Amazing Ninja Turtle Baby Clothes For Your Little One

Children's and baby’s clothing can be the cutest out there, the motifs and patterns make for precious garments that we spend too much time gushing over and wishing we had babies of our own.

The cutest clothes have the ability to make us overlook the challenges in looking after baby’s like a pair of rose-tinted sunglasses blocking our common-sense view.

And we’re okay with this because baby’s clothing is precious enough to make your heart melt. What more could you want in life?

There’s nothing more amazing than cartoon-themed children’s clothing that knocks the socks off of every child in the country for how cool they feel wearing them.

Ninja turtle baby clothes for your little one are available across multiple sites and we’ve narrowed down the search so you don’t have to!

Your little one can enjoy hours upon days of fun from these Ninja turtle-themed clothing items made in the most creative ways yet.


Ninja Turtle Crochet Baby Outfit Etsy

Our first pick of the day for you is this ninja turtle crochet baby outfit that includes an adorable ninja turtle mask motif on the tiniest hat known to mankind!

The set includes a crocheted hat, mittens, booties, and a button closure diaper cover to keep your little one warm and cozy as well as feel cool and trendy!

The color scheme has been so beautifully chosen and put together to resemble the popular favorite ninja turtle cartoon that it’s going to be impossible to differentiate between the actual cartoon characters and your baby!

So, do b careful not to mix the two up.

What’s great about this crochet set is that you can personalize the color choices to choose your own ninja turtle character, purple, royal blue, red, yellow, green, orange and navy blue colors are available so your baby can dress up as theirs or your favorite ninja turtle cartoon character.

There are so many to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice and if you just cannot make a decision, choose them all and spoil your baby rotten!


  • Multiple sizes available - newborns, 0-3 months, and 3-6 months
  • Personalization - All ninja turtle characters
  • Adjustable sizes - diverse


  • Delivery takes 1-10 weeks - And returns and exchanges are not accepted


Ninja Turtle Baby Bib Etsy

This might be the most accurate duplicate for the original ninja turtle costumes out there!

The outfit has been specially made to slip over your baby’s head easily and safely so that they can re-enact their favorite ninja turtle scenes and your loved ones will be gushing over how adorable your baby is in this costume and how amazingly made it is! 

The bib is prewashed and ready to use so no waiting to wash the bib before use, the seller has taken care of that for you. And because it’s prewashed, you can rest easy knowing that the bib will not shrink in the wash.

It’s also customizable so you can choose a letter of your choice to be printed on the front of the bibs. The letter could be your baby’s initials, your initials, or their favorite character's initials.

Our hearts tore in half when we got our hands on one of these bibs and we couldn’t stop ourselves from buying more for all our nieces and nephews!

The bibs also come in another print that displays several characters from the TV show.

The bib comes with snap extenders for personal fit and is made from 100% cotton fabrics for organically friendly made bibs.


  • The bib comes with personalizations - Can choose what you want to include
  • Reversible - For multi-use
  • Can request snap extender - free


  • No returns - or exchanges, however, contact the seller if you have any issues


TMNT Inspired Baby Booties 12-18 Month

Is there nothing more precious in this world than baby booties that are so impossibly small you’d think it wasn’t possible for a baby’s feet to be that small!

The booties are so easy to slip on your precious little bundle of joys toes and the material inside is not only gentle on their feet but almost cuter than the shoes themselves.

The booties are made with three layers, the outer layer features the ninja turtle-inspired print and they make fantastic baby shower gifts! They certainly add a bit of spunk to any outfit.

Do bear in mind though that these booties are homemade and vary in size because of this, sizes are approximate as your little ones feet are.

The print may be also slightly different per pair because they are homemade from rolls of fabric. We tried these shoes out at a baby shower and mum was over the moon with them!

She couldn’t wait to introduce her baby into the world so that they could wear these booties in style with mum.


  • Fast Delivery - takes 1-3 days
  • Elastic backing - easy to slip on and off
  • Diverse size range - fits children up to 18 months old


  • Too cute! - You may end up buying another pair 


Boys tracksuits can be so amazing to give as a gift for birthday and Christmas as they’re practical for mum and dad and they’re fun for any child to enjoy.

So, why not treat your baby or little one to this ninja turtle hooded tracksuit as they will fall in love with it this Christmas!

