Vendor Spotlight: Mayoral

Retail stores celebrate season changes much earlier than its customers. In July, we begin to fill our shelves with winter coats and in January, with bathing suits. While getting winter coats in July is cause for tears, nothing brightens our dreary winter days more than dreams of sunshine and sandy toes in our near future. At Torly Kid, we are super excited about every single box that comes bursting into our shop with one big gust of arctic air. However, this Spring we are especially excited about our giant delivery coming straight from Spain and our friends at Mayoral Moda Infantil.

Mayoral began as a modest company dedicated to the production and commercialization of socks and tights (‘Domínguez Toledo” in 1941) and has now become an icon of Spanish fashion worldwide. The company has been operated by the same family since its origin and their slogan,"making friends"" has been, and still is, a fundamental part of Mayoral's philosophy. This season's Spring line from Mayoral has us doing the dance of joy, and we are so excited to share it with you! 

Mayoral designs an enormous array of clothing every season in many, many color palettes and fabrics. We loved the spring story of this line so much that last fall when we saw it that we couldn't help but buy lots of it.

Here's a look:

Inspiration ranged from porcelain and Greek mosaics in various shades of blue which create a romantic, yet casual atmosphere

 to the green apple and herb green of the countryside complete with birds, flowers, fairies and lace.

A traditional take on the collegiate trend has been reinvented as well through fresh colors (pink, lilac, and faded blues) along with a young, urban feel that conveys joy, happiness & levity

Finally, with a nod to the Hamptons, we see a retro modern take with a delicate urban style in their pure whites, indigos and geometric graphics.

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