Best Boys Designer Swim Shorts: Top Picks for Summer Fun

Swimwear for boys has evolved significantly over the years, transforming from simple utility garments into fashion statements. Beyond practicality, swim shorts now flaunt stylish designs, vibrant colors, and patterns that reflect the youthful energy of their wearers.

Designer swim shorts, in particular, offer an elevated take on this summer staple, featuring premium materials and the signature aesthetics of high-end brands. While style is a key deciding factor for many, it’s essential not to overlook the comfort and durability that come with well-made designer pieces.

Through our rigorous selection process, we consider every aspect mentioned and more to guide caregivers in their pursuit of finding swim shorts that are not only visually appealing but also score high on comfort and practicality.

We are committed to helping you identify swimwear that your boys will be excited to wear, making summer experiences both stylish and enjoyable.

Top Boys’ Designer Swim Shorts

BFUSTYLE Boys Swim Trunks

We found the BFUSTYLE Boys Swim Trunks to offer excellent water resistance and sun protection, essential for active kids during summer activities.


  • The material dries rapidly, keeping boys comfortable out of the water.
  • Enhances UV protection to safeguard skin from the sun.
  • An elastic waistband with drawstring ensures a flexible fit.


  • Sizes run large; consider purchasing a size down.
  • The leg design may appear puffy or loose on some kids.
  • Limited to hand wash and machine wash—no dry cleaning.

Having recently tried these swim trunks on our family trip to the beach, we were impressed by how quickly they dried after a dip in the ocean. The water-resistant polyester performed as advertised, which was a relief as it meant no more soggy car rides home. The sun’s rays can be harsh, but thankfully, the UV protection these shorts offer gave us peace of mind whilst the kids played under the bright sun.

Comfort is key for any swimwear, and the elastic waistband with drawstring closure of the BFUSTYLE Boys Swim Trunks delivered on that front. It allowed for a custom fit, which was helpful since we heeded the advice to size down due to the larger fit. The pockets were a handy addition, giving the kids a place to stash their beach finds.

It’s clear that these shorts are versatile enough to go from swimming to any other beachside activity without skipping a beat. Our kids loved the freedom of movement they provided and didn’t experience any chafing or discomfort, which can often be a concern with swimwear. However, we did notice that the leg design might not be for everyone—the style can be a little more ‘blown-out’ than we expected, leading to a unique silhouette.

All things considered, the BFUSTYLE Boys Swim Trunks delivered where it mattered: performance, protection, and style. We’d definitely recommend them for any parent looking to buy a reliable and fun pair of swim shorts for their boy.

Hurley Boys’ Boardies

We think these Hurley board shorts are a fantastic choice for anyone looking to blend style with practicality for their young swimmer.


  • Strong, comfortable materials with lasting durability
  • Stylish and vibrant designs that stand out
  • Quick-drying fabric ideal for active kids


  • Might run slightly large, especially when wet
  • Premium brand means a higher price point
  • No interior mesh which may be a preference for some

Just back from the beach, we were impressed with how the Hurley Boys’ Board Shorts handled both surf and sand. The durable fabric resisted the rough play and frequent tumbles our boys are known for, and despite hours in the sun and salt, they held up without any noticeable wear. It seems that Hurley’s reputation for creating sturdy beachwear holds true.

The design of the shorts screams ocean vibes, and our boy received compliments about the eye-catching prints. Not only did they look good dry, but they also maintained their appeal while wet, and the colors stayed bright; they didn’t lose any of their vibrancy from a day of repeated use and exposure to sun creams and sea spray.

An added bonus we appreciated was the quick-dry material, particularly because it meant we could transition from the beach to the boardwalk without any uncomfortable dampness. The handy back pocket proved useful for collecting small treasures found along the shore. Our youngster didn’t miss the mesh lining, often found uncomfortable, but it’s worth noting for those who prefer it.

As we wrapped up the day, it was clear to us that these board shorts offer the right blend of fashion and function for any young adventurer ready to hit the waves.

MaaMgic Flamingo Shorts

We found these MaaMgic swim trunks to be a delightful blend of style and comfort for any boy’s summer wardrobe.


  • Exceptionally comfortable with a quick-dry feature
  • Snug and secure with an elastic waistband and drawstring
  • Fashion-forward with vibrant prints and a modern cut


  • Might run slightly large for some
  • Limited to machine washing due to fabric care requirements
  • Originating from China might concern some looking for locally made products

After recently trying out the MaaMgic Boys Swim Trunks, we can vouch for their impressive comfort. The lightweight polyester and mesh lining feel soft against the skin, greatly reducing the likelihood of chafing after a long day at the beach or pool. Our boys moved freely and were at ease, whether they were building sandcastles or splashing in the water.

The secure fit of these shorts stands out. We often struggle with swimwear that either cinches too tight or slips down, but the elastic waistband along with a handy drawstring provided our boys with a just-right fit that held up through various activities. This feature was a sigh of relief, knowing that the fun wasn’t interrupted by any wardrobe malfunctions.

