Video Game Baby Clothes For Future Gamers

We are arriving at a point in time where kids who grew up with video games are now all grown up and having kids of their own. With more and more gamer geeks getting older and starting families, a whole new phenomenon has come to the fore: the baby gamer!

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Some babies are just destined to become gamers when they get bigger thanks to having a game-obsessed mom, dad, or both. They might have even have gamer grandparents too!

Whether it is Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, or the PC, gaming has become a hobby that is more popular than ever and so- as with all things that are inherently popular- you can be sure that there is tons of merchandise related to gaming alongside merchandise for the actual consoles, computers, and games themselves.

This includes gaming clothes for babies to appeal to all the gamer parents out there! If you find yourself longing for some cute gaming-themed baby clothes to dress up your little one whilst indulging them in a hobby of your own, then we are here to help! We are going to be looking at some of the best- and cutest- baby clothes that are sure to turn your little monster into a future gamer. 

We are kicking off this list of video game-themed baby clothes for future gamers with some outfits that are all inspired by one game franchise in particular: Super Mario.

Mario has been a staple in the video game industry since his creation back in 1985 and he is still going strong today, with his latest game, Bowser’s Fury (a short, standalone adventure that came paired with the Nintendo Switch port of the 2013 game Super Mario 3D World) releasing in February 2021.

Mario’s legacy has stood the test of time and is likely to continue to do so. Tons of kids who grew up with Mario now have kids of their own and if you are yourself a hardcore fan, some of these outfits would be a perfect way to introduce your baby to a character and game series that is important to you!

Even if you are just a casual fan, you are sure to at least enjoy these outfits a little thanks to their straight-up adorable nature. Let’s take a look at the best Mario babywear we could find!


You don't get any more iconic than Mario in terms of video game characters/ legends and this short-sleeved bodysuit is sure to be an adorable addition to any baby’s wardrobe as well as a treat for Nintendo and Super Mario fans.

The bodysuit comes in either red or green so that you can choose from Mario or Luigi and it even comes with a super cute cap- red for Mario and green for Luigi- as worn by the Italian plumbers throughout the Super Mario series of games.

This cute getup is also incredibly practical thanks to the snap button closure to allow for easy diaper access and the lap shoulders which make for easy dressing. 


Whilst we are on the subject of the mustachioed Nintendo mascot, there is also a three-pack bodysuit set with some more general Mario-themed designs. These three designs also come in three separate colors: red, grey, and black.

The red bodysuit features images of six iconic characters from the Mario series: Mario, Luigi, Toad, Bowser, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong and Yoshi have their own video game series’s with Nintendo as well so even if you aren’t the biggest Mario fan but enjoy the Yoshi or Donkey Kong games, then this suit would be perfect for your little one!

The black suit has a “Power Up” slogan on it and features Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi as well as the infamous star and fire flower power-ups from the Mario series. The grey design features Mario and Luigi and has text that says “What’s Up Bro?” across the front.

If you have two baby boys, matching versions of this bodysuit would be amazingly adorable! Much like the previous Mario bodysuit, these ones also have a snap button closure and are machine washable. 


Still not enough to satiate your inner Mario fan? Consider this pack of five baby bodysuits for your little gamer!

These include the red Mario bodysuit we mentioned at the beginning of this list as well as a brown, Donkey Kong bodysuit, a green Yoshi bodysuit, a white outfit with a mixture of characters and items from the Mario game on it- including goombas and question mark blocks- and also a red outfit with more Mario characters emblazoned on the front. 

Any of these bodysuits would be a fantastic choice for parents who are fans of Nintendo and the Mario series and who might want to introduce their children to the characters at a young age.  


It would seem that the Super Mario series is a highly popular choice when it comes to baby clothing, as we have found even more outfits for a little one based around the Nintendo mascot.

This outfit would be best suited for a dress-up session rather than an everyday outfit, but that doesn’t make it any less adorable. This precious outfit is one size only and fits babies from 0 to 6 months old, intended as a prop costume to use for photoshoots.

The handmade, crocheted nature of the outfit makes it feel all the more charming, with a hat and overalls combo in Mario’s trademark bright blue and vibrant red color palette that looks ripped straight from the game itself.

Whilst this outfit is more of a novelty than a practical clothing item for a baby, it is still incredibly cute and a must-have for Mario fans to introduce their little ones to the character in a unique and somewhat hilarious way!


Princess Peach Crochet Baby Costume by CroShei on Etsy

We have indulged in all of this talk about Mario, Luigi, and their friends, but we have yet to even mention the heroine of the series: Princess Peach. Peach is known for her bright pink princess dress, flowing blonde hair, and golden crown.

She is the epitome of the pretty pink princess character, which makes for a gorgeous baby outfit! Much like the previous crochet baby outfit we talked about, this Princess Peach crochet dress is more of a dress-up item rather than a practical piece of baby clothing.

That being said, it is the cutest outfit you are sure to find based on a video game character! The creator- Cro Shei on Etsy- has gone out of their way to create a design that is not only accurate to the character, but also sure to cause a whole lot of “ahhhhing” if you dress up your baby in it!

