10 Adorable Organic Cotton Baby Clothes Brands

Baby clothing can be so precious and adorable because of their minuscule size, we get to dress our little ones up exactly like us as smaller versions.

So, since we care so much about dressing them up cute and cozy, we should also consider the fabric quality and materials choices that we let touch our baby’s delicate skin. As much as they’re like smaller versions of us, their skin is not like ours and requires more care and precautions to keep it soft and gentle as they continue to grow.

So, using organic cotton in their clothing is a proven way to decrease the number of harmful materials that can irritate their skin. 

Whilst cotton is rather gentle, it can have added chemicals by certain manufacturers and organic cotton is not only more sustainably made because it uses less water to make, but also is chemical-free.

Why not try out some of the most adorable organic cotton baby clothing brands available below for yourself to test out the results! Your little one’s skin will be softer than ever.


Lily Cord Dress | Organic Baby Clothes & Toddler Clothing: Shop Online | Frugi

The sustainable fashion brand Frugi has developed their baby clothing to be made using 100% organic cotton and 100% GOTS certified organic cotton cord only to become more sustainably aware and provide clothing for babies that is gentle and soft on their skin always.

As a company, they are also proud to be certified by both the soil association and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for their organically made baby clothing. 

We got our hands on some of their best-selling baby clothes to test this out and we can say that they really are made from 100% organic cotton and cord because the fabrics were softer than clouds.

Baby’s skin can be prone to irritation and rashes so we were relieved to know that this cotton not only can help treat skin irritations but also prevents them from occurring. 


  • Several organic cotton available - Multiple softness materials
  • A diverse range of clothing - To suit young children and babies of all sizes and ages
  • Sustainable loyalty - to some of the best organic material brands out there


  • May be harder to wash - Increased care instructions based on the organic materials



Kate Quinn is an organic company that produces stylish apparel made from the finest 100% certified organic fabrics. The company was founded in 2006 and strives to care for the earth without sacrificing fun and style in baby clothes.

She designed her first line of baby clothing in 2005 under the Earth Organic Baby Basics Label and has gone on to produce some of the best quality baby clothing available at suitable prices to make it accessible for everyone.

Some issues with organic clothing can be with it not benign fully accessible or diverse enough so that everyone can get their hands on it, and Kate Quinn’s brand doesn’t have this issue. 

We got access to a few popular pieces to gift to our loved one’s children and they were more than pleased with the overall quality and care that went into producing the clothing. Their baby’s skin was kept warm without any risk of irritation. 


  • Classic, clean designs - Designs are kept simple to go with the clean and organic materials used
  • Customer care and service - Quality care for every customer
  • Created baby clothing for a cleaner, kinder earth - Sustainably made and sourced


  • Limited designs available - The materials are harder to produce and make therefore clothing is kept simpler


Organic Baby & Toddler Clothes | Colored Organics ®

Colored Organics is an honest, sustainable, and ethical brand that produces adorable organic cotton baby clothes in a diverse range of colors, sizes, and patterns. It all started with a mother on a mission to make a difference in the clothing industry and for her two children’s lives.

These values have been carried through the brand since day one to inspire every aspect of what they do at the company. Making the switch to organic and ethical fashion can make the world of difference and knowing you can contribute to these beliefs is what makes this brand so special.

You can care about your baby’s skin and overall well-being as well as be conscious about where their clothing is being made and sources. If it’s sustainably and ethically made, this equals a happy baby and a happy mum!

We were so excited to try this brand out and it’s 100% worth the extra effort to provide for you aby and the planet at the same time. 


  • Organic Cotton - That is softer and better for the skin and environment
  • Ethically made - Better for farmers and workers
  • No child labor - Only made by adults who are working by choice and treated well
  • Safe work environment - Healthy working conditions


  • May require more care to wash - Check labels to get more information always


Burt's Bees Baby-Baby and Newborn Clothes and Bedding

We all know that Burt’s Bees as a brand specialize in health and skin care for all skin types and people of all ages, especially young children and babies. They are conscious of the materials used and where they are sourced from to take extra special care of the baby’s skin.

Therefore Burt’s bees is a fantastic brand to look into to dress your baby or children as their ingredients and materials used have been certified organic and ethically sourced to take care of not only baby’s but bees too.

They have so many different onesies and blankets available for newborns that there is a choice for everyone. They have an inclusive range of patterns and designs to suit your preferences as well as keep your child’s skin safe and warm. 

We tried one of their onesies and the fabric was so soft and gentle as well as being adorable on any child! 


  • Sustainably and ethically made - With animal cruelty-free products
  • Every purchase helps keep the brand alive - Helps care for bees
  • Delicate on the skin - Brand is designed t help sensitive skin


  • May not be available to older children - Only for newborns


Baby Clothes- Shop Soft Bamboo Viscose Baby Clothes - Boody Eco Wear

Boody is a sustainable brand that believes baby clothing should be simple, soft, and sweet to your baby’s skin. Their collections of baby clothing are uniquely designed to swaddle the baby in luxurious bamboo viscose fabrics.

