Deliciously Cute Strawberry Themed Baby Clothes

What is sweeter than a darling little strawberry? The answer… a baby dressed in strawberry clothes!

Luckily, we have put together a list of some of the sweetest and most adorable strawberry themed baby garments for your perusal. The strawberry is summery, fun and wonderfully bright and vibrant. 

These garments make excellent baby shower gifts and first birthday presents, and will put a smile on the face of all who see them. So tuck in!


Chunky Strawberry Baby Cardigan

Our first pick is this simply adorable chunky knit, baby cardigan with 3D crocheted strawberries adorning it.

It is handmade, which gives it a very special and unique quality and makes it that much more meaningful if given as a baby shower gift. 

The cardigan is suitable for babies aged 9-12 months old, and it is ideal for keeping them warm in fresh spring weather.

The strawberries do not continue onto the back of the cardigan, so babies will not feel uncomfortable wearing this garment. 

The contrast of the red on the white makes the strawberries burst forth very vibrantly, and babies will love to touch and feel the bobbled texture they create. Just gorgeous.


Handmade Strawberry Baby Booties

Oh we just love these cute little baby booties with their fruity strawberry design. This will keep little toes lovely and cozy thanks to the organic bamboo/cotton velour lining which is soft and snuggly as well as being antimicrobial.

This lining is also moisture wicking and therefore prevents the baby's feet from becoming hot and clammy too. These booties are made to order and are available in a wide range of sizes.

The seller recommends measuring your baby’s foot and then adding ¼ of an inch to ensure there is plenty of wiggle room.

We also recommend adding non-stick material to the bottom of the shoes if your little one is at walking age and you wish to stop them from slipping as they move about.


Strawberry Sun Cap for Baby

We think this strawberry baby sun cap looks good enough to eat! It is great that it is a summer hat as strawberries are such a summery fruit!

The detail and care that has gone into the felt tip is just sublime and really elevates this hat. The brim provides ample shade on sunny days, and can be folded up at the front for a clearer view if necessary.

The sun hat is also lined with cotton that is breathable and wicks moisture away from the head on hot, balmy days.

This garment is both beautiful and practical and will look so cute on any baby. Considering all this, we think it is remarkably well priced!


Winter Beanie Hat for Babies and Adults

At the other end of the scale we have this incredible winter strawberry beanie. This gorgeous garment is handmade in three possible sizes, baby, child and adult.

The ingenious thing is that the design is adjustable thanks to the roll bottom. You can simply roll up the button to fit small heads, and roll the hat down as they grow.

For this reason this hat is an awesome choice for kids who are growing constantly as it will last them a long time.

The super soft acrylic yarn is very comfortable and stretchy on little heads, and the details on the leaves and stalk are just incredible. 

Best of all, the maker also makes adult sizes so you can buy matching parent and child beanie hats! Now that would be cute!


Strawberry Patch Baby Bummies

These high waisted baby bummies are ideal for pulling over nappies and diapers thanks to their stretchy knit fabric.

The strawberry design is very summery with its blend of red and pink fruit, and your little one will be ready to enjoy the sunshine and lots of lovely garden parties with these in her wardrobe. 

The bummies are incredibly flexible and allow your baby a full range of movement for crawling and toddling, and the high waist design keeps their tummies and bums fully covered and protected.

We love the addition of the matching knot bow headband as it looks so cute and really ties the whole outfit together.

These bummies also look so cute under skirts and dresses and you will find your baby gets lots of wear out of them.


Baby Harem Pants with Strawberry Design

Your baby will be able to kick, stretch, crawl and toddle as far as they please in these fun, baggy harem pants.

The wide crotch is perfect for mobility, and the jersey fabric is really stretchy and flexible thanks to its 5% elastane content. What really sets these pants apart however, is the bold and zany print.

The bright blue background really off-sets the flowers and strawberries perfectly, so that your baby will look positively psychedelic wearing these.

The stretchy ankle cuffs can be rolled up for shorter legs and rolled down gradually as your baby grows, meaning you will get plenty of wear out of them.

They make a great casual, everyday garment, but are also fun and vibrant enough for any party! A must buy in our eyes!


Strawberry Baby Dress and T-shirt

If you are looking for something truly party worthy, then this beautiful, handmade baby dress and t-shirt combo is surely it.

The little frilly suspenders are just to die for, and they cross over at the back meaning that they stay on your baby’s shoulders more effectively. 