The hood has been made to look exactly like a ninja turtle so your little one can run until they drop all day long re-enacting their favorite ninja turtle scenes! 

The tracksuit comes in sizes 0-3 months, and 3-6 months so your little one is certain to fit well into this tracksuit from the moment they are born.

This tracksuit is a 2 piece pant set that features vibrant colorful graphic prints. The tracksuit is a zip-up style long-sleeved hooded sweatshirt which makes for an amazing gift for infants and little ones.

The ninja turtle eyes on the hood make for an adorable touch to the outfit and the outfit features a teenage mutant ninja turtle print on the background of the zipped hoodie.

We got our hands on one of the outfits and my nephew fell in love with the way he looked and felt in it!

He was a wild little man all day long and slept like a baby later that night so if you’re looking for a way to knacker your little ones out, this works well!


  • Fast delivery - 1-2 business days 
  • Returns accepted - upon request
  • Made from gentle fabrics - for delicate skin


  • Limited sizing - won’t fit baby’s above 6 months old 


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Onesie Bodysuit Skirt and Free

It can be difficult to find an outfit that is inspired by ninja turtles and that is suitable for little girls as well as boys!

So we’ve found you the best of both worlds with this onesie and bodysuit skirt ninja turtle outfit that can be unisex if any little boys out there feel comfortable wearing it!

As long as your little one is happy and safe wearing an outfit, they’re welcome to wear what they want right?

The skirt has a wonderful representation of the ninja turtle motifs and a matching headband bow with the same print! As if we thought it couldn’t get any more precious.

We tried this outfit out on my nephew and niece and they both loved it so much!

My nephew wasn’t so keen on the skirt but he loved the headband and opted for gifting his sister the extra skirt so she could enjoy it twice as much!

We also love how accurate the prints are to the original ninja turtle cartoon and they are printed all over this outfit! 

Whilst an adult may not be fond of wearing this outfit because the print is so overwhelming, a child will be overjoyed!


  • Vintage fabrics used - upcycled
  • Free shipping - 3-5 business days 
  • Range of sizes available - from newborn to 24 months old


  • No returns accepted - or exchanges


If you’re looking for something with more of a feminine edge to the baby clothing, we’ve found you the prettiest and pink ninja turtle bodysuits for your little baby girl to enjoy!

The set comes with three different bodysuit styles so there is a bodysuit to suit your little one in this pack.

These baby clothes can fit a baby up to 24 months old and are machine washable, so the care is easy and simple to make your life that bit easier. 

The bodysuits are also super cute and will have any loved one or friend gushing over how your little one is the cutest and most adorable child in the world!

We got one for ourselves and gifted it to a special mum for her baby shower, needless to say, she loved it!

She’s even more excited for her baby to arrive now so that she can dress her or him up in ninja turtle-inspired outfits.


  • 100% cotton - friendly for your child's skin
  • Maintain shape - After washing 
  • Make for great gifts! - for baby showers and birthdays


  • Runs slightly small - easily fixed by sizing up if need be

Buyer's Guide

Motifs And Patterns

When looking for the ideal ninja turtle outfit to impress your little one, the motif of the ninja turtles themselves must be accurate to the show, right?

There’s no point looking for a specific character if the character’s motifs aren’t accurate to the show or description.

Amazing Ninja Turtle Baby Clothes For Your Little One

So make sure you’re happy with the baby clothes you’re purchasing and that the motifs on the garments are from the actual show. 

Care And Multipurpose 

It’s all great and well to get something that your child can get fun out of as well as get practical use out of, but if they can only wear it for one event, perhaps second guess yourself before you make a final decision.

Will it fit for long? Is it worth the purchase right now? If they can wear it for everyday use as well as for special occasions that's even better! 

Quality Vs Quantity 

When buying baby clothes for your little one, it’s important to consider the fabrics and materials used to make them.

Are they made from mostly 100% cotton or alternative organic fabrics that are gentle on your baby’s skin? 

If so, then go ahead! If not, then perhaps consider a different clothing item as your baby’s health and skin come first as you already know. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where Can I Find Ninja Turtle Baby Clothes For My Toddler And Baby?

You can indeed find ninja turtle baby clothes online and in the store.

You may have to check online if they have the outfit in stock, however, it’s not too much of a hindrance to track them down! 

And online you can view exactly what the store or site has in stock for you to purchase with all the items and tracking details available. 

Stephanie Creek