Classic Harley Davidson Baby Clothes For Your Little One

Bikers gear certainly has a reputation behind it and Harley Davidson as a brand has been around since it was founded in 1903. Starting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it was one of the two major American manufacturers to come out successful after the Great Depression.

The brand has become known for its loyal following and what better way to extend that following than onto your little ones! No hardcore fan should be without the gear right?

So, why not pimp up your little one's fashion style with adorable miniature versions of your favorite classical Harley Davidson clothing pieces.

We’ve tracked down the best out there in Harley Davidson quality baby clothes so you can dress your little one head to toe to match you on your biking days if you wish to! Like father like son right?


This Harley Davidson upwing eagle biker jacket is just like the original, your little one can match with mum or dad in their very own first leather biker jacket inspired directly from the classic Harley Davidson original motorcycle jackets.

It is made of faux leather of course and has snap closures for your child's safety. Also, the faux leather material is better for the environment as it is not genuine cows leather.

Whilst this leather is great for bikers' jackets, perhaps it's safe to say it's better to stick with faux leather for your little one as their skin is more delicate and it's not necessary to have something made from real leather for them at their age.

It’s labeled as a boys Upwing Biker jacket however if you want your little one to be able to wear this jacket regardless of gender stereotypes, don’t let anyone stop you as it can look adorable on any child!

Getting our hands on one for ourselves was our best idea yet as my nephew was named after the brand itself, he certainly lives up to his name with this jacket whilst looking so adorable at the same time!


  • Snap-down style collar - Easier for your child
  • Quilted polyester satin lining - Delicate on your child skin
  • Looks like the genuine thing! - Their first-ever Harley jacket


  • Maybe a little thin - So make sure to layer up your little one


What’s more adorable than a pair of joggers like yours for your little one? A pair of Harley Davidson pink branded joggers that scream daddy’s little girl!

These Harley joggers are a classic twist on the brand's logo crossed with something a little bit more comfortable and stylish for any little girl out there.

They have more subtlety to the logo design so you can dress your little girl up in something that combines feminine and masculine traits! Making her a true Harley girl.

They’re also made from 100% cotton so you can rest assured that the fabric of these pants is gentle and delicate on your child's skin like it should be.

They’re available in 6-9 months old or 12 months old so your newborn can dress just like mum or dad from the very beginning!

We got a pair for ourselves and tried them on one of our co-worker's daughters and she looked so cute in them! Dad is a Harley fan so these were the perfect gift for both of them.


  • Super cute glitter logo - brand loyalty at its best
  • Super soft material - 100% cotton
  • Long-lasting - Quality materials


  • Only available in pink - Not inclusive to everyone


Babygrows are adorable and so precious for babies in general, and now you can get one for your little one that is Harley Davidson themed!

It’s got a printed logo with the words, “My grandpa rides a Harley.” printed around it which is so cute that any baby can match with grandad! The other babygrow says “Born to ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles.”

We got our hands on both because we just couldn’t decide which was cuter. We tried both out on one little girl and she loved the pink one more for obvious reasons because she's such a fashion icon.

The great thing about these all in ones is that they come in sizes of up to 18 months old and are suitable for any gender so your little one can wear them no matter what.

They have a three-snap closure and are come in packs of two so you get twice the amount of babygrows to switch out when one is in the wash. What's more to love?


  • 100% cotton fabric - Gentle on babies skin
  • Easy to wash - And they come in packs of two
  • Genuine Harley! - You get what you pay for


  • Arm span runs small - depending on your child


Don’t you want to get your hands on the most adorable trendy baby boots of all time?

Well, Harley Davidson has come out with the smallest baby boy boxed terry booties we’ve ever laid eyes upon and you can get them for your little one to match with dad or grandad during the colder months.

They may state that they’re boy's booties, however, there is nothing stopping the girls out there from wearing these precious boots as they come in traditional black shades which are neutral for any gender baby!

Stand up girls and wear your Harley Davidson boots with style and confidence!

They also have an appliqued woven bar & shield label on the top that is the standard label for Harley Davidson itself. Nothing like the classic brand to tie you over is there?

We got a pair to try out on my nephew and along with his other Harley gear, he looked adorable and matched with my brother perfectly!


  • Suitable for 0-3 months - Inclusive for newborns
  • Perfect gift for Harley fans - For Christmas or birthdays
  • Soft stretch fabric - Comfort for your little one's toes



Harley Davidson Infant Onesie

Etsy has the most adorable classic navy Harley Davidson onesie for any little one out there to wear and match with dad and grandad any day of the week.

Because it’s a unisex onesie you don’t have to worry about buying specifically for a boy or girl relative for a birthday or Christmas gift this year.

It’s also incredibly inclusive as the sizing range goes up to 24 months old from newborn. So any child up to age 2 can wear this onesie.

We got our hands on a few sizes to compare and they fit perfectly for the sizes provided! There is no need to fret over if it will fit your baby because we guarantee that it will. 


  • Incredibly size inclusive - any baby can wear
  • Available in various colors - You choose your own color choices before buying
  • 100% cotton - Gentle materials


  • Delivery may cost more - based on where you live


Our last pick of the day for you is this three-pack of adorable Harley Davidson cozy socks advertised as boys, however, any gender can wear them easily as babies and newborns have similar feet regardless of gender. They’re made of 75% cotton, 20% spandex, and 5% elastane so that they can stretch to your little ones' foot shape easily whilst being gentle on their skin.

We got our hands on a three-pack and tried them all out to find out which would look the cutest! Turns out we couldn’t come to a conclusion so we’ve deemed them as all adorable.


  • Three colors available - Orange, white, and black
  • Perfect for Harley fans - Subtle logo made obvious by colors
  • Three pack - More for your money!


  • Not 100% cotton - However, mostly cotton and other materials for stretch comfort

Buyers Guide

Logo Authenticity

Since the brand is known for its classic Harley label, be sure to check the logos used on the products. Most are genuine Harley however you can never be too sure so double check just in case.

It’s usually easy to tell as well so this is not something to fret over. If the logo is not genuine, it’s not something to necessarily worry about as it’s still a Harley Davidson logo playfully incorporated into a child's clothing, however, if you are looking for genuine and you're a hardcore fan, we’re confident you’ll be able to tell the difference. 

Comfort & Materials

Your little one's feet are the most precious thing about them, so make sure the fabrics used to make the baby clothes have been tested and are 100% cotton or roughly the same equivalent. Cotton is gentle on delicate skin like a baby's skin.

Classic Harley Davidson Baby Clothes For Your Little One

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Harley baby clothing for baby boys?

Yes! The official Harley website features baby boy clothing with the logo incorporated into the designs of the clothes so your baby can match with you. It’s never too early in life to introduce your newborn to the world of Harley Davidson.

What kind of clothes does Harley Davidson sell?

Usually, Harley Davidson specializes in quality winter clothing such as jackets, boots, leather, hats, backpacks, and 2 and 3 piece outfits so you can be assured there is something for you out there and something for you and your children and newborn to match with dad or mum!

Stephanie Creek