Spring trend alert: Pineapples!

This spring, pineapples have been popping up everywhere. We are seeing them in home décor, graphics, creative culinary dishes, and especially on the runway. Pineapples were originally named ananas but when Europeans first encountered them in America, they thought they resembled pine cones. Hence their current moniker - pineapples.

Pineapple clothing Pink pineapple tankini

Fun facts about pineapples:

It takes more than 2 years for a pineapple plant to reach maturity.

Each plant produces just 2 pineapples! One in its second year and one in its third year.

For the freshest pineapples in the US – look for them to come from Costa Rica or Hawaii.

In 1901, James Dole opened his first pineapple plantation in Oahu, Hawaii. The Torly girls will be visiting this plantation in March on their first trip to Hawaii. Follow our Instagram account (@torlykid) to keep up with the travel shenanigans of the Torly girls in Hawaii. They will surely be wearing some of our favorite pineapple panopoly on the sunny shores of Oahu.


Have you seen a plethora of pineapples recently? Leave a comment to tell us where you've seen pineapples popping up this season.

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