Kristin Louis from Parenting with Kris speaks out about Summer

 Excited to bring to you guest blogger Kristin Louis from Parenting with Kris.  Let's see what she has to say about making the most of Summer.

Gearing Up Your Family and Home for Summer 

As the summer rolls near, families are scrambling to figure out how they can maximize their fun. Summer is a wonderful time of great weather with many opportunities for family activities, but it can also fly by in the blink of an eye. Take advantage of summer’s brief window by making sure that you have the gear and equipment, and setup a summer plan for your whole family.


Is your family ready for summer?


You know what activities you and your kids enjoy, but kids grow, both physically and mentally. Part of your summer plan should include discussing what activities your children might like to try this year. Are your kids ready to take their bicycling to the next step? You may need to consider buying mountain bikes or a new carrying rack for your car. Safety should be considered as well with cycling, if your children are still using their helmets from years ago, it may be time to upgrade to a more-age appropriate version. Shop early for good deals on equipment, and also consider second-hand sporting goods stores.


Beyond safety equipment, before the summer hits in full stride, make sure that your kids are ready for whatever activities they enjoy. This may involve some swimming lessons, a boaters safety course, or even a week of baseball spring training. Plan these lessons early so that your child is able to enjoy more of the summer.


Planning for fun


When it comes to planning as a family, one way to make sure the summer isn’t wasted is to fully embrace “summer mode.” Although parents may still have their full-time jobs all summer long, try to treat the rest of your days like you are on vacation, even when you are just sitting on the back deck. Incorporate fun summer elements into different parts of your day. Try having breakfast outside as a family as the day awakens. Use the grill for as many meals as possible, and get your children involved in the outdoor cooking fun. Anything you can cook indoors, you can cook outside on your grill. Make sure you have plenty of LP gas or charcoal for your grill, since nothing can spoil an outdoor dining plan more than a dead grill.


Maximizing the good weather


And while you might not be able to control the weather, or accurately plan on it beyond a week or so out in the future, make sure you leverage sunny days. Rainy days are good for shopping, reading, arts and crafts, movies and other fun family activities. On sunny days, stay away from the malls and movie theaters and spend as much time outside as you can.


Staycation options


Whether or not your summer plans include a vacation, continue to maximize summer fun in your “summer mode” by treating everyday like you and your family are away, and even incorporating some staycation moments. On those rainy days, check out local museums - the ones your kids only go to on school field trips. There are countless historical sites around most towns - have you seen them all? Fold those into your week and have fun with the whole family with a minimum budget.


Other vacation-like options while at home include backyard camping, where your family can enjoy sleeping out in nature, while still staying close to the comforts of home.


Backyard adventures


Your backyard can host more than just camping excursions. Families can build together, making bird feeders and garden beds or a DIY treasure hunt. You can also incorporate new sports and activities, such as disc golf.


Gear up for a great summer by planning, assessing your needs and wants and squeezing every last bit of sunshine out of the summer months.


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