The skirt has lots of volume and juts out like a tutu thanks to the gathers at the waist. This makes it a real show stopping design and is sure to turn lots of adoring heads.

The waistband is elasticated for comfort and will not restrict your baby at all. The little t-shirt is so sweet, especially thanks to the bell sleeves with lace trim.

This outfit is perfect for parties and photoshoots and any little girl will look simply scrumptious in it.


Vegan Leather Baby Moccasins with Strawberry Design

If you are looking for a baby shower gift that looks and feels amazing and is also ethical and safe, then these vegan leather strawberry moccasins are the answer.

These beautiful creations are made from PU vegan leather and are therefore cruelty free. They are also PBA free, lead free, formaldehyde free, cyanide free, gluten free, and free from mineral salts.

Most importantly they have been ethically made, so will be perfect for new mums who want their baby to grow up in a safer and more sustainable world.

The shoes are true to size and slip easily onto little feet. We absolutely adore the bright strawberry pattern and the fringing detail.

They are lined with breathable material so that little feet do not become too sticky and hot when wearing them and they come with a reusable hemp carry pouch so you can keep them protected when stored. Just divine.


Strawberry Baby Bubble Romper Suit

This Strawberry baby bubble is too cute to handle. It works as a fun playsuit for rolling around at home in, and also as an awesome costume for parties and halloween.

It makes especially good photo opportunities, you will not be able to stop snapping your little one with this on! The bubble design is very full, with plenty of material for stretching and exploring.

The top of the suit makes up the head and leaves of the strawberry, and the billowing pants become the fruit itself.

This bubble has snaps at the bottom so that diaper changes are as quick and convenient as possible. 

The straps are well sewn and mean that your baby can stay cool in warm weather when wearing this suit.

This garment is unlike anything else on our list. It is so unique and adorable and will make a very wonderful gift.


Strawberries and Cream Fragranced Romper Baby Suit

If you are looking for something with some novelty value, then you can’t get much better than this fragranced romper suit!

The Oekotex certified cotton jersey fabric smells like strawberries and cream and will make your mouth water!! 

The fragrance is said to last up to 15 washes if you wash on a cool, gentle cycle, just don’t be surprised to see your baby drooling more than usual when she wears it!

Of course, this romper doesn’t just have novelty value, it is also a beautiful garment in its own right. 

The neckline is high and secure so the straps are in no danger of falling down, and the long legs will keep your baby warm and protected as they play and explore.

The legs are rollable which is great, since you can adjust them to fit and keep this suit for longer as a result.

The fabric is stretchy and soft, and the matching knot tie headband really finishes the whole outfit off. A Triumph!


Personalized Strawberry Bib and Burp Cloth

If you want something really special and personalized to give a loved one for their first birthday, or as a baby shower gift, then this customized strawberry bib and burp cloth set is a really great choice.

The baby’s name is hand stitched in swirling font across both items, showing exactly who they belong to. The little applique strawberries in red and pink are an adorable feature and we love the bold, colorful design.

These bibs and burp cloths are suitable for rigorous washing and tumble drying, which is helpful seeing as they are likely to get pretty messy.

Your little one will not get real strawberry juice all over their clothes whilst wearing this bib, so this is a really practical gift as well as a beautiful and thoughtful one. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Can I Make An Easy Strawberry Costume For A Baby?

One of the easiest ways to create a fun and quick strawberry costume for your baby is to use a green headband and a red dress or skirt.

If you tie the headband in a large bow it works really well, and having tiny white or black polka dots on the dress also adds that extra strawberry detail. Simple.

What Are The Best Baby Clothes For Summer?

Just like us grown ups, babies get hot and sweaty in summer, so lightweight and breathable garments in natural fabrics are a great choice.

Of course, it is also vitally important to protect baby soft skin from summer rays, so if you are dressing your little one in strappy tops or dresses then always cover their arms, shoulders, neck and chest in sunscreen, and be sure that they are wearing a hat which shades their delicate face.

How Do I Know What Size Clothes To Buy For A Baby?

Baby clothing sizes tend to be arranged according to age (in months and years), so if you know the approximate age of the baby who you are buying for then let that be your guide.

Ultimately, babies grow incredibly quickly and so it is always better to opt for a larger size that they have room to grow if you want them to enjoy maximum use and wear out of their clothes. 

Stephanie Creek