Five Summer Camp Essentials

1 - 2 -3 - GO !

My mom gave me a penny

She told me to buy henny

But I didn't but a henny

Instead I bought some.... BUBBLE GUM!


Summer camp season is near and approaching!  Cabins, warm campfires with marshmallows, lakes, chants and of course new friends!   There's so much to be excited about.  Take a look at a few of our suggestions about what to add to your kids duffle bag or what to send along as a gift after they are gone. You won't be disappointed!

  • 'Keep a record of all the good times' - Summer Camp Journal

Whichever camp you decide on, electronics will be a no-no. So have them go back to the basics and record all their fun memories in a journal they can decorate and make their own.


  • 'Let there be light' ! - LED Flashlight Lantern

It wouldn't be the camp experience without a little outside fun at night. So, make sure they are equipped with the funkiest and coolest flashlight/lantern. Works as a flashlight or pops up to act as a lantern.

  •  ' #NoTexting ' - Seal and Send Stationery

Sending notes to friends in class during the school year is fun, but sending notes to family while away at summer camp is far more exciting!

Camp send and seal

  • Peace, Love, Emoji - Camp swimsuits 

 One piece conservative suits with really fun prints for girls make it easy to run            around in all day. We have swimsuits for boys too!

Camp Swimsuis

  • Grab it and Go - Sling Bag Beach Towels
Head off to the pool in style with these cool printed beach towels in 3 different styles.  Comes with a convenient sling bag to carry the towel, sunscreen, sunglasses and whatever else you need.
Sling Bag Beach towel


Visit out Camp Collection to see more fun camp essentials including some great camp apparel.   

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