Adorable Vintage Clothes for your Baby

Vintage clothing is a term coined for garments of a bygone era. In recent years, it has become more and more fashionable to dress in these clothes and accessories, mixing old styles with new ones to create fashionable ensembles.

Baby clothes are no exception. Today, more and more baby clothes are representative of past styles or come straight from a past decade. Vintage clothes bring back a sense of nostalgia, a reminder of times gone by, and if you love that feeling as much as we do it’s time to invest!

Here’s a list of vintage clothing that will make your child look even more adorable than they already are (if such a thing is possible!) 


First on our list is this beautiful, vintage dress straight from the 80s. This adorable pink dress is perfect for babies around 3-6 months old.

It is covered in dainty, floral detailing, puff sleeves, and a frilly Peter Pan collar, making it the perfect vintage princess dress for your little one. This dress is listed as a rare find, so get it before it’s gone!

This dress is 35% cotton and 65% polyester, and is in excellent condition - like new!


Vintage 50s Baby Overalls & Shirt Set

Is your child the coolest kid on the block? Prove it with this adorable vintage outfit from the 1950s! This vintage outfit features corduroy overalls in tan, and a button-up, striped shirt in black and burnt orange. The colors work wonderfully together, and it comes complete with a little bunny stitching on the right leg - how cute! 

The outfit is made from cotton, buttons up at the front, and has straps that snap together at the back. The overalls have an elastic waistband. It is suitable for babies 6-9 months. Please click the link above for more details on sizing.

Please Note: Unfortunately, this outfit is not in perfect condition, please check out the website for further details. Fortunately, we do not feel that these imperfections take away from the outfit. Rather, they add to the vintage feel, and it will still make your baby look totally adorable!


Show your little one you care with this adorable baby gown handmade before the 1900s! This rare find is the perfect vintage baby outfit if you’re a fan of history.

It is made from very light linen, making it perfect for hot summer days. This vintage baby garment is a wonderful gift to give at a baby shower. 

The dimensions for this garment (flat) are 19 inches (long)  by 15 inches (wide.)


Let your baby say “hi” to summer in style with this adorable vintage summer outfit! Coming straight from the 1990s, this set is a blend of polyester and cotton. It consists of overalls and a short-sleeved shirt - perfect for summer weather.

Not only that, the bright colors and bold patterns make this set super fun and will make your baby super stylish!

This outfit has never been worn and is in great vintage condition. It is suitable for babies 9-12 months. Please note that this is U.K. sizing and will need to be changed to the U.S. equivalent. 


Who says vintage clothes are only for the daytime? We certainly don’t, which is why we’re recommending these adorable vintage 1970s pajamas! This is a yellow-footed onesie with white and yellow stripes on the feet, sleeves, and collar.

It comes with buttons on the back, and an elephant picture on the front, which is just so cute your little one is sure to love it. This adorable vintage outfit feels like velvet and is in good condition. The cherry on top? It’s machine washable!

This garment measures around 27 inches (from shoulder to heel.)


We couldn’t resist adding this vintage outfit to our list. Bring the past to life with this great vintage outfit set! Perfect for special occasions or everyday wear.

This five-piece set is 100% polyester and comes with knicker pants, suspenders, a shirt, hat, and a cute little bowtie. What’s more, the knicker pants come complete with an elastic waist, and the suspenders are adjustable, meaning you can keep dressing your child in this outfit even as they grow. 

This package measures 9.8 x 9.3 x 1.9 inches.

Please Note: This outfit runs 1 size small, so please consider this before purchasing. See the website for more details. Hand wash only. 


Vintage meets fairytale with this adorable red coat. Made in the 1960s, this fully lined vintage outfit is heavy, and is sure to keep your child warm during the colder months (Not to mention stylish!)

Additionally, it comes with an adorable bonnet too! Do not hesitate to buy this adorable vintage outfit for your own Little Red Riding Hood!

This coat is size 31 (4-5 ft.)


This adorable 1950s Lavender Chiffon, vintage dress is the perfect dress for a Christening or a lovely summer’s day. It has little flower detailing on the top-front and hem, with a button at the back.

he pink bows hanging from the front of this dress complete the piece, and your little one’s outfit is sure to be showered with compliments by friends, family, and strangers alike! 


This adorable 1990s baby outfit is bright, bold, and epitomizes fun! This colorful onesie is reminiscent of color block toys and is sure to be the perfect vintage piece for your little one.  Plus, have you seen those cute buttons in different colors? 

There are signs of wear, but they are also signs of fun times had and memories made. Let your little one add to them by investing in this garment - get it before we do!

This adorable vintage jumpsuit is suitable for a toddler (1-2 years.)


You cannot think ‘vintage’ without thinking of gingham patterns and Peter Pan collars, and luckily for us all, this dress has both! Made in the 1980s, this a-line dress is the perfect spring or summer outfit for your little one. And why not pair it with tights and a warm coat for winter? 

Perhaps the best thing about this dress is the little duck details at the front, making it an adorable statement piece for your child’s wardrobe! 

This dress is made from cotton and fastens at the back with buttons and a waist tie. 

This vintage outfit is suitable for babies at 6 months. It measures 13 inches in length and 21 inches from armpit to armpit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adorable Vintage Clothes for your Baby

What is the difference between vintage and contemporary baby clothing?

Vintage clothes were made in a different way to the baby clothes of today. Previously, babies used to wear thicker nappies, so their clothes were made in keeping with this.

Additionally, the shapes and sizes of babies have changed over the years, so their clothes are made to accommodate that. However, vintage clothes are very much suitable for the babies of today and will make a wonderful addition to your child’s wardrobe.

What are the benefits of investing in vintage clothes?

There are many benefits to buying vintage children’s clothes. Firstly, you will be supporting the economy and the environment. Vintage clothing is often passed down from generation to generation and sold on. When your child grows out of theirs, you can sell it on, too! 

Vintage clothing is more durable and can be tailored very easily if you want to create something slightly different or new. You may own rare items if you invest in vintage clothing, as you can find garments that are no longer produced. 

Why are vintage baby clothes selling?

Vintage baby clothes are selling for several reasons. Their small size makes them very appealing for exhibiting or framing. Additionally, collectors may want them because of their wonderful workmanship and charm. Vintage baby clothing brings a sense of nostalgia for times gone by, which is why many parents choose them for their little ones. 

Where can I buy vintage baby clothes?

Use our website to find adorable, quality vintage baby clothes. If you want genuine vintage baby clothes, check out! Here you can find handmade vintage-inspired clothing, as well as clothing from past generations. You can also find great vintage clothing on amazon, or join groups online that are dedicated to buying and selling vintage baby clothes. 

Final Thoughts  

Whether you love the sense of nostalgia vintage clothing brings, or enjoy creating stylish, retro ensembles, vintage baby clothing is a wise investment for your little one.

With this list of vintage clothing in a plethora of styles from various eras, you’re sure to find something for your baby that makes them look totally adorable!  

Stephanie Creek