Adorable Pokemon Baby Clothes Suitable For Your Little One

Ash, Brock and Misty? We all know who they are! It probably comes as no surprise then that Pokemon is as popular as ever no matter the person’s age, despite those three characters first appearing on our TV screens in the late 90s.

The children who collected the cards and played the games the first time around those many years ago are now having their own little ones who may just turn out to be as into Pokemon as their parents once were (or still are).

If that is the case, then you have stumbled across to the right place. We have put together a list of Pokemon inspired clothing that would suit any future trainer. 


Hand Crocheted Squirtle Hat

It is always practical to keep your baby’s head warm when the weather gets colder, but that does not mean you cannot do it in style. This cute and cozy hand crocheted Squirtle hat will look super cute on your little one.

It is the typical light blue color of Squirtle and features beaming eyes, an adorable little nose, a wide smile and two Poke Balls that hang down past the chin.

If you are not the biggest fan of Squirtle (why would you not be?), then there are other options too such as Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Charmander. Each one has the signature Poke Balls and have been expertly made to feel just as good as they look.


Crocheted Pikachu Costume

We all know that Pikachu is the cutest and most well-known Pokemon character, and you can see why with its mouse-like similarities and bright yellow color. You could say, Pikachu is rather electrifying. Get it?

Made of 100% cotton jersey knit fabric, and available for babies between 0 and 3 months, the hat and outfit includes Pikachu, blue lightning bolts and Poke Balls. It is a statement piece for a baby, rather than something modest, with its overall bright print.

It really will be the highlight for any Pikachu fan, big or small.


Charmander Face Bib

If you want something Pokemon inspired that is less about the clothing and more about being practical for the baby’s day-to-day, then a bib is a good option to take.

The bright orange Charmander bib is adorably cute with its hand embroidered face right in the centre - you really cannot forget to put a bib on your baby with this one!

It includes velcro to secure it around the neck, but also to make it easy to take off. It is also really simple to wash due to being made from jersey knit fabric which is soft as well as durable.

Any child would be excited for mealtime just to wear this.


Pokemon Knit Leggings

Stretch leggings are a comfortable and easy item of clothing, whether for a child or an adult.

Whilst you may wish you could fit into these Pokemon inspired stretch leggings, unfortunately they have only been made to fit those from birth to being three years old.

They include a four way stretch for ease of movement, whether that is via crawling or walking, and have a durable elastic waistband and cuffs.

Without being too over-the-top in design, they are a deep blue pair of leggings which have the faces of the ‘originals’ (if you know, you know): Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur.

They are cute without being garish, and will suit both a boy and girl who have just begun their journey into the world of Pokemon. Do not worry, they are not ten yet.

You do not have to pack their bags and wish them well as they venture off to someday compete in the Indigo League.


Evee Inspired Knit Booties

Booties are a must-have for all newborns to keep their toes nice and warm, especially during the colder months.

These Evee inspired booties would make a great addition to the wardrobe of any baby.

Not only do they look really comfy, but they feature a cute hand knitted Evee surrounded by white and pale yellow wool, making this a lovely pair of understated booties for a little one.

Even though not made from real wool - it is itchy - the acrylic wool makes this pair of booties much easier to wash and it means the material will not irritate the sensitive skin of a baby.

Available to buy for newborns up to 9 months.


Squirtle One Piece

Made from anti-pill fleece, this cute Squirtle one piece can be worn as a regular item of clothing, or as a form of cosplay. It will look really cool when worn to a comic convention, for example.

The handmade item includes the tail, shell and the belly of Squirtle, all made from a soft fleece that will not irritate the child’s skin.

However, it is a little more time consuming when it comes to the washing of the clothing item, as it will need to be hand washed and air dried to keep the clothing in the best possible condition.

It is worth it though, because it is so darn cool!


Pokemon Evee Romper

A romper is a go-to item of clothing for a young baby, so finding one that is also Pokemon inspired - well that must mean it is a must-have, right? Of course!

If the Evee evolutions peak your interest, then you are going to adore this wonderful romper for a 3 to 6 months old.

Despite the color of blue being traditionally for boys, this light blue colored romper will suit both a boy and girl.

The handmade cotton fabric garment includes an overall pattern that features all 8 Evee evolutions upon it. It is machine washable and includes plastic KAM snaps for ease.


Pikachu Baby Gift Set

A newborn baby will always be happy wearing acrylic wool. Not only does it not irritate sensitive skin, but it also keeps the baby warm and comfortable.

This cute baby Pikachu gift set includes an adorable beanie complete with ears, a diaper cover, a baby rattle and a baby lovey. As a parent to a newborn, you will be sorted with this wonderful starter set.

Every item is handmade yet looks super professional. The addition of ears just adds to the overall cuteness too. It is suitable for newborn to 3 months, and 3 months to 6 months.


Squirtle Baby Grow

As a Pokemon fan, we know that the Squirtle Squad is legendary. This baby grow includes an image of what looks to be the leader (who knows?) of said Squirtle Squad in the infamous shades, surrounded by the words of the group.

Every child will want to be a member, but this may be the closest they will ever get. Available in colors black, light blue, red, yellow, pink - amongst so many more - the handmade grow is suitable for newborns all the way up to 24 months.


Gotta Catch This One! Dress

This handmade dress is stunning and is suitable for a newborn all the way up to being a child size 7 - so you have options.

It has been designed specifically for a child in mind with its mid-calf hem to avoid tripping, and soft plastic snaps for ease of removal and putting it on.

The deep blue color of the 100% cotton and preshrunk fabric is covered with popular Pokemon such as Meowth, Charmander, Jiggly Puff, Pikachu, and Squirtle, amongst many others.

As a mom, you may want to buy this dress for yourself, just a pity it is way too small. We hear ya!

Adorable Pokemon Baby Clothes Suitable For Your Little One

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Pokemon Inspired Clothing For A Baby?

When it comes to buying Pokemon inspired clothing for your little one, the internet will be your source of inspiration.

From dresses and baby grows, to cute hats and bibs, there are places such as Etsy and Redbubble which will have the type of clothing and accessories that you are looking for.

What Type Of Clothing Is Suitable For A Baby?

As a new parent, it can be difficult to know what is suitable for a baby. The clothes your baby wears should be really comfortable, soft so as to not irritate the skin, and very easy to take care of.

When they are a baby, you will also want clothing that is easy to remove and to put on, such as items of clothes that fasten at the front. Just remember, you will have to change their diaper, so keep this in mind when buying new clothes.

What Should I Keep In Mind When Buying Baby Clothes?

There are a number of factors to keep in mind every time you shop for baby clothes. These are: Style, functionality, cost, size, safety, fabric, washing instructions and the time of season.

It is always great to buy fun clothes, but also always make sure they are suitable for your baby and appropriate for the time of year.

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