wool.

This one takes the cuteness one step further by making it into a full Mario outfit with the red hat, the blue dungarees and the little brown booties.

It has been specially made to fit a newborn baby and up to 3 months. The diaper cover, or dungarees, can be moved easily to change the diaper.

Whilst it is probably not a full set they will wear every day, it is something that would be suitable for a newborn’s photo shoot, and something cute for you and them to look back on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Babies Need A Lot Of Clothes?

Despite what is sometimes recommended to you, a baby does not need that many clothes. This is because they grow faster than you expect.

Saying that, it is fun to buy them key pieces that they can cherish and be photographed in to look back on.

When Should You Move Up A Size In Baby’s Clothing?

Always have a few pieces ready for a baby’s birth. If you do not know the size of the baby, then always go a size up to what you think it is. For example, if the baby is around 3 months old, opt for something that is sized 3-6 months.

This means that if you got the size wrong, it is much better for them to be able to grow into it, rather than them already having grown out of that size and unable to wear it.

Can My Baby Wear Gaming Clothes?

Absolutely they can wear gaming inspired clothing. Video gaming is a part of many children's lives, and more often than not these days, the parents who are birthing children now have grown up with video games.

This only makes it natural that parents will want to give their children video game inspired clothing. 

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