12 Top Tips & Hacks for Organizing Kids Clothes

Keeping kids’ clothes organized can feel like a never-ending battle. Between constant growth spurts, hand-me-downs, and the daily struggle of getting dressed, it’s easy for the closet and dresser to become a chaotic mess.

But with the right organization strategies, you can tame the clothing clutter and make getting ready in the morning a breeze!

In this guide, we’ve compiled the top kids clothes organization ideas and hacks from expert bloggers and organizers. From storing hand-me-downs to rotating seasonal items, these tips will help you streamline your children’s wardrobes and instill a sense of independence.

Whether you have a packed closet or a minimalist approach, you’ll find practical solutions to suit your family’s needs.

Let’s dive in!

A colorful, organized closet with adjustable shelves, labeled bins, and hanging rods for easy access to children's clothing

1. Storing Hand-Me-Down Clothes

Storing and organizing hand-me-down clothes is crucial to make the most of them.

Home Storage Solutions 101 recommends using clear storage bins to protect the clothing and adding labels with the sizes inside. They also suggest using a “dot system” where you put a certain number of dots on the labels to indicate which child the clothes belong to, making it easy to pass them down.

2. Organizing Clothes by Outfit

Instead of sorting clothes by type (shirts, pants, etc.), This Simplified Home suggests organizing them into complete outfits. This makes it easy for kids to pick out and put on their own clothes in the morning.

They recommend using a shoe caddy or hanging organizer to store the outfits.

3. Adding a Second Closet Rod

Life Creatively Organized explains that adding a second, lower closet rod can double the hanging space and make it accessible for young kids to reach their own clothes. This helps them develop independence in getting dressed.

4. Storing Off-Season Clothes

Kath Eats Real Food recommends using under-bed storage bins to keep off-season clothes out of the way but still accessible when needed. This frees up space in the main closet or dresser.

5. Decluttering and Minimizing

This Simplified Home offer great advice on helping your kids help you with decluttering! This applies to toys but it can equally apply to clothes too! Prevents your closets from becoming overwhelmed and make it easier to find and organize what you do have.

6. Rotating Seasonal Clothes

Abby Lawson suggests rotating seasonal clothes in and out of storage as the weather changes. This keeps the closet uncluttered with only the current season’s clothes visible. She recommends using clear storage bins to store off-season items.

Colorful bins and shelves neatly organize children's clothes in a small closet. Hangers and hooks maximize space, while labels help kids find their own items

7. Labeling Drawers

Somewhat Simple also recommends organizing with bins and labels! You can label dresser drawers with pictures or words for each type of clothing. This helps kids put their clothes away in the right spot and find what they need quickly in the morning. Genius!

8. Hanging Clothes by Outfit

Organizing Moms takes the outfit organization idea a step further by hanging complete outfits together on the same hanger. This makes it super easy for kids to grab a whole outfit at once.

9. Storing Clothes by Size

Somewhat Simple also recommends storing clothes by size, not by season. This way you always have the next size up ready to go as your child grows. Use bins or shelves to keep each size separate.

10. Rotating Toys

Abby Lawson suggests rotating toys in and out of play areas to keep things feeling fresh. Store unused toys in bins and rotate them every few months. This prevents toy clutter and keeps kids interested in their toys.

11. Involving Kids in Organizing

Tidy Mom emphasizes the importance of involving kids in the organizing process. Let them help decide what to keep and what to donate. This teaches them responsibility and makes them more likely to maintain the system.

12. Storing Clothes in Cubbies

Organizing Moms loves using cubbies or open shelves to store folded clothes. This keeps everything visible and easy to grab. Label each cubby with a child’s name or photo to prevent mix-ups.

By adding these additional organization hacks to your arsenal, you’ll be a pro at keeping kids clothes under control.

Like this inspiration? Let us know what’s working for you – we’d love to know. And we hope this list helps you get a seamless process in place for your home!

Stephanie Creek