Cute Harry Potter Baby Clothes For Your Little One


For any Harry Potter fan, the Marauder’s Map and its opening phrase is iconic. Now you can get your hands on this absolutely adorable bodysuit that has the iconic phrase on it. Once your little one begins to crawl, they are on a mission to be as mischievous as possible. 

Made from 100% cotton, with an expandable shoulder neckline to pull the bodysuit over the baby’s head even more easily. The bottom uses snap shut fastenings, which makes changing your baby a breeze.

There are various sizes available in long and short sleeves. Therefore, you will be able to purchase this bodysuit to fit your little one. It should be noted, if you aren’t sure what size you should have, then you should size up. It is better to have a bodysuit that is slightly too big than one that is too small. 


A comfortable and sweet Marauder’s Map romper. You’ll be able to keep an eye on your little one while they are wearing this. The print is Marauder’s Map, now this will make them look really cute, but it can’t keep them out of mischief, unfortunately. 

The romper is made from a cotton knit material, with snap fastenings for easy access. This will keep your little one looking cute and warm during the colder months. 


When it’s time to go to bed, then why not put your precious little one in a long-sleeved and hooded sleeping romper bodysuit. The cuffs and hood of this product are the classic deep red color.

With gold glasses and a lightning bolt design on the hood. On the body of the bodysuit are classic icons of each of the four houses. 

The design of this bodysuit is colorful and screams Harry Potter when you look at it. This bodysuit has a zipper closure and is made from cotton and polyester.

Also, this item of clothing is washing machine safe and the design won’t fade. Therefore, your little one can continue to dress for bed in their favorite bodysuit. 


Maybe potions was your favorite subject in Harry Potter, now you can dress your little one in a potions-themed fabric.

You can get this fabric as a romper, legging, hat, or buy a bundle. The fabric has the classic drawing style from the books of bottles of potions, quills, wands, herbs, and glasses. 

All the items are made using soft and stretchy cotton and lycra. Therefore, you can be reassured that these are going to be some of the comfiest and coziest items of clothing that your little one could wear.

Each item is handmade, therefore what you receive will be unique to you. 


Not sure which house your little one is going to be in, then why not buy this pack of four bodysuits. Each one is a different house of Hogwarts. You don’t have to put your little one into every house, but maybe you want to give them a choice of which house they want to be in. 

Either way, these bodysuits are made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester, making these bodysuits comfortable. Expandable lapped shoulders for easy dressing and removable. While 3 snap fastening for quick diapers changed.

The most difficult thing about these bodysuits is deciding which house to put them in today. Do you dare place them in Slytherin?


Hogwarts Letter Bodysuit-T-Shirt

All parents want their little ones to do well in life. They might want them to attend well-known universities, become a lawyer or a doctor.

However, with this bodysuit, you can let other parents know what your expectations are for your little one. You are hoping that your little one will become a powerful witch or wizard, who will attend the best wizarding school in the world. 

Made from 100% cotton, this item will tell the world that you are waiting for your acceptance letter to Hogwarts. While also making your little one look really cute.


Wizard In Training Baby Bodysuit

As your little one is still too young to go to Hogwarts. However, they can still tell the world that they are training. This outfit comes with a bodysuit that has ‘Wizard in Training’ printed on the front. The outfit also includes leggings and a hat in the stereotypical Gryffindor colors. 

With this outfit, you’ll be able to tell the world that you have a little witch or wizard in training. Made from cotton. This outfit not only looks great, but it is comfortable for your little one to wear all day.


Mandrakes are beloved creatures in Harry Potter and are very recognizable for their screams. How can anyone forget Neville Longbottom fainting due to the Mandrake screams.

Now, some people say that our little ones can sometimes be like our own versions of Mandrake. Therefore, they would be able to communicate with one another.

This charming bodysuit will make your little one look adorable. Made from 100% cotton, this bodysuit is extremely soft and breathable on your child.


Dobby is a fan-favorite character in the Harry Potter series. He is the sweet, loyal, and clumsy elf that saves Harry Potter. The costume comes with a hat and a shirt, which allows you to dress your beloved little one, as your favorite elf. 

This cute outfit is made from acrylic yarn and fabric. You can easily get the right-sized hat and dress for your little one. This is the perfect Halloween costume for your little one. 


For a party or for Halloween, you may want to dress up your little one in traditional Hogwarts clothing. Well, here is a dress for your child that has the classic Hogwarts jumper and scarf printed onto the body. The skirt is a black tutu that is covered in golden detailing. There is also a hooded cloak for your little one to wear, to make them feel like a true witch. 

The dress is suitable for children aged 12 months to 24 months. However, there is an alternative for your younger witches that can be found here. Both versions allow your little girl to become the little witch she wants to be. Challenging her inner Hermione Granger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy Harry Potter Clothing?

You can purchase Harry Potter clothing from most retailers. However, some sites like Amazon and Etsy have vast amounts of Harry Potter clothing to choose from.

As Harry Potter is such a popular brand nowadays, it is really easy to find what you are looking for pretty quickly and anywhere. 

Cute Harry Potter Baby Clothes For Your Little One

What Should I Look Out for When Buying Baby Clothing?

There are a couple of things you need to remember when you are buying baby clothes. It's all good if the item of clothing you pick looks great, but if it doesn’t fit correctly or is difficult to take on or off, then it isn’t worth it.

The fabric of the item of clothing is important because you want something that is going to be soft. You want your little one to be comfy. If the material you have selected is rough, then this could irritate your baby's skin, which could then lead to a rash or discomfort. No one wants an unhappy baby.

Also, the functionality of the clothing you have brought is essential. You want to be able to put it on and off your baby easily. However, you also want something that is going to last. Babies make a lot of mess, and it is very likely that the piece of clothing will be going through the washing machine a lot. 

As long as you consider all of these things, then you can’t go wrong with the clothing that you buy. 

Is It Weird To Put my Baby in Harry Potter Clothing?

Of course not! If you love Harry Potter, then it is likely your baby is going to grow up around that passion and love of yours. Therefore they may grow up to love Harry Potter too.

No one is going to judge you for putting your baby in Harry Potter clothing. A lot of people clearly do already, and that's why we have put together this list to give you some great options for your little one. 


We have given you our list of some of the most adorable and cute baby clothes based around Harry Potter.

There is nothing stopping you from letting the world know that you may have the next greatest witch or wizard of our time. 

Stephanie Creek