Precious Minnie Mouse Baby Clothes For Your Little One

Baby clothes can be so precious and cute regardless of what’s printed on them. Their tiny bodies and hands & feet fit into the smallest clothes that we find adorable, so why not treat your little one to an article of baby clothing that amps up the cuteness scale by one thousand percent with Minnie Mouse themed baby clothes!

And what better opportunity to dress your little one in cute clothing than to meet Minnie Mouse herself for the first time. Also, regardless of gender stereotypes, your little one can wear these baby clothes, whether they’re a boy or girl, it doesn’t matter as long as they’re happy right? So if your little boy or girl are fans of Minnie Mouse, they can match with her!


The official Disney store has the most adaptive and cute Minnie Mouse outfit available which features an enchanting bow on the front waistline and elegant beading on the neckline.

The dress is available in a wine red color to match Minnie herself and has sizes ranging from 4 years, 5-6 years, 7-8 years, and 10-12 years so your little one can enjoy the best out of this outfit in their correct age size.

The dress has a peplum-style skirt that kicks out from the waist so your little one can feel like a princess in an enchanted and magical world of wonder every day of the week! 

The dress opens in the back with self-adhesive tab fastenings for an easy dressed up day, also the skirt back can be completely open for easy wheelchair wear making it incredibly inclusive for children with disabilities.

We got one to try out and many co-workers’ daughters were huge fans of this dress because of how magical it made them feel. Any opportunity to feel like a princess should be basked in right?


  • Detachable decorative bow on waist - also machine washable 
  • 100% polyester - excluding the trims 
  • Ankle-length skirt - concealed opening at the front


  • Keep away from fire at all costs - Fabric is polyester


This beautiful Minnie Mouse costume by Disney features a wine red color scheme and has the most adorable white fur trims on the collar and cuffs to make your child’s Christmas an enchanted one!

The skirt also features flitter snowflakes printed on to clash against the crimson color of the dress and match with the white fur trims. The dress comes in sizes 4 years, 5-6 years, 7-8 years, and 9-10 years so your child can be guaranteed a magical Christmas in this costume.

The dress features a stretch back for a comfortable fit all day long so your child can use up all their energy in their favorite dress until bedtime! The body of the dress itself is 100% polyester excluding the trims.

We picked one up for a special little girl ourselves and she fell in love with it! Her favorite Disney character is Minnie Mouse and she’d never been more excited about a dress in her life. 


  • Made from polyester and nylon - For a comfortable fit
  • Features adorable bow - That is removable and washable 
  • Created for Disneyland Paris - Enchanted dress


  • Hand wash only - However not a big deal if rarely worn


This Minnie Mouse tutu candy dress skirt might be the most size-inclusive skirt available out there and Etsy has it available in sizes for newborns of up to 12 months, and children from 1 year all the way through to 10 years old!

Every single child on the planet could wear this tutu and get so much fun out of it. It also comes in three different lengths including 8”, 10”, and 12” so if your little one is growing fast you don’t have to worry about finding a skirt that will accommodate their long legs or height! 

This skirt is so adorable and is the classic trademark Minnie Mouse type costume featuring the traditional red background with small white spots printed over the design. We got one to try out and every relative we offered one to was over the moon with the overall quality and enjoyment that their little ones got out of this skirt tutu. 


  • Flare free netting - Elasticated waistband
  • Handmade by professional - Customized for little children’s comfort
  • Company friendly fabrics and materials sourced - from local sources


  • May have to size up to make it last - Inclusive sizes available make it difficult to make things last longer


Minnie Mouse Baby Dress Light Pink Minnie Mouse Baby Dress

If you’ve been searching for a full-body head-to-toe Minnie Mouse costume for your little one, we may have found the perfect outfit that features every accessory possible!

