Ollie Swaddle Review

Ollie Swaddle - The Ollie swaddle was created by foster parent Hindi Zeidman to help her young foster child Oliver get to sleep, be comforted, and help with his general wellbeing.

When he arrived, he was underweight, uncommunicative, and struggled to sleep. Nothing seemed to soothe him and other foster parents struggled to look after him.

However, when Hindi took him under her care, she knew she would do whatever she could to make sure that Oliver had a thriving life.

Ollie Swaddle Review

She stated that she tried every model of swaddle available on the market in an attempt to soothe him, but nothing worked. 

She then set out to create her own swaddle. As soon as Oliver used it he started sleeping right through the night, gaining weight and he was catching up on his milestones soon after.

After seeing the success of her swaddle design, she knew that she could help other parents and foster parents around the world, and thus The Ollie World brand was born.

Is The Ollie World A Good brand?

The Ollie World has donated thousands of The Ollie Swaddles across the world to foster carers and infants as they see the importance of giving infants, especially those most vulnerable, the best start in life- and this comes from providing a soothing and relaxing environment, which a good swaddle can provide.

The Ollie Swaddle has undergone multiple safety tests, not only mandatory ones but also voluntary ones, which means as a consumer and parent, you can feel secure purchasing from them.

As a company, The Ollie World is dedicated to providing the highest and safest quality products.

What Makes The Ollie Swaddle Different?

Moisture Wicking Material

Made with moisture-wicking threads interwoven to the fabric of the swaddle to help reduce the risk of your baby overheating or the discomfort of a sweaty night’s sleep.

Customizable Fit

The closures of the swaddle are customizable, meaning your baby can have the tightest or loosest fit, individualized for your baby’s needs.

Diaper Changing Access

What can be really annoying about a swaddle is having to unzip or remove it totally in order to change your baby.

This can make an uncomfortable experience for your baby even more annoying as all that lovely comforting warmth and security is going away when you remove your nice snug swaddle!

With The Ollie, you can open up the bottom so you can change diapers without releasing the swaddle completely.

What Do Parents Say? The Ollie Review

We’ve tried and tested the Ollie and here are our main thoughts on the product, along with those of other parents and caregivers reviews-


  • Customizable fit for all sized babies
  • Moisture-wicking material for a more comfy sleep
  • Access for diaper changing with minimal fuss
  • A safe sleeping environment that can foster better development
  • Stretchy fabric to allow freedom of movement
  • Decreased ability of movement can help foster self-soothing and better sleeping cues
  • Can be used with arms in or out
  • Great if you find your baby regularly wriggles free from their swaddle


  • It’s pretty expensive, especially when there are similar swaddles on the market. If you do decide to get one, you’ll probably purchase a few, which can total up pretty quickly if you want some for in-between washes and in case of sick ups or spills. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is The Ollie Swaddle Sold Out All The Time?

As the swaddles are so popular, they often sell out. This is because their fabric and design are unique and patented. They restock often so it is worth checking their official website often. The Ollie Website

Why Is Swaddling Useful For Babies?

Many experts agree that swaddling correctly provides many therapeutic and relaxing benefits to babies.

It gives them the sense of being contained and cuddled, much like a warm or heavy blanket can do for an adult, and provides neurodevelopmental benefits as babies can get a better more restful sleep, essential for proper development.

What Is The Moro eflex?

When babies have a sudden loss o support or become startled, it can cause them to reflexively throw their arms out and back in, and thrust their head back.

This is a developmental reflex and having a swaddle can help prevent your baby from harming themselves when thrusting their arms out. 

Final Thoughts

The Ollie seems to be a great swaddle that does what it promises.

It was designed to be a solution for difficult babies that struggle to be comforted, and the interchangeable hold makes it good for allowing you to adjust the fit for your baby as they grow. 

It’s definitely on the pricey side, especially when there are similar things available on the market, but if you too find that you haven’t been able to get your baby to settle, this swaddle might be worth checking out.

Stephanie Creek