The dress is made from a few different shades of pink and has some great attention to detail in regard to Peach’s actual dress in the games, such as the blue broach with the golden lining on the chest of the dress, the darker pink ruffles and frills, and even a tiny pink pair of princess shoes and a golden crown!

There are four different sizes available for this gorgeous Princess Peach dress: 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, and 9 to 12 months so that no matter how old your baby might be, you can get the size that will fit them perfectly!


Super Babio Baby Vest by FunkyGifts4u on Etsy

Some fun and kind of ridiculous wordplay next with this Super Mario-themed baby vest. If you are a fan of both the Super Mario series and well-executed puns, then this is definitely the baby outfit that you need in your life.

The onesie vest comes equipped with envelope shoulders as well as three nickel-free poppers allowing for easy access in the likely event of accidents. 


Last but not least, this Mario-themed bodysuit is sure to get a laugh from moms and dads who forced their little brothers to play as Luigi growing up. Any younger siblings who played Mario with their elders will be able to relate to this struggle too.

This bodysuit features a green Luigi hat motif on the front and is great in that it comes in various colors: black, grey, white, pink, and light blue. It is made from premium, pre-shrunk cotton that is wonderfully smooth for the skin of a baby.

The suit is short-sleeved with lap shoulders and is available in four different sizes: 6 m, 12 m, 18 m, and 24 m. It also never lets your little ones forget that the oldest sibling always gets Mario! That is just gamer law, and it cannot be changed. 

Next up, we are going to look at some general gaming baby clothes that are an excellent choice for gaming parents looking to indulge in their hobby whilst dressing their kids accordingly.


Gamer in Training One Piece Bodysuit by CWHandmadeCrafts on Etsy

A super simple yet super cute option, this one-piece suit is pretty self-explanatory! It would make a great onesie for a little one with gaming parents who plan to introduce their baby to the world of video games.

This onesie is made to order and is available in five different sizes: 0 to 3 months (up to 9lbs); 3 to 6 months (10 to 16lbs); 6 to 12 months (17-20lbs); 12 to 18 months (21 to 24lbs) and 18 to 24 months (25 to 27lbs).

You also have the choice of long sleeves or short sleeves too, so there is a lot of customization available with this particular gaming onesie. 


Destiny Little Light Inspired Onesie by QT Printing on Etsy

Fans of the sci-fi first-person shooter game Destiny are sure to love this adorable onesie for their little one. The design printed on the onesie is that of a “Ghost” which- in the Destiny game- are little, sapient machines that are able to wield Light as Guardians that support heroes in battle.

The “Little Light” text on the onesie is not only related to the nature of “Light” in the game, but it also relates to your little ones themselves who is surely the little light of your life! This is a must-have for gaming parents who are particularly fond of the Destiny game franchise. 


Video Game Baby Clothes For Future Gamers

Once you have begun to start a family, it could be argued that children are the expansion pack to the main game that is the parents! This baby shirt enforces that message loud and clear and adorable fashion.

There is a ton of customization to be had with this simple and sweet gamer baby t-shirt, with fabric, color, and size all able to be chosen specifically to perfectly fit your little expansion pack baby. 


Game Boy Adventure Old School Tattoo Baby Onesie by MyLittleStarshine on Etsy

It may sometimes feel like a handheld console from a time long past, but the Nintendo Game Boy is a classic that most gamers hold dear to their hearts and remember fondly.

If you want to hold on to the memories of your Game Boy, then this Game Boy onesie could be a brilliant choice for your little one.

The “adventure” motif with the flowers and plants in the background is reminiscent of a tattoo design, so you could also decide to get this tattoo and then have your baby matching with you (if you are a super fan, of course!). Bring retro gaming back to the new generation with this super cute onesie


Printed Pokémon Baby Grow Vest by Atelier Yuveria on Etsy

Whilst we are on the subject of old-school Nintendo, this Pokemon printed onesie is sure to bring you back to the days of playing the Pokemon games on the Game Boy whilst rushing back from school to catch the anime series after a long day of trading Pokemon cards with your friends!

The design of this onesie utilizes the earlier art style of the franchise that could be found on both the trading cards and the video game box art for the Pokemon games. The image on the onesie captures a sweet moment with the main trainer from the games- Red- cuddling his Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Pikachu.

This particular onesie is sized best for babies aged from 3 to 6 months and would be perfect for Pokemon fans of any age to dress their little ones in whilst sharing a beloved childhood memory with them. 


Mommy’s Little Gaming Princess Onesie by GlitzandKhaos on Etsy

If you are a mom who loves to game- specifically on the PC- then this onesie could be an excellent choice for your baby! Although the text on the front states that the wearer of this onesie is “Mommy’s Little Gaming Princess”, there is nothing stopping any baby from wearing it, no matter what their gender!

Girls and gaming have often been something that is underappreciated, but the past decade or so has shown a vast improvement in terms of women being represented in the gaming industry.

