Cute Western Clothes For Baby Cowboys

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Are you looking for an adorable western-style outfit for dressing up your newborn or toddler? If so, then you have come to the right place. Thanks to websites like Etsy, it is now possible to find all sorts of weird and wonderful clothes for your infant to wear.

Many of these items boast unique designs that you can’t find in normal shops and some of them are even handmade. 

There are endless possibilities when it comes to dressing up your baby, including stylish western garments for little cowboys and cowgirls. Today we have gathered five awesome outfits for your rootin-tootin toddler.

From adorable onesies to full outfits including flared pants and dungarees, take a look and see if any of our picks would look great on your own little newborn or toddler. 


If you are just looking for some cowboy-themed baby clothes rather than a whole outfit, then this adorable western style onesie is just what you need.

The caption “Ain’t going down till the sun comes up’ is very appropriate for children who sleep a lot during the day. Since most of the onesie is plain white it may pick up stains quite easily, especially if your toddler is a messy eater. 

This garment is machine washable, although with it being handmade it is advisable to only wash it on cold. The seller also recommends to avoid using fabric softener and never tumble dry or iron this onesie in case you damage the print.

There are multiple sizes available from zero all the way up to 18 months. Rather than a vinyl print that some toddlers might find itchy to wear, the design is added to the polyester fabric via a process called sublimation.

An extra benefit of using this process is that it means the vibrant colors are likely to survive multiple washes without fading. 


  • Vibrant western print that is applied via sublimation to keep the colors bright even after washing. 
  • Multiple sizes for newborns and children up to 3 years old.  
  • Option of long or short sleeves. 
  • Handmade.


  • You can only wash this onesie on cold.
  • The white fabric may pick up stains easily. 


These cow print bell-bottom trousers will make a great present for any baby cowgirl. The seller also offers a black T-shirt with the caption ‘Be your own cowgirl’ that is sold separately, as well as a headband that matches the pattern on the trousers.

Made from a comfortable and stretchy material, these bell-bottoms will make a great fit for any baby, not to mention they look absolutely adorable. 

The sizing options accommodate newborn babies all the way up to 18 months. There are also options for older children from size 2T to 8. Orders over $50 in the US will get free shipping and delivery, although it may take between 2-3 weeks for your items to arrive. These bell-bottoms are handmade and tie-dyed to achieve the cow print effect. 


  • Handmade. 
  • The bell bottoms are made of a soft fabric that will be comfortable for your baby to wear. 
  • Options for older children as well as newborns and toddlers.


  • Deliveries can take a long time to arrive. 


Carhartt is a brand that specializes in working clothes for lumberjacks, farmers, and hunters. They also make some adorable baby clothes like this set of overalls that includes soft cotton dungarees, a t-shirt, and a little bib shaped like a neckerchief.

With this outfit on, your toddler will look like a proper little rancher with the shirt sporting a tractor graphic with the caption “Born to farm”. 

The bib not only makes a stylish neckerchief to complete the outfit but can also be reversed to make it last longer between washes. The t-shirt is made from polyester and cotton so it shouldn’t be itchy or uncomfortable for your baby.

There are only two sizes available for toddlers that are 18 to 24 months old, so they might be a bit big for most newborns. Popper buttons on the shoulders and crotch of the dungarees make diaper changes super easy. 


  • Popper buttons on the crotch of the dungarees are great for facilitating diaper changes
  • Reversible bib shaped like a neckerchief for catching stray food
  • Three items sold as one adorable western outfit for your toddler 


  • Only two available sizes


Heifer outfit

This heifer t-shirt and bell-bottom pant set is one for all the little cowgirls out there. Featuring a beautiful design with vibrant colors and awesome, western-themed patterns, you can buy this set for a very affordable price on Etsy.

Both items are handmade from soft cotton and spandex to ensure they are comfortable for your child, but still stretchy enough to fit. 

There are plenty of sizes available for babies from 3 to 18 months, as well as larger options for older children. The best thing about this outfit is the awesome use of color that makes use of light pinks, blues, and browns for a gorgeous cowgirl aesthetic that children can wear casually or as part of a Halloween costume.

This seller offers speedy delivery and is willing to accept returns if you aren’t happy with your purchase. 


  • Awesome design that makes use of a beautiful color palette. 
  • Large range of sizes for larges children as well as babies and toddlers. 
  • Affordable and seller accepts returns.


  • The smaller sizes for babies are currently sold out.


Don’t be fooled by the description for this item labeling it a costume. This baby cowboy romper outfit is actually very good quality and can be worn as casual clothes as well as for special occasions.

With this set, you will receive a pair of dungarees with cow-print legs and frills down the side along with a little neckerchief and cowboy hat. There are sizes for babies as young a 1 month old all the way up to size 2-3T rompers for toddlers over 3 years. 

All of the items in this costume are machine washable although it is recommended to keep the temperature below 40°F to avoid damaging them. The best part about this bundle is that you get a tiny cowboy hat with a strap to keep it from falling off.

It is advised when putting this outfit on your child to avoid tying the neckerchief too tight, as you don’t want to inhibit your toddler’s breathing. There are poppers on the legs of the dungarees so you don’t have to remove the whole costume when it’s time for diaper changes. 


  • Poppers on the legs of rompers for facilitating easy diaper changes. 
  • Numerous sizes for babies and older toddlers. 
  • Great for Halloween or fancy dress parties. 
  • Good quality clothes that won’t fall apart in the wash.


Neckerchief may be a strangulation risk for very young children. 

Cute Western clothes For Baby Cowboys Buying Guide

Any of the above items are great for giving your newborn a rustic western aesthetic. There are plenty of other options you can find on Etsy and other websites, so if you didn’t see something you liked then feel free to shop around.

Before you do though here are a few tips to bear in mind while hunting for western-themed clothes for your child. 

Cute Western clothes For Baby Cowboys


Cotton clothes are generally good for babies since they are soft and unlikely to cause any allergic reactions. Other materials like polyesters should be fine, but they are generally less breathable, which means your child may be a lot warmer while wearing them.

This is fine in winter, or colder climates, but on hotter days, your child may be at risk of overheating if they are wearing too much polyester. 

Poppers and buttons 

Zips aren’t the best choice for babies since they can scratch their soft skin. This is why it is better to choose clothes that have plastic buttons or poppers on them. These make it easier to get your baby into the clothes, and they are less likely to come undone. 

It also helps to have multiple sets of poppers, especially a set along the inside of the trouser legs. These allow you to open up the bottom of an outfit without removing it entirely, which lets you change your baby’s diaper when you need to. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for a baby to wear a neckerchief?

A neckerchief makes a classic addition to any cowboy outfit, but some parents might be rightly concerned about putting anything around their child’s neck. Generally, it is best to pick a kerchief that is fastened with velcro, as these will be a bit wider and easier to remove if your baby is uncomfortable.

Those that use proper knots can be safe, but they should be tied very loose and removed at the first sign of discomfort. It is also a good idea to only tie one basic knot that can easily come undone if it catches on anything. 

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