Amazing Boho Baby Clothes For Your Little One

Boho chic has always been a trend. It’s flowy. It’s light. It’s like a ray of sunshine. That is exactly what you want your kids to feel like. Committing to the boho look isn’t just a trend. It’s a lifestyle. It shows positivity, laughter, and kindness. The exact things you want to teach your little ones. So why not start from a young age? 

For those of us who wear boho clothes on a daily basis, it just makes sense that we style our children similarly. Boho baby clothes are everywhere! There are so many styles and cuts to choose from. At times it might seem slightly overwhelming.

That is exactly what we want to avoid. With all the stresses that come with having a baby, finding amazing clothes for them shouldn’t be one. To help you, we have created a list of some amazing boho baby clothes for your little one. We’ve also answered a few of your questions to avoid any misunderstandings. Let’s have a look at some baby clothes! 


Good Vibes Baby Bodysuit

Nothing screams boho than a good vibes onesie. This baby bodysuit is suitable for any baby gender. Although there are other items in the picture, only the baby onesie is for sale.

When we were on our search for the most amazing boho baby clothes we were sold by the finger peace sign on this baby bodysuit. This bodysuit is available for ages 0-3 months to 18-24 months. It is also 


Rompers are absolutely adorable on babies. This specific romper is made with baby girls in mind. The romper is knitted and features adorable pompoms in light colors. The material is 100 percent cotton so it is breathable and soft.

A baby could wear this romper in any season! For winter just have them wear a coat and a baby bodysuit underneath. In summer it can be worn alone. This romper comes in sizes 0-3 months to 18-24 months. 


This cute boho romper is perfect for your baby during the summer months. The off the shoulder style is modern and trendy. Although for younger babies, the off-the-shoulder style might not suit them.

This romper comes in so many different colors and patterns for you to choose from. You can also personalize this romper so it has long sleeves instead of short ones.

Even though it is an off-the-shoulder romper, for those looking for winter clothes, it can be layered in the colder seasons. 


Lace is a boho staple material. It is delicate and beautiful. Exactly what you want your baby to be wearing this season! This lovely romper features lace trim for the torso of the romper, which acts as short sleeves.

Then the short area of the romper is completely made with lace. This is the perfect romper for your baby to wear on special occasions. It is a great choice for holidays and those hot summer days. 


A lot of the boho baby clothes we came across were heavily marketed towards baby girls. We knew that we had to include options available for all genders. After all, this style is reflecting the parents’ tastes.

This onesie is the perfect choice for those days where you might need to rush. The cotton-linen blend of this onesie makes it comfortable and light for your baby to wear.

This onesie comes in different colors and styles. The one we have selected is a neutral color with lovely brown suns on it.


Bell sleeves are iconic! They look great on our flowy dress and they look even better on babies. This beautiful romper is simple but has some fantastic features. The bell sleeves are exactly what boho baby clothes need.

We simply adore the little bow at the from of the romper. This bell sleeve romper comes in three different colors. They are also handmade. 


Boho clothing wouldn’t be what it is without texture. That is exactly why when we saw this stunning ruffled romper, we knew it had to be on this list. Ruffles are elegant and delicate, they are perfect for pairing with babies.

The design of this romper is simple, it has ruffled straps and a ruffle trim for the shorts leg hole area. It is made of a cotton-linen blend so it is the perfect choice for your baby to wear during the summer months. 


This baby romper is simply adorable. What we adore about boho clothes are the pattern options. This boho baby romper is utilizing boho patterns for an extra cute outfit.

The boho baby romper has golden suns and moons over a navy background. There are also stars on this pattern. This is everything you need to show that your baby has the same boho flare as you.

You can also get coordinating pieces with this romper like a headband or bib, for an added price.


This beautiful dress has all the boho features you and your baby need. It has a star pattern. It has multiple tiers to the dress. The dress features ruffles and trims.

This adorable dress is in a natural color with golden stars on it. This would be perfect for any occasion, your baby could wear it in the warmer months on its own, or with layers in the cooler months.

This dress comes in a wide range of sizes ranging from 0-3 months all the way up to 5 years old. 


As we mentioned before, finding boho clothes for baby boys was a bit trickier. Though that shouldn’t stop you from wanting to dress your baby in beautiful boho clothes. This two-piece knit set has so many boho elements to it.

From the earthy color to the texture, it is exactly what you need to show off your boho style. This set comes in four different color options and a range of sizes. It would be a great set for your baby to wear during the cooler months. 


This Rad Sol knit cardigan is actually modeled on an older boy. However, the cardigan is available in sizes as small as 0-3 months old. This stunning cardigan has so many wonderful features to it. We absolutely adore the collar on the cardigan.

This knit cardigan is inspired by seventies designs which makes the patterns quirky and earthy. This cardigan on babies has a relaxed oversized fit to them. 


We are bringing it back to lace. This handmade lace romper is exactly what every boho baby needs.

The long sleeve lace is delicate and would be the perfect option for your baby to wear on special occasions. This romper is available for babies who are between the ages of 9 and 12 months. 


Is there anything more boho than looking after nature? The ‘Save a bee, Plant a flower’ slogan on the baby onesie is the nicest message you want to be spreading with your baby.

We adore how delicate the print is on this baby onesie. You are also able to vary how this onesie looks by adding sleeves to it. 


For the last option on this list, we thought we would throw it back some good old retro-styled clothes. Retro pieces of clothing have made such a huge mark on the boho style that it was only fair we ended this list with one option.

This sweet baby onesie has the all-familiar retro print in the middle. You are able to add sleeves to this baby onesie if you would like to use it in the cooler months. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Boho? 

Boho clothing is essentially dressing for yourself, regardless of what is in fashion. Although, a lot of boho pieces are in fashion. Boho clothing is usually loose and flowy. It is often a mix of patterns, colors, and textures. Boho style is also influenced by movements like those in the seventies. Boho is personal, colorful, and relaxed. 

Amazing Boho Baby Clothes For Your Little One

Is It Comfortable For Babies To Wear Boho Clothes? 

Yes! Boho clothing is known for being flowy and loose. This wouldn’t restrict a baby at all and would be comfortable to wear. To ensure that your baby is comfortable wearing boho clothing, make sure the fabric is high quality. 

How Do I Know What Size To Get? 

Sizing largely depends on the company you are buying your baby clothes from. As a general rule, following the age range helps to see what clothes would fit your baby. However, it is a good idea to check it against how much your baby weighs. Oftentimes, it will say the age range and how many pounds the item of clothing will fit. 

Final Thoughts

That brings us to the end of this list finding amazing boho baby clothes to suit your baby. We hope you have found some items to make your baby super stylish. 

Stephanie Creek