Bambo Nature Diapers Review

When it comes to selecting the right diapers for your baby you’ll probably consider the size, shape, and comfort, right? 

But, have you ever wondered about whether the diapers you choose for your baby are as kind to their skin as they are to the environment. 

Though diapers seem like a ridiculous product to delve into, when you consider how frequently your baby wears a diaper, you begin to consider a little more about what they are made from and who makes them.

Some diaper brands are more reliable offering premium comfort, protection and are eco-friendly. With more people becoming conscious of the role they play in impacting the environment, switching to a more environmentally-friendly diaper is no bad thing…

To give you an inside into the pros and cons of eco-friendly diapers, here’s a review of Bambo Nature diapers. 

Bambo Nature is a leading diaper brand headquartered in Denmark that has been around for over 40 years. They are considered to be unique diaper brands in that they provide products that are kind to both sensitive and the environment as well as offering guaranteed premium protection. 

Bambo Nature Diapers Buying Guide


Environmentally friendly 

Bambo Nature ensures that they conduct sustainable practices when it comes to the manufacturing of their products to ensure that each product is made responsibly. Their diapers are created from consciously selected raw, natural materials such as wood fiber also known as ‘fluff’ which can be characterized as a cotton-like substance.

The material used is of high quality and is certified chlorine-free for maximum safety. They also use SAP which is an acrylic polymer that is characterized as an exceptionally absorbent polymer that enables maximum skin protection whilst significantly retaining large amounts of liquid.

Additionally, their diapers are free from any unnecessary substances that may cause harm or irritation to the skin such as fragrances, parabens, and phthalates. 

Bambo Nature Diapers Review

In addition to ensuring that the material used is safe for sensitive skin, Bambo nature is also committed to ensuring that their production has minimal impact on the environment.

Committed to sustainability, the company ensures that their electrical consumption used during production is completely covered by renewable energy to vastly reduce their impact on the environment.

Additionally, the company ensures that it’s not just their products that are gentle on the environment but also their packaging. Bambo Nature ensures that its packaging is made from a soft plastic made from sugar cane. This material is not only sustainable as it is made from renewable material, it is also recyclable. 


Bambo Nature is considered to be a trustworthy organization as they provide full transparency. They state that they are open to third-party testing, they conduct extensive dermatological testing and they are widely recognized by several global certification agencies that have verified the environmental quality of their products. 

Kind to Skin 

Not only are Bambo Nature diapers made for comfort using soft and natural, breathable materials, they are also designed to be kind to skin. Bambo Nature diapers are certified safe for skin and they regularly undergo thorough testing to ensure that they are of the highest quality. 

As an eco-friendly company, Bambo Nature ensures that every diaper is free from allergens, fragrances, and harsh chemicals. Hence, their diapers are great for babies with sensitive skin. 


Bambo Nature diapers consist of an innovative wetness indicator that enables parents to quickly see if their child needs changing. This feature enables longer protection as it means that parents don’t need to continuously check the diaper and disrupt the baby when they are comfortable.

The wetness indicator is made from a liquid strip that changes to a blue color when the diaper is wet. This additional feature is what makes these diapers stand out from other brands.

Additionally, this feature is safe for the child as it is made from non-sensitizing and chemical-free substances. This feature makes life easier for parents as they can effectively see how full the diaper is. 


Bambo Nature provides award-winning diapers and training pants that offer maximum protection. Each diaper is designed for comfort and performance. They contain an absorbent core that consists of a top dry layer.

This feature enables liquid to be absorbed quickly keeping the child’s skin dry and minimizing the risk of irritation and nappy rash. Their diapers are recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic as they have proven to be effective in their minimal risk of causing irritation and skin allergy.

This comes as a result of the diapers being made from high-quality, natural materials that have been thoroughly tested and verified to be free of harmful chemicals and fragrances. 

Bambo Nature diapers are designed to be lightweight and thin in order to ensure maximum freedom of movement and a comfortable fit.

With a snug and flexible fit, Bambo Nature diapers are ideal for wearing for long periods without causing discomfort. This makes them a great diaper choice for putting on your child in the evening. 

Things That Could Be Improved 

Though made from renewable materials and sustainably manufactured, Bambo Nature diapers are not compostable or biodegradable.

Whilst 75% of the materials used to make the diapers are compostable, there is still room for improvement for the product to become completely biodegradable to advance environmental initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bambo Nature diapers worth trying? 

It’s fair to say that Bambo Nature is setting the standard for eco-friendly diapers. They produce diapers that are not only kind to sensitive skin but are also kind to the environment.

These are a great choice of diapers if you’re looking for something that offers premium protection and comfort. 


Bambo Nature diapers stand to be a higher quality product that not only strives to ensure that it exceeds comfort expectations but is also committed to sustainability.

The materials they use along with their production practices are all centered around protecting sensitive skin and protecting the environment. They ensure that their products are free from harmful substances.

Stephanie Creek