There has also been an influx of women playing games too. There are plenty of baby outfits that relate to gamer dads, so it is nice to see some gaming moms represented as well! Big respect to all the gaming moms (and dads) out there.

You can select a few different sizes as well as pick your own personalization with your very own gamer tag that can be added to the onesie to further share your gaming persona with your kids. 


The Legend of Zelda Personalized Baby Onesie by BrandoBellas

Another iconic Nintendo franchise, The Legend of Zelda is another that is sure to be a favorite of gaming parents everywhere and this onesie would be a brilliant choice of outfit for your baby as it can be personalized with any name you so choose!

Start your little one’s adventure and let them become a legend like Link and Zelda with this outfit! A must-have for fans of the adventure gaming series. 


Call of Duty: Warzone Gulag Champion Baby Grow by Spicetag on Etsy

Fans of the battle royale game Call of Duty: Warzone are sure to love this baby grow, which crowns your little one as the champion of the Gulag. The Gulag is a way that players can get back into the fight via a one on one battle after being killed in Warzone.

Only the strongest and most skilled get out of the Gulag alive, and so this onesie is sure to make your friend’s babies quiver in fear when they behold your tiny ultimate Gulag champion! 


Animal Crossing New Horizons Baby Shirt by AshleyPaigeCustoms

One of the biggest video games of 2020 was Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch, where you can create an adorable villager and move them into their own island inhabited by cute and cuddly animal companions!

This shirt features Tommy and Timmy Nook, two raccoon brothers who are also the sons of the money-grabbing raccoon tycoon Tom Nook, but you won’t have to worry about it setting you back too many bells!  There is also the option to customize the shirt, replacing the “A New Villager” text with your baby’s name. 


Sticking with the Animal Crossing theme, this adorable cloth diaper features all of those cute animal critters from the New Horizons game that we mentioned earlier.

From Isabelle to KK Slider, you will find all of the adorable animals here and perfectly placed to cover your baby’s toosh. With adjustable rise snaps, a leak-resistant tummy flap, and the option of a disposable insert, a replaceable absorbent insert, or a fitted diaper, this is a versatile piece of clothing, as well as a gamers dream for their little one. 


This particular baby one piece would be great for a newborn or as a tease to announce that a new addition to your family is on the way! Gamer parents are sure to enjoy this particular choice thanks to the simple yet effective design that shows off their gaming pride whilst offering a practical and unique baby outfit.

With easy access thanks to the lap shoulder neckline and made from stretchy and durable cotton, this is baby onesie is an excellent choice. 


Make your intentions completely clear with this “Future Gaming Buddy” baby onesie. This one is pretty self-explanatory and simple,, but it is undeniably cute and a must-have for gamer parents.

The great thing about this onesie is that it also comes with a matching bib. There are also tons of different colors to choose from: pink, blue, yellow, white, and green. 


This romper suit has a joke that only true gamers will understand! The combination of black and bright green text is also eye-catching and of course, that lag joke is sure to get a few laughs out of any fellow gamers.

Or just anyone who deals with lagging internet on a daily basis. The romper suit is 100% cotton- making for a soft experience for your baby- and can be personalized as well for a little bit of an extra personal touch. 


Xbox fans will be well aware of what is being referenced in this one-piece baby outfit! Congratulations on gaining that achievement with the beautiful new addition to your family. You can just hear that iconic pop-up sound now.

The baby one-piece suit- that can also double as a t-shirt for a toddler- comes in four different colors: black, red, purple, blue, and green- so that you can show off your greatest achievement with some fun and in a way that suits the gaming elements of your personality!

Frequently Asked Questions

Video Game Baby Clothes For Future Gamers

Where Can I Find Video Game-themed Baby Clothes?

With a generation of gaming kids growing up and starting their own families, it is easier than ever to find clothing for babies that is directly related to gaming! You can search for it in general stores or online, but Etsy is a great option to find custom-made gaming apparel for your little one.

Much like the gamer kids who are having their own children, there are also tons of gamer kids who are now making their own gaming merchandise as adults, including baby clothes!

How Do I Wash My Baby Clothes?

This will vary from clothing item to clothing item, so it is imperative that you read the instructions carefully before you begin the washing process.

If you choose to buy custom baby clothing from Etsy- or any other store that sells handcrafted baby clothes- check all of the information carefully and if you are still unsure, contact the seller directly with your queries to avoid any shrinkage or running colors. 

What is the Most Important Factor to Consider when Buying Baby Clothes?

Whilst video game-themed clothes are a great way to bring some personality to your baby’s outfits, you need to remember the most essential element of baby clothing in general: functionality.

Make sure your chosen items are easy to take on and off, as accidents can and will happen. You also want to make sure that your baby is comfortable and that their skin will not be irritated by the material of the clothing.

Keep in mind practicality and functionality at all times when selecting gamer geek baby outfits, and you should end up with a baby that is not only likely to become a gamer like mom and dad when they grow up but also one that is cozy and comfortable no matter the weather or situation!

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