Vendor spotlight : Tea Collection

Tea Collection - named after the drink that is shared in nearly every culture around the world - continues to inspire us everyday. Their design philosophy brings worldwide culture and modern design to children's fashion. Twice a year they pack their bags, travel the globe, explore and discover, and then bring it all home in original designs that express the spirit of their adventures abroad. This season Tea traveled to Bolivia and Argentina, and brought us back some really fun graphics like the Borochi graphic tee and the La Paz Llama tee. They studied traditional fabrics and textures and designed current styles like the Frasada split neck dress or the Puella embroidered sweatshirt. Their inspiration doesn't only come from fabrics. It comes from everything around them - this cool Lagarto tee is a nod to all of the lizards crawling around in that dessert like climate. One of our favorite designs are the Cerro Bonete series for newborns which includes booties, hats, blankets and sweater outfits perfect for fall! Cerro Bonete is a mountain peak in the Andes and the fourth highest peak in Argentina.


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