Torly Kid 2017 Swimwear Collection

It's that time of the year again... Summer time! A time everyone looks forward too during that breezy fall weather, those harsh cold winter months, and during those cold rainy spring showers. Sure, a warm hot chocolate next to a blazing fire place sounds nice, when snowed in during a blizzard. However, a cool refreshing glass of water by the pool on a warm sunny day, sounds just a tad bit better.

With the kids out of school during summer, it may be a task keeping them busy, but what better way to do that then sending them to the pool? Before July hits, make sure your kids are equipped with the hottest swimsuit brands!

Thankfully, you won't have to look too far. Torly Kid is equipped with a variety of swimwear brands. From tot to tween, our 2017 swimwear collection, is sure to satisfy your little one's needs.

Our brands craft creative beachwear with a specific eye on details with bright, trendy and bold colors and prints.

Check out a few below:

Cruz Emoji Heart Swim One Piece


Appaman Sunglass Rash Guard


To view more of our collection visit Torly Kid today!

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