Awesome Emo Baby Clothes For Your Little One

If you spent your teen years fully immersed in the emo lifestyle, then you’ve probably learned that you never really grow out of emo. As we all said at one time or another: “it’s not a phase, mom!”

Now, it’s time for us to pass on our love of emo to our children. And what better way than with the perfect outfit! Emo baby clothes allow you to express your own favorites, introduce your child to new interests, and ensure your baby looks as good as can be!

Below, we’ve found some of the best outfits for emo babies around. Whether you want a total emo makeover, or just a few winks to your style preferences, these designs are both adorable and emo-friendly. There might even be a few things to make former emo kids jealous. 


Future Emo Kid Baby Bodysuit

“Future emo kid” might not be quite accurate (weren’t we all born emo?), but this adorable bodysuit is still a fantastic choice.

Simple but effective, this is a bodysuit for the emo who prefers to keep things low-key. It comes in several colors, but we obviously prefer the black.

Made from 100% soft cotton, the comfortable envelope neckline is combined with a three snap leg closing, for easy changes.


Rock and Roll Onesie

Babies will love rocking this super-cool onesie, featuring a skeleton hand print of vivid vinyl. The detailing on this is crisp and perfect, and less likely to fade when compared to standard vinyl prints.

The short sleeve bodysuit is made of organic cotton, but they can run a little small — sizing up is recommended. Dress your baby in this, put on some old school emo tunes, and prepare to head bang the night away.


Cat Skull Baby T-Shirt

Skeletons and cats were classic staples of the emo wardrobe, and they're combined in this onesie for a cute and child-friendly design.

The adorable cats soften the impact of the skull, while still giving that spooky look that’s so iconically emo.

A short-sleeved baby onesie with lap shoulder for easy changing, this is breathable and comfortable for your little emo.It comes in several colors, and with sizes up to 24 months.


Raised by a Former Emo Kid Onesie

Of course, “former” may not be the best way to describe your ongoing and enduring love for emo, but this adorable onesie is still a good way to let other parents know exactly who you are. And let’s be honest, we don’t exactly qualify as “kids” anymore.

This excellent onesie is made of black cotton, with a white HTV vinyl print. It comes in sizes from newborn to 18 months, and is handmade for a completely unique item.


Black Skeleton Baby Bodysuit

Emos proved that skeleton outfits aren’t just for Halloween, and this skeleton baby bodysuit is too cute not to wear year round.

It’s delightfully spooky if you are thinking about trick or treating, but the soft fabric and easy fit also makes this bodysuit ideal for everyday play. 

The sizes range from newborn to 24 months old, and the thicker fabric of the onesie should be comfortable for winter wear.


Nightmare Before Christmas Baby Toddler Set

Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas were two of the ultimate emo icons, and this baby set pays homage to the classic.

The “Nightmare Before Nap Time” print is, unfortunately, apt. But it’s also clearly printed, with strong edges to the bold design.

Cuffed trousers complete the set, featuring a paint splatter print and Skellington faces. A cozy and comfortable set for babies and toddlers.


Sugar Skull Outfit with Stripe Leg Warmers and Bow Band

How to dress emo, and dress up for a party? With this sweet sugar skull set, complete with leg warmers and a sparkly bow!

Almost every emo closet featured a set of black and white striped leg or arm warmers, and this cuffed pair comes complete with a sparkling gold heart design.

The sequin bow with striped headband finishes the look, and ensures your baby is party ready at all times. You can buy the items separately, or purchase the whole set.


Emo Baby Onesie - It’s Not a Phase

It turns out, we were right. Emo really wasn’t a phase. So for everyone who is still loving their emo looks many years down the line, this onesie is ideal.

It also shows you’ll support your child in all their future style choices. The one piece is made from 100% cotton, and features three snap leg closures. 


Skulls Take Home Outfit, Baby Pants with Feet, and Baby Hat

Emo right from the very first moment, this take home outfit is for babies who want to show off their emo spirit as they leave the hospital.