Everything they make from, bibs, to onesies has been sustainably made with love and care to keep your baby healthy and happy. As well as you! Also using bamboo in clothing has been proven to create a more breathable fabric that is extra gentle on the skin and great for the environment. 

We got ourselves some bibs to test them out and they wash great too!


  • Versatile - Lasts a long time
  • Diverse in sizing - Something for every baby
  • Sustainably and ethically made - workers are treated fairly as well as the fabrics used


  • A bit more pricey - However, worth the investment


Organic Kids & Baby Clothes - Nursery & Decor - Pehr US

The brand Pehr, is an organic clothing brand that specializes in providing for babies and toddlers across the globe. They make organic cotton clothing and apparel for nursery, storage, decor, and baby clothing.

Their signature organic cotton baby onesies come in various sweet patterns so that your baby can have super soft skin, and look adorable at the same time! They use the type of organic materials that have the power to put a child to sleep and into dreamland as their jammies are super soft and comfortable for a full night’s sleep. 

We wanted to try some of their jammies out and let’s just say, lights out for the little ones immediately! No disturbances whatsoever. 


  • Affordable - Accessible for everyone 
  • Sustainably sourced organic cotton - 100% organic
  • Gentle on the skin - Babies have delicate skin


  • Care for fabrics may be different from regular clothing - Always check the care labels


Organic Baby Clothes - Organic Cotton - Mini Rodini

This luxury organic cotton baby clothing brand is inclusive in size and has a diverse range of patterns and colors available made using these materials. Mini Rodini’s baby clothes are made from GOTS certified cotton, organic merino wool, and fleece made from recycled polyester and soft TENCEL ™ Lyocell.

More and more luxury brands today are getting involved with sustainability and making the switch to organic sourced and made materials that have also been ethically made. Mini Rodini has joined in with this and is doing a great job! 


  • Soft Materials - certified organic materials used
  • Luxury baby clothing made - by the best manufacturers on the planet
  • Size inclusive - Diverse for your baby


  • Not the most cost-effective brand - Luxury costs more


goumikids - smart babywear - organic baby clothes

Goumi is a sustainable brand that creates baby clothing with mama in mine as well as a baby too! They are a mother-owned brand that makes cozy, organic, and sustainable essential clothing for all babies, toddlers, big kids, and mums!

They have clothing to suit the holidays, knitwear, women’s clothing, loungewear, and more so you can be sure this brand is diverse in range for every occasion, whilst providing you with the best quality organic cotton baby clothing out there. 

We even tried this brand ourselves and it was so soft on our skin we felt sleepy just by wearing it! They truly are a brand dedicated to care and sustainability for you and the planet. 


  • Inclusive for newborns and young children - Diverse sizes and range for everyone
  • No limitations in color - All patterns and styles sustained 
  • Organic cotton and other materials used - Experimental with whats best for the planet and your baby


  • Delivery may vary - Depending on location


Monica + Andy - Organic Baby Clothing, Blankets, Nursery - More

Monica + Andy make the most delicate newborn and baby clothing we’ve ever come across and we can’t believe it’s also 100% sustainably made using organic cotton and other materials that are better for not only the planet but your baby!

There are clothing available for mum, baby, and home essentials which helps any new mums out there out so much! The brand has rompers and bodysuits available for every newborn out there and they’re accessible. 

We loved the baby rompers so much that we couldn’t stop gushing over how adorable little newborns looks in them.



  • Delivery may vary - Depending on if internationally shipping


p a c t ® - Baby & Toddler Clothing made with Organic Cotton

Pact makes the best organic baby and toddler clothing we’ve ever come across and they ship internationally so you can get your hands on this organic brand’s quality clothing all year round.

Our baby’s skin is so delicate and whilst they look adorable in dress-up costumes, we need to take care of their skin too! This brand has got you more than covered and they feature stylish and affordable clothing too! We love the rompers.


  • Cute designs - Organically made clothing with design in mind
  • Available for every baby - Size inclusive 
  • Deliver Internationally - Available for everyone


  • Only made for newborns - Not inclusive to older baby’s 

Frequently Asked Questions

10 Adorable Organic Cotton Baby Clothes Brands

Why Should I Choose Organic Kid’s Clothes?

Whilst the price tag may be higher for some organic brands out there, the clothing is guaranteed to be made to last longer than conventional baby clothing and is better for the planet at the same time. It’s a small sacrifice for an improved result.

What Are the Best Organic Baby Brands?

Burt’s bees have been labeled as a high-up best baby clothing brand due to their loyalty to specializing in skincare and care for animal testing-free products. Their clothing has been certified organic as well as their skincare products. 

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