The outfit is an all in one costume romper princess outfit that features bows, and frills accented with polka dots so your child can feel exactly like their favorite princess and character, Minnie Mouse. The size range included younger newborns from 9-12 months, and children up to 4 years old so any young little one can bask in their fairy tale wonderland dreams with Minnie Mouse by their side. 

We gifted this outfit to one special family member and she was overjoyed because she gets to meet Minnie Mouse in person soon. She was having trouble deciding on an outfit to wear for the special day and we made it 10 times easier to decide with this costume. 


  • Bowknot headband included - Extra accessories available
  • 2 snap design on shoulders - to make it easy to fasten and unfasten
  • Made from polyester and cotton - Soft on the skin


  • Not suitable for a few month old babies - Sizes begin at 9 months old


What’s great about making clothing for children and little ones is that it can be customized easily because the clothes are so small, and handmade is even better so why not treat your little one or a family member to this adorable and precious Minnie Mouse costume and dress, that has been handmade and inspired by Minnie Mouse.

The seller has made this delicate summer-style picnic dress for any child to get enjoyment out of and is suitable for regular wear as well as for special occasions like meeting Minnie Mouse. 

It’s available in sizes from 3 months old to 8 years so we guarantee there is a size available for your little one! We tried a dress out ourselves and the little girl we gifted it to loved it beyond anything she’d ever collected with Minnie Mouse on!


  • A matching headband can be made - If requested 
  • 100% cotton - Delicate on the skin
  • Original design with a twist - Homemade dress


  • Takes 2-3 weeks to dispatch - May not be ideal for some


Celebrate the arrival of a newborn little one with this Christmas special collection of newborn onesies, stockings, and hats in various designs inspired by Minnie Mouse. The collection includes a Disney store Mickey and Minnie festive baby bodysuit and hat, a Minnie baby bodysuit set, a Mickey baby bodysuit set, a Mickey Mouse first baby Christmas stocking, and a Mickey baby blanket and soft toy set.

The collection is also available in various sizes beginning at 0-3 months old and ending at 12- 18 months old so you can be assured your little one can enjoy this Christmas set whether newborn or not.

We bought a set to try out ourselves and our nephews and nieces have never looked more precious! The set is inclusive of various items and is handy in obtaining extra bodysuits around the holidays to keep the little ones warm and cozy. 


  • Size-Inclusive - Many sizes are available
  • Large collection set - Many pieces and toys included 
  • Entirely Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse themed - Sold by Disney


  • Not suitable for children above 18 months old - Limited for above this age group

Precious Minnie Mouse Baby Clothes For Your Little One Buying Guide

Brand Authenticity

When looking for the perfect Minnie Mouse-inspired outfit or costume for your little one, you’ll want to make sure the clothing is authentic to the design of the character.

The trademark polka-dots, and peplum skirt or tutu, with the classic mouse ears, are just some of the characteristics that Minnie Mouse is known for and should be included in your little one’s costume.

Precious Minnie Mouse Baby Clothes For Your Little One


The costume or outfits should be available in various sizes to make it 100% inclusive for your child as they grow. The size chart should also be accurate so you can be sure you’re getting the correct size for your child always. Check it thoroughly and don’t be afraid to ask questions if need be to the seller.

Gender Inclusive

Whilst Minnie Mouse is known for being stereotypically a girl’s favorite character by Disney, she can also be admired by little boys as well so if you want to buy a dress for your little one regardless of any stereotypes, you should be able to do so. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get Minnie Mouse-themed clothes for my toddler?

Yes, you can easily! Most Minnie Mouse-inspired clothing states the sizes in age range so just be sure to find your toddler’s size and you’re on your way to providing your little one with the best costume out there inspired by Minnie Mouse herself. 

Can I dress my baby boy in a Minnie Mouse Costume?

Of course, provided they’re comfortable and happy to wear the costume! Most costumes for baby’s and toddlers are of the same size regardless of gender so buying for your baby boy should be easy as long as they’re happy and comfortable in the baby clothing inspired by Minnie Mouse.

Stephanie Creek