The Cutest Sox This Side Of Boston: The Most Adorable Baby Clothes Based On The Boston Red Sox

Seeing as baseball is considered to be one of America’s favorite pastimes, it is no surprise that parents have the option to turn their little ones into mini baseball super-fans with their choice of outfits!

The Boston Red Sox’s are the go-to team for many baseball fans, and when you consider their stats, it is easy to see why.

The team is consistently one of the top Major League Baseball teams, they have broken record after record during their time, and their rivalry with the New York Yankees has become a legendary one that will go down in professional sporting history!

There is a wide range of baby clothing available that allows parents to express their love for the Boston Red Sox whilst introducing their kids to the world of Major League Baseball, so let’s take a look at some of the most adorable options.

The Major League Baseball Official Online Shop

The official Major League Baseball online store offers a wide range of baby clothing relating to different teams, including the Boston Red Sox.

We’re going to be looking at a few of these super cute baby outfits that the shop offers. Let’s get started. 


Newborn And Infant Nike Red Boston Red Sox Official Jersey Romper

This adorable baby jersey- which is also an official Nike Boston Red Sox romper- is simple yet stylish, featuring the official “Red Sox” text graphics and the Nike tick.

The jersey is bright, eye-catching, and colored in Red Sox red (because of course it is!) as well as being incredibly practical too thanks to the convenient snap button closures at the bottom and the neck to allow for quick and easy diaper changes.

The tagless collar and sewn-on trim also make for maximum comfort for your little Red Sox fan!


Navy Red Boston Red Sox Shining All Star

This particular option is a super cute and sweet option for a baby girl (though of course, any of these options would be adorable on any gender!) thanks to the cute, frilly, ruffle capped short sleeves.

This bodysuit comes in a set of two, with two different designs and two colors.

The navy blue bodysuit has text that reads “Today Will Be A Home Run!” whilst the red bodysuit has a simple “B” in the style of the official Red Sox logo.

The red suit has a blue lining, whilst the blue has a red lining, making for some cute mixing and matching of color palettes.

The suits are functional as well thanks to the two snap buttons on the back and the three snap buttons on the bottom of each outfit. 


Navy Red Gray Boston Red Sox Born To Win

For a wider variety of Red Sox baby bodysuits, this set of three is a great choice.

These suits have three different colors and three different designs: a red suit with an image of the Red Sox mascot- Wally the Green Monster- on it, a navy blue suit with text that reads “#Go Red Sox!”, and a gray suit with that classic Red Sox “B” on the front.

As with the other rompers that the MLB online shop offers, these rompers are also functional for your little ones thanks to the three snap buttons at the bottom near the diaper area.

They also feature tagless collars and a lap shoulder neckline for further convenience. 


Navy Red White Boston Red Sox Future Number One

Another brilliant choice for passing on the Boston Red Sox fan baton to the next generation is this three-pack of suits.

These outfits are similar to the other three-pack we mentioned, but they have different designs and trims around the neck and the bottom areas.

The red suit has the Red Sox logo- which is, unsurprisingly, a pair of red socks- inside a baseball mitt-, the white suit has that sublimated striped baseball jersey style with “Boston B” on the front and the navy blue suit says “Born to Be a Red Sox Fan” with some cute baseball bat and ball cartoon-like designs.

The white jersey is one that will be particularly appealing to parents who are fans of the Red Sox, as it looks like a miniature baseball outfit!

Each suit has short sleeves- making them great for a day at the ballpark in the warm weather-, a tagless collar, lap-shoulder necklines, and three snap buttons at the bottom. 


White Pink Boston Red Sox Princess Bodysuit And Tutu Leggings

Red Sox moms and dads are sure to fall in love with this adorable outfit to turn your little princess (or prince!) into the ultimate Red Sox fan.

They will also look like an absolute dream in the process! This suit comes in two pieces: a bodysuit and a pair of baby leggings with a tutu embellishment sewn in.

The bodysuit is mostly white with pink trims around the bottom and more pink trims around the neckline alongside pink short sleeves.

The suit reads “Little Princess” and has the Red Sox “B” printed underneath. The accompanying leggings are covered in cute pink and purple flower motifs.

The centerpiece of the outfit is the pink, ruffled tutu that is sewn onto the leggings. This is an outfit that is sure to please both Red Sox fans and kids who love to have that princess look!

This outfit comes with three-snap button closure on the bottom and two snap button closures on the back of the neck.

Make sure to keep an eye on your little one when they are wearing this outfit to ensure that the tutu embellishment doesn’t get caught on anything!


White Navy Boston Red Sox Greatest Lil Player Bodysuit, Pants, And Knit Hat

For a Red Sox baby outfit that is more suitable for the colder months, consider this adorable bodysuit with matching pants and a matching hat.

The main bodysuit element of this set is white with Red Sox decal on it- including navy blue trims- whilst the knitted hat and pants are also that signature navy blue.

The pants are footed- making for extra warmth for their tiny toes- and also elasticated to ensure maximum comfort and an easy fit.

The bodysuit has a lap shoulder neckline and three snap buttons at the bottom for easy access.

The baby cap has two little ears sticking out of the top too- looking a little like puppy dog ears- for a little dash of extra adorableness!

This suit is available in sizes from 0 to 3 months, 3 to 6 months, and 6 to 9 months. 


Navy Boston Red Sox Play Your Best Bodysuit, Bib And Booties

This super cute outfit would be suitable for a boy or a girl, and it has one of the cutest looks thanks to the bodysuit with a ruffled skirt attachment as well as the matching bib and booties.

