Gothic Baby Clothes For Your Little Monsters

Does your little one want to grow up to be the next Wednesday Addams?

We all know that baby clothes come in a variety of cutesy designs and light pastel colors, but what about for those children with darker tastes? 

There isn’t as big a market for goth babies as there is for goth adults, but we don’t know why - we think your babies will look just as adorable in head to toe black!

Luckily, we have compiled a list of some great gothic-inspired outfits, giving you some ideas for your whole new baby wardrobe.


Metallimonsters Bat Dress

Metallimonsters is a clothing brand that is all about offering the best alternative clothing for your baby.

This gorgeous black bat dress is made of 100% cotton and has poppers on the shoulders to do it up. It comes in a range of sizes, from newborn to age 2-3.

If you buy this product you will be supporting a small independent business that is based in the UK but ships to the US at great rates (including free delivery if you spend at least $35).

You can also peruse the other items in the collection - there are pumpkin dresses that are perfect for Halloween, and skeleton reindeer dresses that would look great at Christmas.

This company makes clothes for boys as well as girls, so all your little ones can look fabulous.


This adorable romper is suitable for newborns up to 18 months.

It is made from a cotton blend for maximum comfort, and has a snap closure so you can have easy access for diaper changing. 

The print consists of large, decorative skulls intermingled with delicate pink flowers, achieving a naughty but nice look!

When you purchase this romper, and many of the others in the same range, you will receive a free matching headband. This allows you to accessorize the clothing like a pro.

Your child can wear it both indoors and outdoors, or they can save it for a special occasion such as a birthday party. Be aware that the romper is hand-wash only, to preserve the coloring as much as possible.


Halloween Wednesday Dress

Here is the perfect dress to make your own little Addams family.

Just like Wednesday’s, it is black with a white collar and cuffs and large, statement buttons down the center. 

Although the title suggests Halloween, this is equally ideal for wearing as an everyday outfit, or to other kinds of parties.

It is available from 0 months all the way up to 12 years - if you have kids of different ages, they could all wear it and be matching!

There is an option to add a pair of white tights, or you can just purchase the dress on its own. 

The handmade nature of the dress brings a certain quality to it that is hard to find elsewhere. The price is quite steep, though, so perhaps you could buy it as a birthday or Christmas gift for your little one. 


Just one look at this onesie will make you feel hungry!

Right in the middle of the otherwise plain black front is a pizza slice shaped like a skull, that is somehow just as tantalizing as normal pizza. 

It has pepperoni for the eye sockets, and dripping cheese to form the jaw.

100% cotton makes this outfit super comfortable, especially for those kids who find other materials itchy or unpleasant. It is also very soft, meaning that it is suitable for wearing all day.

The popper closure system makes it easy to slip on and off - ideal for when you need to change a diaper.

The onesie fits on babies up to 2 years old, and the unique design is sure to put a smile on all your relatives’ faces.


Beetleman Baby Joggers

If you’re a fan of creepy crawlies, look no further than these funky joggers.

The design is full of white outlined beetles on a black background with red bat-like shapes - enough to convince even the most squeamish people of their cuteness. 

The pattern changes to black and white striped at the top and bottom ends, which is commonly seen in gothic clothing.

The joggers come in one size only, but since they are miniloones, you can adjust them to fit your child by folding the waistband and the cuffs.

This means that they are a great long-term investment, as they essentially accommodate your baby’s growth over a significant period of time.

Each pair is handmade, so you can be sure that a lot of love and care went into your purchase. 


With this product, you get a whole outfit in one go!

The purchase includes a skull romper, skull pants, skull mittens and stripy hat (there’s definitely a theme going on here…) 

The colors are black and white, so they will look great on any young child; alternatively, you can get the black and blue set which has a headband instead of mittens. Sizes run from 0-24 months.

This outfit is particularly suited to autumn and the colder seasons, since the hat and mittens will keep the wearer warm and cosy.

It is great as a Halloween costume, or simply for casual wear around the house. 

As well as the same print on each piece, the stripy pant cuffs match the hat, so the outfit is perfectly coordinated with itself.


Punk Emo Baby Boots

These wonderful knitted boots can complete any gothic outfit in style.

They are handmade from an acrylic and polyester blend yarn in black and white, and each has a cute large Jack Skellington button on the side. 

You can choose either a solid thick white band at the top or two thinner white bands, and they can only fit babies up to 6 months of age.

The boots are guaranteed to keep any kid’s tiny feet toasty, even in the coolest weather - they will surely prevent chilblains and other cold-related afflictions.

Although they are pictured sitting on a top hat, this is merely for display purposes and doesn’t actually come with the boots.

However, they do represent excellent value for money as they come at a great price to suit any budget.


This is noticeably more sophisticated than most baby rompers, with a unique pleated shape and intricate decoration.

The background is jet black, and there are two large, beautifully embroidered red roses positioned on the front.

These stand out boldly against the main material and bring a sense of luxury to the outfit.

MA&BABY make a wide range of summer-themed rompers, but this one is the only example that could truly be called gothic. The same design also comes in white, although we definitely prefer the black.

As fiddly as it may seem to look at it, the romper is actually very simple to maneuver onto your child using the snap closure system.

The material dries quickly and is breathable, making it easy to wear for long periods of time. 


The Night Is Dark Unisex Baby Shirt

‘The Night Is Dark And Full Of Cats’ is the slogan that cries out from this t-shirt. As all cat lovers know, this is a comforting thought that also carries an air of mystery.

You can almost picture black cats pacing silently through the streets, getting up to all kinds of feline mischief.

A crescent moon surrounds the writing, along with the most adorable cat-bats - cats with bat wings!

This lovely garment is available in sizes from 3 months through 5 years (not suitable for newborns but fits a big range after that).

The t-shirt itself is 100% cotton, with short sleeves and a crew neck for maximum comfort.

All items are handmade to order in a studio where pets are free to roam, so make sure you wash your purchase first if your child has allergies to cats and dogs. 


How adorable is this bat romper outfit for your little one?!

It is definitely perfect for Halloween, as suggested, but it would be just as good for lounging around in and turning the house into their own personal bat-cave. 

The black playsuit-style all-in-one is completed with fabulous bat wings and a hood with bat ears, so they can fulfill all their bat dreams.

There are snaps all the way up the legs and around the groin area, so it is very simple to get undone for when you need to change diapers.

Although it comes in a variety of sizes, not all are available at all times, so you will need to check first, or send a message to the seller.

The range also includes many other Halloween-themed outfits to bring out the inner goth in your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Most Gothic Baby Clothes Made Of Cotton?

Obviously babies and toddlers need to have clothing made from plain materials that are gentle and won’t irritate their growing skin.

This means that the sorts of fabrics you usually see in adult goth clothes, like velvet and lace, are off the table.

Most outfits for kids will be made out of cotton to keep them as comfortable as possible, and gothic outfits are no exception - you want your child to both look and feel their best.

Where Is A Good Place To Look for Gothic Clothing?

Since many mainstream stores don’t stock alternative baby clothing, you will probably need to look online for this.

Etsy is an excellent place to start, as it is full of independent businesses that make products you can’t easily find elsewhere. 

You could also try eBay and Amazon, as these usually have a large range of varied items from different sellers - there is bound to be something there for you! 

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