The Cutest Leopard Print Baby Clothes

Buying clothes for your little one is one of the best things about being a parent. Babies are cute enough as it is, but the option to dress them in whatever clothes you like makes them even more adorable.

We all know that leopard print is one of the most popular patterns in the adult fashion world. This means that babies can (and should) have the opportunity to run the catwalk in a similar pattern!

Whether it’s to ensure your baby keeps up with the latest trends or to start them off as an animal lover at a young age, here are the cutest leopard print baby clothes! 


Baby Knotted Gown and Turban

What’s more adorable than wrapping your little one in a soft, leopard print knotted gown?

Made from a super soft and breathable material that is likened to swaddle blankets, this knotted gown allows for a comfortable sleep thanks to its stretchy material - providing enough room for growth and moving in the bassinet. The knotted bottom also allows for room to grow.

As well as this, the leopard print gown comes with a matching turban to keep your little one’s head warm and protected. Plus, it makes them look fabulous. 


Leopard Print Newborn Girl Coming Home Outfit

What better way to celebrate the arrival of your newborn girl than to organize an adorable and stylish fashion shoot?

This sweet outfit is ideal for bringing a newborn home and commemorating the moment with a cute fashion shoot, especially if the mom is the queen of leopard print herself!

This gorgeous outfit consists of a loose-fitting and soft gown complete with a stylish ruffle bottom, along with a matching bonnet or boutique-like headwear.

All pieces are made from a soft and breathable cotton to allow for maximum comfort. 


Leopard Print Baby Romper

Once your baby becomes more curious about the world around them, they’re going to be crawling around to explore.

If your baby seems to be particularly adventurous, dress them up in this adorable leopard print romper to help them crawl around on the floor with ease.

And for the pleasure of the parents, the leopard print design makes your baby look like an animal lover from day one!

This breathable and soft cotton romper comes with a matching stretchy headband and a sweet t-shirt that goes underneath, reading the words “Strong Girl Club”. 


3 Piece Leopard Fleece Baby Set

Picture this: it’s winter, snowing outside, and you want to have a photo shoot with your baby without making them freeze.

This fluffy leopard print 3-piece set - consisting of a long sleeved cardigan, a dress, and a matching headband - is ideal for keeping your little one warm and adorably fashionable.

Pair this with some wooly tights and sweet boots and you’ve got yourself a perfect winter baby outfit.

Made of a polyester and spandex mix, the fabric is designed to stretch alongside your baby’s growth and movement to prevent rubbing and chafing. 


Leopard Print Baby Bodysuit

Bodysuits are ideal for newborns and young babies. While they don’t offer as much room for growth compared to a dress or skirt, bodysuits are easy to put on, comfy to wear, and don’t roll up by the feet.

This particular leopard print bodysuit is both adorable and practical, making it ideal for playing with your baby.

Plus, the zipper conveniently runs from the neck down to one ankle on the bodysuit, allowing for easy diaper changes.

It also features fold-over cuffs to keep your baby’s hands warm and free from scratching.


Pink Leopard Print Tracksuit

2-piece sets aren’t just exclusive to adults. This adorable tracksuit consists of a soft pink hoodie (complete with a leopard print heart) and leopard print bell bottoms, making for brilliant casual wear for babies aged between 9 and 24 months.

Not only is this outfit adorable for parents to look at, but it’s also comfortable for your little one to crawl around in!

This tracksuit 2-piece set is made of a breathable and soft cotton material that runs true to size.

As this outfit doesn’t offer too much room for growth, parents should consider buying a size bigger than usual to allow for a longer lifespan of the outfit. 


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If you want your baby’s outfit to offer a hint of leopard print as a stylish accessory pattern (rather than a pattern across the whole piece of clothing), check out this sweatshirt and pants combo.

The long-sleeved sweatshirt comes in an autumnal brown fabric, which pairs beautifully with the brown of leopard print patterned pants.

These pants are loose fitting but not baggy, allowing for complete comfort and freedom of movement.

To top it all off, this set comes with a leopard print headband to match with the pants!


Leopard Print 3-piece Set

If you’re a mom with a passion for leopard print, or perhaps you know of a fashionable mom, check out this adorable and sassy leopard print 3-piece set.

This set consists of a leopard print skirt (technically a skort design for extra diaper protection), a matching headband, and a white t-shirt that reads “I got it from my mama”. It’s cute, sassy, and oh-so fashionable!

This 3-piece set is made of a polyester and cotton mix to allow for breathability, flexibility, and enough room for growth. 


Maroon Christmas Leopard Romper

Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean it’s not time for leopard print. This delightful romper features a maroon body with leopard print sleeves and legs, complete with a cute Christmas tree design on the front. The romper also features stylish ruffles at the bottom of the legs.

This romper is made of a soft and breathable polyester and cotton mix, and is complete with pop-open buttons around the crotch and legs for easy diaper changes. 


Baby Girl Coming Home Leopard Print Outfit

If you’re about to bring your little one home, or perhaps you know someone who’s got a newborn baby, check out this adorable 3-piece set.

This set consists of leopard print pants, a white bodysuit complete with a personalized name, and a matching leopard print headband.

Plus, buyers have the option to buy the pants, bodysuit, headband, or even a leopard print hat separately or all together


Leopard Cartoon Bodysuit

So this outfit isn’t technically a leopard print one, but it’s still earned its place on our list for its adorable leopard cartoon!

This is a white short sleeved bodysuit that features an illustration of a leopard sleeping on a tree branch, complete with a personalized name. It can also come in blue, pink, or gray depending on preference.

The short sleeved design and lightweight cotton material makes this bodysuit ideal for your baby to sleep and nap in during summer.


Leopard Print Soft Bummies and Bow

These adorable leopard print bummies are ideal for your little one to enjoy the summer temperatures without overheating.

The bummies are lightweight, soft, stretchy, and fit nicely around the hips to prevent them from falling down. Pair this with a black or white t-shirt or bodysuit and you’ve got yourself a stylish-looking kid!

These bummies also come with an adorable matching bow to complete the look. 


Personalized Leopard Bodysuit

Leopard print can be used as a statement pattern accessory on even the simplest of clothing designs. If you’re looking for simplicity, check out this short sleeved black bodysuit, adorned with the initials of your child in a leopard print monogram.

Not only does this add a subtle bit of leopard to your baby’s wardrobe, but it also allows for an individualized and unique bodysuit that is only suitable for your little one!

For the ease of diaper changing, this bodysuit features pop-up buttons around the crotch area. 

The Cutest Leopard Print Baby Clothes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Babies Wear Leopard Print?

There’s no rule book on what patterns and designs a baby can or cannot wear. It ultimately comes down to what the parent wants the baby to wear, because a baby won’t notice whether something is in-season or not!

Leopard print can be an adorable pattern for baby clothing. Not only is leopard print an undying fashion statement in the adult world, but for children, it creates an animal-loving outfit that is ideal for the adventurous little ones.

Plus, if the baby’s mom wears leopard print, this allows for an adorable matching combination!

Is Leopard Print Masculine Or Feminine?

Technically speaking, no pattern is inherently masculine or feminine. However, according to the history of fashion, leopard print has mostly been considered a feminine pattern found predominantly on handbags and accessories.

Despite this, leopard print can still be worn as a statement pattern across all genders and ages.

What does wearing leopard print mean?

For adults, leopard print is an eye-catching pattern that symbolizes confidence, independence, sexuality, and sass.

However, the pattern can also mean that the wearer is a friend to animals, as it celebrates the beautiful markings of leopards without endangering the actual species.

This is why leopard print is also often worn by animal-loving kids and teenagers.

Stephanie Creek