5 essential items every child needs for summer camp

Alas, we are well into May and all thoughts are turning to SUMMER! Wherever I went this weekend, I walked past conversations about summer plans far and wide. One of the most favorite summer traditions for kids and parents alike is summer camp. Whether it's sleep away summer camp, day camp or just going to Grandma's house, summer is a time to let your hair down and have some fun. There is something about the combination of sunshine, water and dirt that makes kids grow and flourish. At Torly Kid we've got you covered for all your summer needs.





1) SWIM GEAR - Just arriving this week is a collection of "camp -friendly" swimsuits (ie - one piece tank straps) priced just right for packing in the camp bag. Hurry though - they go fast! Don't forget the goggles and the SPF 50 rash guards to wear over the suits because, let's face it - no matter how much sunscreen we pack in their bags, they won't remember to put it on!

2) COMMUNICATION - Autograph pillows and address books are a must for every camper - either day camp or sleepaway. Campers, have all your friends sign your pillow before the last day of camp with the handy fabric marker included. What better keepsake to have of your camp memories when the dreary days of winter are upon us? For sleepaway kids, stationery and journals are a good way to keep mom and dad in the loop about your trip. In fact, I hear in some camps, food is withheld until that letter gets sent home. Our camp notes make it real easy to get that letter off in a hurry so you can get back to the s'mores. After all, I'm certain Mom and Dad are up nights thinking of you (cough, cough, or out celebrating their newfound freedom).

3) COMFY CLOTHES - fuzzy lounge shorts & colored tank tops are the clothing of choice for all campers. What better way to hop out of bed and jump right into the fun activities of the day? We won't tell Mom and Dad that you are wearing the clothes you slept in the night before! But, get a few pairs so you can at least put them in the wash once in a while.

4) TRAVEL BAGS - The mantra in my house all summer long is - "don't leave your wet bathing suit on the floor." Our wet bags are made of the perfect material to keep your wet suit protected from your other clothes when you take it off to travel home. Vanity bags can be used to store all the summer essentials either back and forth to beach or just to leave in the bathroom with shampoo and soap in it. The waterproof material will keep spills at bay and the fun prints will make all your bunkmates jealous. Don't forget your beach towel in a bag and duffel bags for short overnight travel trips.

5) BASICS - Of course you can't forget the summertime basics. Sunglasses, flip flops, sunscreen & bug spray. We've got you covered in 50% of this category with super cute flip flops and sunglasses. Make sure your bug spray is DEET free!


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