Adorable Hello Kitty Clothes Suitable For Your Little One

Everyone has heard of Hello Kitty with her infamous bow and yellow nose.

A product of Japan, yet globally known as one of the most recognised cats, Hello Kitty is super adorable and liked by everyone, big or small.

It is no surprise then that children love the beloved kitten just as much. She adorns a vast amount of clothing, especially for babies and toddlers.

The Sanrio character is a popular choice when it comes to choosing something for your little one to wear, so let us take a look at some of our top picks.


Hello Kitty Polka Dot Flare Skirt

This flared polka dot skirt has been upcycled to include a big Hello Kitty embellishment sewn on, as well as a cute pink trim.

It looks really stylish with its poodle shape which has shorts underneath it and a stretchy waist.

It is suitable to fit a toddler aged 12 months to 18 months. Team it with a T shirt or jumper (Hello Kitty optional) and they will look super cute. 


Hello Kitty Baby Shoes

Cute alert! These Hello Kitty baby shoes will have you wanting a pair in your own size.

With its baby blue color, flowers and Hello Kitty sitting right in the middle of it all, it is no surprise that these little slippers are highly rated.

The shoes are suitable from birth to 12 months, and look like slip-ons, rather than regular wooly booties.

They have been made with 100% anti-allergenic material, so will be great for all babies without the worry of them getting an allergy.


If you are after a simple bodysuit, then look no further. This two pack of Hello Kitty bodysuits feature a lot of pink and a lot of Hello Kitty.

In fact, one of these is plastered with the adorable kitty’s face.

The other one is baby pink and features Hello Kitty with a colorful roller skate. These really are difficult to pass up.

They include snap closures to make sure you can change the baby’s diaper, and are suitable for those who are newborn to 9 months. 


Hello Kitty ‘Cuter Than a Cupcake’ Set

This fully handmade Hello Kitty set is a must-have. It includes a bow headpiece, a body suit and a diaper cover.

The bodysuit is adorned with the words: ‘Cuter than a cupcake’ because of course, your little one will be cuter than a cupcake whilst wearing this outfit.

Made from polyester, it is soft and extra comfy to be worn all day. It is also not too garish in color, making it a great choice if you do not want it to be overly pink.

It can be worn from a newborn all the way to 24 months, but remember to keep an eye on your little one if they are wearing headwear at such a young age.


Hello Kitty Knitted Sweater

Speaking of pink, this sweet sweater is very pink.

Completely hand knitted, this adorable sweater includes a big Hello Kitty image, as well as striped colors and shoulder buttons to not only add extra design to it, but for ease of removing it off the child.

Suitable from 3 months to 24 months, it will be a favorite of many youngsters. If we could wear it ourselves we would (this may become a running theme throughout this article).


Hello Kitty Knitted Booties

These hand crocheted Hello Kitty booties for a newborn are just too cute. They look like tiny ballet slippers with Kitty’s face on them.

Whilst at first it is not obvious it includes the bow because it is the same color as the bootie, it does not detract from the fact that these are very well made and would be perfect for any Hello Kitty fan.

They can be worn up to 4 months old and will have a slight stretch to them from the acrylic wool. Also, due to the use of synthetic wool, it means the fabric will not make the baby’s skin itchy or red. 


Whilst a child is less likely to wear anything ‘athleisure’ to do something active like sport, we are well aware as adults that it is comfortable to wear such clothing as we are watching Netflix lounging on the couch.

This bright pink set includes comfortable track pants and a jacket full of Hello Kitty goodness.

It is made to fit your little one from 12 months all the way up to age 12, so you really do have options if you are wondering which daughter to buy it for.

It is made from 49% polyester and 51% cotton, so it is not only breathable but durable too.


Hello Kitty Knitted Newborn Set

A newborn set is common for those who want to capture some early year photos to treasure as their child becomes older, plus it is always fun to embarrass them, right?

This cute hand knitted Hello Kitty set includes a diaper cover, an earflap hat and shoes, all matching and Hello Kitty themed.

Apart from synthetic wool, it also includes plastic buttons to fasten the diaper cover and shoes.

Whilst it can be worn by a newborn, it is also available for those who are aged 3 months and 6 months. 


Hello Kitty Costume or One-Piece

Of course a Hello Kitty costume was going to make this list, and what better way to find one than by a company who makes them by hand?

Complete with a fuzzy fleece and elasticated ankles and cuffs, this one-piece is perfect for those who want to dress up as Hello Kitty any day of the week, or for a particular occasion like a party or a comic convention.

Each one is made to order, but the company focuses on babies and children, rather than adult sizing - sorry!


Hello Kitty Pillow Case Dress

Whilst it might seem odd that the title of this product uses the words ‘pillow’ and ‘case’, the designer has actually created such a cute dress for a baby aged 0-3 months old using upcycled material.

The overall pattern includes Hello Kitty steering an aeroplane on a pink background, along with a white trim and blue straps.

The length of the dress is 10.5 inches, which will cover their diaper - plus, the dress includes adjustable ribbon that can be made into a bow making it easy for your child to wear, as well as fit to size.


If your little one has a party to go to, or maybe they just want to feel glamorous, then this dress is going to be their go-to.

It looks like a two-piece but is in fact a one-piece. At first glance, it could be a T shirt and a tutu, but it is actually a full dress.

The gray of the top half breaks up the pink, as does the Hello Kitty rainbow print. The tutu is super cute, and adds something fun to the whole outfit.

Whilst not suitable for a baby, it is available to girls aged 2 to 4 years old. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Hello Kitty?

Hello Kitty is a cat (though the creator has said she is not a cat - go figure) who goes by the name Kitty White and was created by the Japanese company, Sanrio, in 1974.

She adorns a vast number of products, including clothes, toys, stationary, skincare and makeup.

She is not only famous in her native country of Japan, but also all over the world.

What Is Sanrio?

Sanrio is a Japanese company that focuses on different kawaii (‘cute’ in Japanese) characters. Hello Kitty is just one of the many characters that have been created by them.

Others include Gudetama, My Melody, Cinnamoroll and Little Twin Stars amongst over 400 others. 

Who Was The First Sanrio Character?

It may not be surprising, but Hello Kitty was the first Sanrio character created back in 1974, despite the company forming in the 1960s.

Now a globally well-known character, she is just as popular today, if not more so. 

Why Is Hello Kitty So Popular?

It is difficult to pinpoint why Hello Kitty is so popular, but one of those reasons is the simplicity of the design.

She has a bow, eyes, a nose and no mouth. Her colors are usually kept simple, and she is cute. Basically, she is instantly recognizable and does not have a voice. 

Where Can I Buy Hello Kitty Clothing For Children?

It is difficult to pinpoint why Hello Kitty is so popular, but one of those reasons is the simplicity of the design.

She has a bow, eyes, a nose and no mouth. Her colors are usually kept simple, and she is cute. Basically, she is instantly recognizable and does not have a voice. 

Stephanie Creek