Adorable Zelda Baby Clothes Suitable For Your Little One

Those who visited Hyrule Castle back in the late 90s - and previously - are likely to be having their own children by now. It comes as no surprise then that the internet is full of Legend of Zelda inspired clothing.

From the cutest green T Shirts with belt buckles to make your little one look like adventurer Link, to bibs and hats filled with heart containers, there really is something for every tiny Zelda fan out there (and their parents).

We have put together a list featuring some of the coolest and most adorable Legend of Zelda clothes we could find. So read on to see the best of the bunch.


Heart Container Infant Hat

For those who have played the Legend of Zelda, you will know that heart containers are extremely important.

Without them you will die (oh no!), and as you progress you recieve more heart containers to fill (yay!).

This cute little beanie is perfect for any infant who needs to keep their head warm. Its pattern is based on the 8 bit style Zelda giving it a retro kind of vibe.

Made from 100% polyester with a heat pressed design, the hat will fit from a newborn to 6 months.

It is the kind of hat that will look super cute as the baby is leaving the hospital for the first time. Aaawww.


Whilst you could go for a standard bib, this allrounder is perfect for any task that needs to be completed: eating, painting, coloring, etc.

The waterproof and wipeable bib is more like a smock where the arms have their own sleeves and it is worn to protect their clothes.

It also makes it look like they are Link and that is just so cool, right?

Suitable from 6 months to 24 months, it is durable enough to withstand the dropping of broccoli and other hated foods at that age - plus it includes a pocket to catch ‘em all (oh wait, that is Pokemon).


The Great Deku Tree T Shirt

If you are after something that is not too obviously out there as being Zelda related, then this T Shirt is the one for you.

Whilst the T Shirt itself can be any color from white and black, to orange and green, it includes a simple, yet effective, print of the Deku Tree.

As we all know, the tree symbolises great things within the game, and throws back some nostalgia of Ocarina of Time.

It is suitable to be worn from 1 years to 12 years, so if you have a toddler or an older child who has just picked up the Nintendo Switch, then this could be a cute little starter for their geeky gaming collection of clothes. 


Triforce Knitted Booties

All babies need booties, but go one step further and let them wear Triforce booties.

These cute hand knitted booties feature the all important Triforce amongst green and white acrylic wool.

They give a nod to the Legend of Zelda without being over-the-top, and will look extra adorable on a newborn.

They are suitable for 0 to 9 months, and include a decent amount of stretch. Also, they are ultra cosy and non-itchy due to their synthetic wool material.

If you do not like the original color, then you can ask for the colors to be changed if you would prefer something different.


8 Bit Heart Bodysuit

Going back to those all important heart containers, this baby bodysuit features two and a half filled 8 bit hearts.

Again, it brings in the Legend of Zelda without it being too obvious. It is a sort of, if you know you know kind of thing.

Fully handmade, this bodysuit is all white with the embroidered hearts standing out in bright red and black.

It is suitable for a newborn all the way up to 24 months, and includes fixtures that make it very easy to change the baby’s diaper.


Majora's Mask Romper

Taking a trip to the year 2000, this Majora’s Mask inspired baby romper is just too adorable and quite frankly, awesome.

You will be searching for your old Nintendo 64 after seeing this wonderful garment.

Suitable for 3 to 6 months old, it has a front pattern from the Legend of Zelda game, and a speckled pattern on the rest of it letting the Zelda design speak for itself.

The KAM snaps make it easy for you to change the baby’s diaper. Also, it is made from 100% cotton and is super comfortable. 


Legend of Zelda Maxaloone Pants

These super comfortable maxaloone pants have an all over cartoonish Legend of Zelda print that is a lot more modern than the 8 bit style.

They are bright, fun and feature some of the well-known pictures from the games such as the Triforce and Ocarina.

The handmade pants can be worn from 6 months all the way up to 3 years, and are made to order. They have a stretch ability, making them great to wear all day without any issues.

If we could wear them ourselves, we totally would!


If you are planning on taking your little one to a comic convention, a Halloween get together, or you just like the Zelda franchise so much that you want your son or daughter to dress up as Link, then this is for you.

Featuring a complete body suit that resembles Link’s outfit, plus a hat, your child will look so adorable.

It can fit from 3 to 18 months and includes snap closures on its ultra soft material. The cotton is breathable, meaning it can be worn all day with no issues, and it is stretchy enough to make it comfortable.


Keep Calm and Save Hyrule Bodysuit

Whilst the ‘keep calm and carry on’ phrase has long disappeared, it does still make us chuckle.

This bodysuit is no exception and features the phrase: ‘keep calm and save hyrule’. It sounds much better, right?

Just to add to its coolness, it also has a simple Triforce included above the text and is deep green in color.

If you do want a different overall color, then you can choose from a whole list, though the green adds to that Legend of Zelda vibe.

Featuring snap closures and the ability for short or long sleeves, this bodysuit is suitable from newborn to 18 months.


Zelda ‘Legend in the Making’ Dress Onesie

Sometimes a bright pink polka dots dress is all you need. This super cute dress style onesie will suit any little one who wants to wear a dress and show off their ‘Legend in the making’ status.

It is handmade and features in bold black lettering the phrase ‘Legend in the making’ whilst including a Zelda logo above it. Whilst the top is all pink, the flowing skirt features white polka dots.

The fit is for an infant girl from 6 months to 24 months and will look great during the summer months. 


Songs of Hyrule Baby T Shirt

A T Shirt is a simple yet adorable way to bring in some Legend of Zelda. It features a hand drawn style of the Ocarina and musical notes that are the buttons from the Nintendo 64 controller.

It definitely hits the nostalgic notes making us remember when we used to play it back in 1998.

Also, if you do plan on playing it again, such as on the many rebirths it has had on the 3DS and the Switch, then this T Shirt will help you to remember the music notes - how handy!

The T Shirt itself can be any color you would like, and is suitable from newborn to 24 months. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Legend of Zelda clothes?

Whilst it is a lot more common to find adult clothing that is inspired by the game, there are many options available online such as on Websites like Etsy, Amazon and Redbubble.

Many are handmade and have the same, if not better, quality than shop bought clothes.

Plus, they are unique and you will not find many children, if any, wearing the same Zelda booties!

What are Legend of Zelda Clothes?

Legend of Zelda clothing are clothes that have been inspired by the video game franchise of the same name.

They may feature all over patterns, little nods to the game, or be the complete outfit of the main character, Link.

Is it okay to dress my child in Legend of Zelda clothes?

Absolutely it is. The legend of Zelda is suitable for children despite the fighting and saving Hyrule castle, therefore it is an appropriate video game for them to have clothing inspired by.

You can think of it as a little bit like Minecraft. Yes, it includes swords and fighting, but the imagery is not done in a blood soaked violent way. 

Stephanie Creek