Spooky Nightmare Before Christmas Baby Clothes For Your Little One

Every year on Halloween the craziest and spookiest activity occurs, maybe you’ll spot a ghost in your home, or maybe you’ll spy a strange figure walking down the street, lurking in the shadows to watch your every move.

Or, maybe you’ll spot an adorable, yet spooky Nightmare before Christmas baby costume or outfit at your door full of trick or treaters that will have your heart melting at how cute they are!

Either way, we’ve got you covered with the spookiest Nightmare before Christmas baby clothes to dress your little one up in this year, they’ll be sure to scare the life out of your neighbors and melt their hearts in the process. 

Just try and stop yourself from wanting every pick we have for you in this article, it’ll be scarily weird how much you won’t be able to resist the temptation that these baby clothes leave behind!


If you’re looking for the perfect balance between spooky and adorable for your little one, then try out this Nightmare Before Christmas baby ruffle dress inspired by the film. It’s so precious but has a scary nature to it to please your little one and act as a cute Halloween costume if need be.

The ruffles in this dress are so adorable and the motif of jack and his other half on the front of the dress just makes your heart melt. If your child is a huge fan of the film, then this little dress ensemble is perfect for them and will enlighten your day by how joyful it makes any child. 

We got one to try out and my nephew adored this dress! He’s one for playing around with wearing dresses, and pants and anything his heart contents to, so I was happy to let him get as much joy out of the dress and any other child would, as long as he’s happy!

This Christmas dress also comes with a matching bow separately that matches the one on the ruffles of the dress. 


  • Diverse sizes available - For all baby’s
  • Exchanges are accepted - If need be
  • Different styles available - To suit your baby’s needs


  • Delivery may take some time - However, not a huge issue


The Nightmare Before Christmas Bibs and Burp Cloths - Etsy

You know that feeling when you find an article of clothing so perfect and precious that you have no physical choice but to buy it, regardless of the repercussions? Yeah, we were guilty of it too in this case and we ended up getting our hands on every variation of this Nightmare Before Christmas bib sets to try out and we do not regret a single thing.

Who wouldn’t want to dress their baby head-to-toe in the Nightmare Before Christmas-themed clothing by buying bibs to complete the lunchtime look? Exactly, we couldn’t think of anyone either, so we gave in too!

The motifs on the bibs are just so cute and spooky and they come in packs of 3 or 6 so you can be prepared for any spillage during breakfast or dinner time. If one bib gets tarnished, just switch it out for another until they’ve been washed and the cycle starts again!

They also come in countless color options so if the classic white/cream with black motifs isn’t your thing, then you’ve got a choice of colors to choose from to mix it up.


  • Super Fast Delivery - within a few days
  • Personalization - many colors available
  • Fabulous quality - bibs made to last


  • It may be pricey - however worth the investment


If you thought Nightmare Before Christmas baby clothing couldn't get any cuter, well think again my friend as we’ve found Nightmare Before Christmas baby booties! These booties are an alternative take on goth and emo boots for babies and the theme goes perfectly with the shoes.

They’re more subtle with the print and motifs so they can be easily worn for any occasion and are worth the investment, so your baby can get a pair of booties for daily wear, not just Halloween themed or Christmas themed. They’re made from acrylic yarn and fleece to protect your child’s skin and keep them warm and cozy at the same time.

The skeleton motifs and attachments are adorable and add the perfect amount of spooky elements to the shoes without overdoing it if you catch our drift? So much time and effort have gone into making these spooky baby booties and it’s worth getting your child a pair with how long they will last. 


  • Wide Size range - Comes in sizes from 0-3 months to 9-12 months old
  • 100% Acrylic - Pigments are good quality
  • Hand made - With love


  • Addictive - Be warned you may buy impulsively! 


There is nothing more precious in life than wrapping a beautiful bundle of joy in a swaddle blanket so they can sleep easy and be admired by mum watching them obsessively because that’s just what us mum’s do.

And it’s even better when you can get your hands on a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed swaddles blanket and matching headband or cuffed beanie for your little one to look cute in! The colors in this blanket have been inspired by the film and the prints and marking too!

We think the matching headband just pushed us over the edge when we bought a set and we were gushing over how cute they were for days! 

The sizes available range from newborn to 0-3 months so swaddle your baby away with this cute set! It’s handmade and is made from cotton spandex knit which is the most delicate material possible for a blanket that is designed to be skin tight to a baby’s precious little form. 


  • Exchanges available - If not pleased with the product
  • Delivery is fast - Within a week or so
  • 100% cotton spandex knit - gentle on delicate skin


  • Thin fabric - however, can be layered on top of


We really didn’t think baby onesies could get any cuter, and then we found this Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington baby outfit and we were yet again proved wrong.

But we don’t mind as it’s so spooky and precious at the same time we desperately wanted to get our hands on one! And the best part yet...the onesie has a full hood with the skeleton motif on! Do we need to say more? 

The romper is super cute and would make a perfectly spooky Halloween or Christmas outfit for your little one to enjoy themselves in! We got our hands on one and it made for a fantastic baby shower gift and was the show stopper of the event!

All the mums fell in love with this onesie as did we and we were asked time and time again where we got it from. This could be you!



  • Shipping may vary - depending on location


Pajamas are a fun way to play around with including your children’s favorite characters and movies, the motifs can be easily found and we’ve made the search even easier with this Nightmare Before Christmas pajama set of 2.

One has the main Jack Skellington motif on the front with striped arms, and the other is a grey background wash, with smaller motifs from the film sprinted all over it!

These onesie sets are made from 100% ribbed knit including 60% cotton, and 40% polyester to provide optimum comfort and stretch ease for your little one as they grow.

There is an ankle to chin side zip included and a safety neck tab for the zipper pull to ensure your little one is safe in the outfit whilst wearing it and able to get out of it in a safe way. 


  • Machine Washable - easy to take care of 
  • 2 pack - one can be in the wash whilst the other is worn
  • Perfect for sleepovers - and great baby shower gift


  • Must wash cold - not a big issue or sacrifice to make

Buying Guide

Motifs And Prints

When searching specifically for a Nightmare Before Chrismas-themed outfit or baby clothes for your little one, it has to be the perfect amount of spooky and cute!

The motifs have to be included to make it like the film and the color range must be black, white, and greys, right? Don;y settle for less and make sure you’re getting genuine Nightmare Before Christmas motifs on your baby clothes. 

Quality Fabrics 

When buying for the little one you want to make sure that the fabrics used are 100% gentle and delicate on your baby’s skin to relieve them of any irritations or harsh chemicals. Just check before buying to be sure you’re getting a piece of clothing 100% safe, usually, they are but it’s best to be sure.

Spooky Nightmare Before Christmas Baby Clothes For Your Little One

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise?

Many retailers online provide and sell film-based merchandise for quality prices and garments, sites usually state the exact details of the product so you know if you’re getting a piece of baby clothing inspired by the correct film or not.

And if you’re a huge fan of the film, you’ll know from appearances what’s accurate and what’s not.

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