Lastly, the style quotient of these shorts can’t go unmentioned. The tropical flamingo print was a hit, and the above-knee cut gave these trunks a contemporary edge. Our young ones looked sharp, and it was clear that these shorts weren’t just about swimming—they made a fashion statement too!

We must note, however, that sizing was a topic of discussion in our experience. The shorts seemed to offer a bit more room than expected, suggesting that a size down might be a better choice for those in between sizes. Furthermore, being limited to machine wash care and their country of origin might be factors worth considering for some. But these minor points didn’t detract from our overall satisfaction and the smiles on our children’s faces.

Cozople Boys Gradient Emerald Swim Trunks

We recommend these swim shorts for their comfortable fit, durability, and stylish design that’s perfect for any summer activity.


  • Quick-drying fabric provides comfort post-swim
  • Stretchy compression liner supports active movement
  • Striking patterns that don’t fade in the sun or chlorine


  • Sizes may run large, so consider ordering a size down
  • Backside can appear slightly baggy on some body types
  • The color may differ slightly from the images online

We recently had the chance to try out the Cozople Boys Swim Trunks and were thoroughly impressed by how quickly the fabric dried after a dip in the pool. The quick-dry feature meant we could transition from water fun to other activities without the discomfort of staying damp.

The compression liner is a game-changer; it helped us avoid the chafing that often comes with traditional mesh lining. During vigorous pool games or while catching waves at the beach, the liner provided the supreme comfort and flexibility that we needed.

We’ve noticed that these swim shorts manage to stand out with vibrant patterns. The quality of the print stays bold and bright, even after constant exposure to the sun and frequent swims. It was a refreshing change from the typical swimwear that fades after a few uses.

Having tested them out thoroughly, we found that while the fit was generally good, the sizing chart might not be spot-on for everyone. The recommendation to size down if your boy is thinner seems accurate based on our experience. Additionally, for particularly slender kids, the backside might not conform as well as it could. Lastly, while the colors remained vibrant, they could vary slightly from the online pictures, which is something to be aware of when ordering.


We believe these KAILUA SURF swim trunks are a fantastic choice for style and functionality, meeting the needs of active boys at the pool or beach.


  • Versatility in styles accommodates different tastes and occasions.
  • The quick-dry fabric and mesh lining ensure swift drying post-swim.
  • Generous fit in key areas provides comfort and ease of movement.


  • Some colors may not be as vibrant after multiple washes.
  • Drawstrings might require double-knotting to secure firmly.
  • Limited size availability for certain designs could be an issue.

The bright prints and varied colors of KAILUA SURF swim trunks I recently tested out are just as vibrant in person as they appear online, catching the eye with their stylish designs. The range of options means there’s a swim trunk for every young swimmer, whether they have a soft spot for camo or a love for dinosaurs. The drawstring closure provides a secure fit, essential when my little cousin dashes around the pool.

Putting these trunks to the test, the quick-dry feature held up impressively. After a splash in the pool, they dried much faster than his previous swimwear. Not once did I hear complaints about discomfort or having to sit around in soggy shorts. The cut and fit allow for plenty of freedom, and I noticed my cousin didn’t once tug or pull at his trunks—a surefire sign he’s both happy and comfortable.

Transitioning from water-bound adventures to other summer activities was seamless with these shorts. The durable polyester material has proven itself repeatedly; they’ve endured roughhousing, sandcastles, and pool slides with no sign of wear and tear. Moreover, knowing that these are machine washable means there’s one less worry when it comes to keeping them clean and ready for the next fun-filled day.

Buying Guide

Assessing Quality & Material

When choosing designer swim shorts, we prioritize the quality of the material. High-quality swim shorts are typically made from materials that are both durable and comfortable, such as polyester or a blend containing elastane for stretch. Look for shorts that offer quick-drying capabilities and resistance to chlorine and saltwater.

  • Durability: Must withstand frequent use and exposure to elements.
  • Comfort: Should be soft to the touch and not irritate the skin.

Style & Design

We consider the style and design an essential aspect. Boys’ swim shorts come in various lengths and patterns. Deciding between a classic solid color and a vibrant pattern depends on personal preference and versatility.

  • Patterns: Choose based on the child’s taste and trends.
  • Length: Above-knee for active use; longer for a relaxed fit.

Fit & Size

Proper fit is crucial for swim shorts to ensure comfort and prevent issues like dragging or slipping. Adjustable waistbands or elasticated materials contribute to a better fitting.

  • Waistband: Elastic or drawstring for adjustment.
  • Size: Follow size guides; consider growth spurts.

Additional Features

We also look for additional features that enhance the functionality of the swim shorts, such as pockets, built-in mesh lining for support, and UPF protection for sun safety.

Feature Importance Description
Pockets Optional For convenience; may have zippers.
Mesh Lining Recommended Adds comfort; provides support.
UPF Protection Beneficial Guards against UV rays.

Remember, our goal is to find swim shorts that balance style, comfort, and practicality.

Stephanie Creek