Love To Dream Swaddle Up Review

Swaddling can feel like a super important skill for new parents. A super important skill that is impossible to master!

With so many parenting experts and other parents insisting that swaddling is essential to help babies sleep and settle well, the pressures that some parents feel is immense.

Thankfully, the Swaddle Up from Love to Dream is available!

Love To Dream Swaddle Up Review

The Swaddle Up finds a fantastic balance between tight, secure swaddling and enough wiggle room to keep fidgety little legs comfortable.

This swaddling blanket puts a modern twist on traditional swaddling by giving babies that little bit extra room to move around.

We found that this Swaddle Up worked a treat for babies that like to sleep with their arms above their head - our fussy baby is now sleeping like a dream!


Love to Dream has developed the Swaddle up with 93% cotton and 7% elastane for great sleep. The cotton content is high enough that the fabric is super breathable to help regulate your baby’s temperature.

You also get the other benefits of cotton, such as it being moisture-wicking, non-allergenic, and super soft which all contribute to your baby’s overall comfort. A comfortable baby is a happy baby after all!

The elastane makes this fabric super stretchy which is also going to help keep your baby comfy. Stretchy fabric allows for a good range of motion which helps your baby learn to self-soothe.

Design Features

The two-way zip on the Swaddle Up is a definite bonus. We found it super easy to change diapers at night without taking all of the swaddling off which means that your baby is less disturbed and able to get back to sleep quickly.

Harness compatibility? Yes, please! The hole in the back means that you can keep the Swaddle Up on when you go out in the car seat.

This is another great design feature that limits how much your baby is disturbed and we found that it helped soothe while we were out and about.

It’s also super cute so we didn’t want to take it off until we had to!

We have already said that we love that our babies can sleep with their hands above their head - it has really made sleeping less stressful!

Love to Dream has designed the Swaddle Up with their trademarked ‘Arms Up’ design which allows some movement whilst swaddled. 

Many babies will not tolerate having their arms restricted to down their sides or across their chest for long periods of time - would you!? - so the Swaddle Up’s winged design lets babies move how they want which is fantastic for self-soothing.

The Swaddle Up was designed with parents in mind. The two-way zipper is super useful and so easy to operate.

If you can operate a zipper, you can swaddle your baby with the Swaddle Up with no need for classes to learn specific wrapping techniques and no hours of practice on anything you can find!

We found it so easy to pop baby in, zip up, and sit back and relax!

Safety Features

Safety is of course paramount for anything intended for baby use and a product with Love to Dream’s safety standards offers real peace of mind.

Swaddle Up is loose enough for some movement, but fits snug enough for reassurance and tight enough that nothing can get loose or undone in the night.

This means that your baby cannot ‘break out’ of their swaddle and any risk of suffocation is significantly reduced. 

We also have to agree with Love to Dream in that ‘arms up’ really does reduce the risk of your baby rolling over as they sleep.

The Swaddle Up is recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as it is designed to allow your baby to move their hips and legs with limited restriction.

This is important for development as too much restriction from swaddling with legs locked straight together significantly increases the risk of hip dislocation and dysplasia.

Extras We Love

We love that this swaddling pouch is available in four sizes - from newborn to small, medium, and large - so that every baby can fit into a Swaddle Up during their swaddling phase.

We also loved the super cute color options. Sure, this is not necessarily an important feature but it certainly helps!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Swaddle My Baby?

It is not essential to swaddle your baby. Some babies are happier without it so there is sometimes no need to bother!

When Do I Stop Swaddling?

The general consensus amongst experts is that swaddling is best done for four to five months. As s your baby gets older, you can start weaning by wrapping them with one or two arms out.

Wait until they are sleeping well for a few nights in a row before stopping the swaddling process completely.

What Are The Benefits Of Swaddling?

One of the best benefits of swaddling babies is that their natural startle reflex is limited, meaning a better sleep for them and for parents!

Swaddling can also help calm fidgety or colicky babies as correct swaddling imitates touch.

Imitating touch will help your baby learn to self-soothe which is an important developmental milestone that will help your baby regulate their moods.

Stephanie Creek