#10For2 Top 3 Favorite Finds

For many families camp season is near and kids couldn't be more excited. Camp is a big deal, so much so that it even has its own hashtag: #10for2 (which means live 10 months of the year waiting for 2 months at camp).  From our ever growing stock of camp inspired merchandise and apparel, here are some of our most loved and fun items.

The Camp Shorts

Cozy, comfy, soft and all the words that fit the narrative! These shorts are perfect for the camp season. Every kid needs shorts that will last through the rough camp routine yet remain soft and comfortable for endless hours of play.


The "All in One" Bag

This guy is a little known secret. Take this with you to the bathroom at the start of your day. It contains tons of pockets for shampoo, soap, toiletries and even for nick-knacks. The convenient hook makes it easy to hang anywhere.  The adorable designs will be the envy of all your bunkmates!


Autographing Pillows

 This one is simply for her. Cover in a pillowcase and it makes a great portable pillow for her bed.  Remove the pillowcase and she has a fun and comfy decoration on her bed.  Friends can autograph this gem at the end of camp (it comes with a pen) and write their favorite memories. It's the perfect keepsake to get her through the remaining 10 months!













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