The bodysuit of the outfit is mostly navy but is adorned with red and white stars and love hearts, red trims around the sleeves and neck, a red bottom with blue trims, and three-snap button closure.

The suit also has white text that reads “LOVE” with an image of those iconic red socks in the center.

The bib is navy blue and has the Red Sox “B” on it as well as those stars and hearts and red trims. 

The baby booties also have this navy color scheme and red trims. The suit features a keyhole opening on the back and faux layers to allow for easy access.

On top of all that, the bib is reversible and has a hook and loop closure system to make this easy to attach as well. The booties are also the cutest thing we have ever seen.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the Red Sox themed baby outfits that are available outside of the official MLB website. 


Born A Fan Baby One-Piece By Corbrand On Redbubble

Redbubble is a great place to find all manner of customized baby outfits, including outfits themed around the Red Sox baseball team.

This particular outfit is simple, but it gets the point across! This baby one-piece outfit is a dark navy blue whilst the text is in a bold red with white outlining, in accordance with the dark navy, red and white color scheme of the team.

However, you can choose the color to suit your own needs or just opt for a full-on Red Sox color palette if you would rather!

The text reads, “Born A Red Sox, Just Like Mom”. The one-piece is available in long or short sleeves and features lapped shoulder seams which make for easy dressing.


This simple but super cute onesie has a basic “Red Sox” label on the front with a cartoon baseball alongside it, but it comes in a wide variety of colors, allowing you to pick whichever you would prefer for your little one.

The colors that you can select from include gray, blue, pink, and white. You can opt for no sleeves or long sleeves, and the suit is also available as a onesie or as a romper all-in-one style bodysuit.

It also features that handy element that we have seen in most of the Red Sox baby clothing options we have talked about so far: the always useful three snap button closure.

The organic material from which it is made also makes for a onesie that will be kind to your baby’s skin.


This bodysuit has an adorable style that would be perfect for summer outings when the weather is warmer, perhaps even at a baseball game!

This romper suit has the official team colors and logo and is sleeveless with short legs, making it look a little like a swimsuit.

Made from 100 percent cotton and with a strong summer vibe, this romper suit is a cute and practical addition to any baby wardrobe as a well as the perfect way to show off your little baseball star!


Cute, simple, and stylish, this Red Sox themed baby dress is gray and has those iconic red socks on the front as well as navy blue stripes on the sleeves and pockets (which have red trims).

The elasticated waist means it is certain to be a comfortable outfit for your little one that subtly supports the Red Sox.

The dress is made from 40 percent polyester and 60 percent cotton and is best suited for babies of 18 months as well as older children of around toddler age. 


Much like the mommy Red Sox fan themed one-piece suit from Redbubble, this suit lets everyone know which parent is the devoted baseball fan whilst also offering an adorable and practical baby outfit.

The text on the onesie reads “My Daddy and I are Red Sox Fans!” and there are multiple colors available, including white, light pink, gray, green, and black.

The onesie has short sleeves and is another that utilizes efficient snap button closure.


The rivalry between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees is one that has been ongoing for decades, and this particular baby onesie revels in the tense nature between the two MLB teams thanks to the text that reads “Is It Just Me or the Yankees Stink?!”.

This bright red onesie also features three snap button closures and is probably best worn when not in the presence of a Yankees fan!!


In the same vein as the above onesie, this baby outfit also pokes fun at New York Yankees fans in a teasing and playful manner.

The text on the front reads, “I’m Too Cute to Be A Yankees Fan!”. The navy blue onesie has a cartoon baseball on the front alongside this anti-Yankee text!

This is another onesie that isn't to be taken seriously, acting as a fun joke that makes fun of the well-known competition between the two teams.

Again, it has three button snap closures and has short sleeves, but it is also available as a toddler t-shirt for slightly older little ones. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will Baby Clothes Last For?

The short answer is, not very long. The average growth rather of a baby can fluctuate, but it ranges from around a pound and a half to two pounds following the first month.

On top of that, babies can also grow from an inch to an inch and a half every month.

This rapid growth needs to be taken into consideration when purchasing baby clothes, as it means that they won’t last a huge amount of time before your baby grows out of them.

Plan accordingly and you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money to accommodate for your little one’s growth spurts. 

The Cutest Sox This Side Of Boston: The Most Adorable Baby Clothes Based On The Boston Red Sox

What Sort Of Budget Should Be Put Aside For Baby Clothes?

This differs from person to person depending on income, but having a baby is an expensive time for anyone and everyone.

There are certain essentials that need to be considered with childcare such as diapers, baby formula, a crib, and, of course, clothing.

Put aside a budget that is at least equal with these other necessities to ensure that you always have exactly what is needed. If your budget demands it, stick to the essentials for the time being in terms of clothing!

Are Materials And Fabrics An Important Factor To Consider When Purchasing Baby Clothes?

Yes! This is definitely something that needs to be taken into account before you purchase clothes for your baby.

It can be difficult not to want to jump straight into the super cute outfits that are available for little ones but make sure to check exactly what each one is made from first.

Babies have particularly sensitive skin and so, you will want to avoid any abrasive material that could potentially cause irritations and rashes.

This is the case even more so when it comes to newborn babies, whose skin is incredibly sensitive, hence why there are specific shampoos, body washes, and other toiletries just for babies.

Fabrics such as rayon- which is made from bamboo- and soy based fabrics like azlon are great for baby skin, as is cotton, particularly the organic kind.

Outfits with an array of bright colors can contain fluorescent agents which can irritate the skin, as can materials such as nylon.

Read the material's section very closely when purchasing outfits for your baby to make sure that you know exactly what everything is made from.

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