About Us

Here are Torly Kid, we understand the importance of children’s fashion, and finding the most suitable clothing options for your child. When you are clothes shopping for children, this is more difficult in comparison to shopping for an adult, or yourself. 

This is because children grow quickly, and it can be a struggle to find suitable options that will last for a good amount of time. Not only do the clothes need to be big enough for the child to grow into, they need to be the correct lengths on the arms and legs too. This can be awkward if your child is in between sizes.

When thinking about clothing, there is so much to consider, such as sizing, the materials used, the quality of the products, and also how ethical they are. There is also the topic of fast fashion and its effects on the environment. 

Hi, my name is Stephanie Creek, and this is why I decided to set up our site Torly Kid, to provide parents and carers with the ultimate guide to everything related to children’s clothing and fashion. From the best outfits for crawling toddlers, to the prettiest dresses for tweens, we’ve got you covered. 

Through our site, we will be recommending you the best clothing items to purchase, that are both affordable and great quality. You won’t have to worry about these clothes becoming ruined easily. We will also be answering many questions about children's clothing.