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Check out our musical workshops in March
Madame Violetta will bring the opera house to Torly Kid as she uses music, props, crafts, and imagination to share the magic of a trip to the opera. This experience will introduce kids ages 5 + to different composers, characters, genres, and themes in a casual and comfortable environment. More information available at

Week One (March 5) Journey Around the World

Imagination is the key as we take our journey around the world, visiting different cities and learn about the operas that take place there. Kids will meet many characters and listen to several songs. The audience will get to play with some props and make their own productions.

Week Two (March 12) Heroines and Why We Love Them

What makes us fall in love with the heroines (main female character) in our favorite stories? Audience participation will be encouraged as we compare four familiar Disney heroines with famous opera heroines and discover some surprising similarities. There will be time at the end for a question and answer session as well as time for the audience to play with some props and make their own productions.

Week Three (March 19) Falling in Love

Opera often centers around the love between characters. In this workshop we will look at different forms of love in the opera. There is boy-meets-girl love, there is a girl’s love for herself and her prized possessions, and there is a mother’s love so strong that she would do anything to protect her child. Many wonderful songs of love will be presented, and the audience will have time to ask questions, play with props, and make their own productions. Time: 10:30-11:30 am Cost: $25 per session Sign up NOW! Call 212-406-7440 or email

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