Featuring a hat and leggings with feet, this outfit will look wonderful in all your newborn photoshoots. The detailed skull print is spooky without being garish.

Made using a cotton spandex jersey, the footed pants have plenty of stretch for easy changes, and feel comfortable against the baby's gentle skin. 


Black Bats Baby Sweatpants-Leggings

Cuffed ankles, an elastic waistband, and 100% cotton construction make these leggings a comfortable choice for stylish babies.

The bat print on the knee is a subtle emo touch, adding a twist of goth to a simple design. These cozy leggings come in sizes from newborn to 24 months. 


Temporary Tattoo Sleeve Shirt

Many emo kids eagerly counted down the days until they could get their first tattoo, but with these tattoo sleeves, your baby won’t have quite the wait.

The mesh tattoo sleeves are attached to a 100% cotton bodysuit with t-shirt sleeves, lap shoulders, and three button snap closure. But the real star of the outfit are the tattoo designs. Featuring flames and skulls, they’re classic designs to get any emo heart racing.


Misfits Fiend Club Infant Baby Punk Rock & Roll Black Beanie

The Misfits' skull is one of the ultimate emo accessories, finding its way onto t-shirts, jackets, patches, and any clothing item you could imagine.

And the beanie was another emo staple, perfect for keeping your head warm while not disturbing the emo side bangs. 

This super soft beanie will keep your baby's head warm, and the durable and quick drying fabric is just what parents need. 


Black Crochet Baby Booties

Typical emo footwear ranged from black and white checkered vans to heavy combat boots, but few items were more ubiquitous than the high top Converse.

These Converse-esque booties are a soft, knitted take on the famous footwear. 

Made using acrylic yarn that provides both softness and durability, the crocheted booties have all the style, and maximum comfort. The detail in these crochet booties is astounding, making them a real keepsake item.


Bats Cotton Baby Bib

Bring emo to every part of the outfit with this bat print cotton baby bib. The cotton will feel soft around your baby's neck, while the bib can keep meal time from getting too messy.

If you don’t want to risk baby food on the perfect emo outfit, the bib keeps your baby clean without sacrificing any of the style.


BPA Free Black Pacifier with Bats

The greatest finishing touch to any baby's emo outfit, this BPA free pacifier has a fun bat design that’s both practical and adorable.

Accessories were an important part of emo style, with everything from the head to the toes being perfectly adorned. And no baby wants to ruin their punk look with a pacifier that just doesn’t work!

Free from BPA, PVC, and phthalates, this pacifier is a great choice for safety conscious parents.

Awesome Emo Baby Clothes For Your Little One - FAQ's

BPA Free Black Pacifier with Bats

What Are Emo Baby Clothes?

The emo movement was all about being a little bit punk, a touch goth, and really into black eyeliner.

Obviously, you should not put eyeliner on a child. But you can dress children in the black stripes and skeleton designs that were found all over emo clothing.

Emo baby clothes are typical onesies and outfits, given a twist with a fun print or pattern. Emo clothes are often black, with spooky additions like cartoon bats and bones. Nothing a baby wouldn’t be happy to wear!

Should I Dress My Baby In Emo Clothes?

Babies tend to care very little about style. What matters most to them is comfort. So, as long as you put your child's comfort first, the style you choose to dress them in doesn’t really matter.

And who’s to say that babies wouldn’t be just as happy in a skeleton onesie as they would in bows and animal prints? We think emo is a fantastic style for all ages.

Where Can I Find Emo Baby Clothes For Sale?

As emo children have grown up, they’ve started to have their own emo babies. Which means there are plenty of places to buy emo baby clothing.

We like Etsy for the fun variety of designs and the handmade originality, but even big chain stores will often sell an emo outfit or two.

Try scrolling through our ideas above, and you’re sure to find an emo outfit you love!

Stephanie Creek