Come Over to The Cute Side: The Most Adorable Baby Yoda Themed Baby Clothes

The 2019 Disney Plus Star Wars spin-off series The Mandalorian was a smash hit when it was released on the streaming platform back in November 2019. It was a compelling addition to the Star Wars series, but one element of the show that no one expected was the adorable baby Jedi Grogu, widely known as “Baby Yoda.”

Baby Yoda was an adorable addition to the series, as well as an awesome and interesting character who struck a chord with audiences around the world. 

With this global popularity, Grogu (who we will be referring to as Baby Yoda throughout to avoid any confusion!) had all sorts of merchandise across the world with his cute little green face on it, from toys to action figures and more.

Being an adorable baby character, it is no surprise that tons of said merchandise related to babies was released by Disney and Lucasfilm under the Star Wars mantle. This includes anything you can imagine that can be bought for babies, including baby clothing.

Today, we are going to be looking at a few of the most adorable baby clothes that feature the cutest baby Jedi this side of the galaxy!


Let’s start off with the outfit that inspired the name of this article! This adorable pack of three baby rompers has a pink and white color palette (and green too, thanks to Baby Yoda himself!).

These rompers have super sweet designs, with one romper saying “Come to the Cute Side”, one saying “Galaxy’s Most Adorable” and one without text that is covered in a pattern consisting of Baby Yoda himself and some pink stars.

The rompers are suitable for babies from newborn age up to 24 months and have a triple snap button closure feature as well as an expandable lap shoulder neckline for easy access and practicality as well as extreme cuteness.


Another name that Baby Yoda is known by in The Mandalorian television series is The Child, which is where this next outfit (and several others we will be talking about on this list) gets its name.

The Child Sleep ‘n’ Play coverall does exactly what the name suggests! It is a versatile onesie that can easily be used as a pair of pajamas to sleep in or as an everyday outfit.

The onesie is not only super cute in its design- covered in pictures of Baby Yoda and utilizing a white and green color scheme- but it is also incredibly functional thanks to the safety neck and ankle to chin zipper that allows for quick and easy dressing, which is especially useful for kids that get a little more antsy than usual when you are getting them dressed. 


As the name says, this particular Baby Yoda outfit comes with three different pieces that make for a versatile outfit option for newborns and infants.

The rib knit bodysuit has the same motif as the first outfits we talked about- “Come to the Cute Side”- and is made from one hundred percent white cotton- perfect for soft and sensitive baby skin- with adorable Baby Yoda art printed on the front.

The interlock pants have an elastic waistband to allow for a better fit. They are also a light green color- reflecting the green nature of Baby Yoda himself- with patterns of the baby character on them.

The most adorable element of this outfit set has got to be the cozy green cap. The beanie hat has a pair of Baby Yoda ears sticking out, making for the perfect baby cosplay!


If you are looking for a more stylish outfit option when it comes to Baby Yoda clothing for your baby, consider this adorable short sleeve French Terry Shortalls Three Piece Outfit.

There are two different designs available for this outfit, dark gray and light gray. The dark gray features dark green buttons and a picture of Baby Yoda in his crib pod with text that reads “Precious Cargo” whilst the light gray has light green buttons and a face-on picture of Baby Yoda popping his head up out of that aforementioned pod.

As well as the overalls with an elastic waist, adjustable crisscross suspenders, and snap closure buttons for quick and easy access to the diaper for urgent changes, this outfit also comes with a printed short-sleeved t-shirt (green for the dark gray option and white for the light gray option) and a very cute and surprisingly stylish bucket hat.

This choice is great for a formal or casual occasion for little ones, particularly during the summer when the weather gets warmer. 


This outfit is the same as the above but has a slightly more feminine look, intended for little girls as suggested by the headband accessory that comes with it (though of course, any of these outfits can be worn by a baby of any gender!).

The light heather gray overalls have an adorable Baby Yoda design that is outlined in pink and states “Wait for Me!” in bold lettering. Much like the previous overalls, these also have an elastic waist, four snap buttons, ring snaps on the shirt back, and crisscross straps that are adjustable.

It also comes with a baby pink short-sleeved t-shirt to go underneath the coveralls- with Baby Yoda pictures on it, of course!- and a light heather gray headband with a cute bow attached. 


Whilst on the subject of Baby Yoda clothing aimed at baby girls, this ruffle hooded dress would make for an excellent costume for parties! The dress is a pretty peach color with stars dotted all around the ballerina mesh ruffles of the three-layered tulle skirt.

There is a tiny Baby Yoda placed on the chest of the dress, made to look like he is popping up out of a pretend front pocket. The dress has a green hood with Baby Yoda ears sticking out of it, which contrasts excellently with the peach, princess-like nature of the rest of the dress.

This is one of the prettier options of the outfits on this list, but it would still be suitable for a baby or toddler of any gender!


This set of four items comes in one, adorable package!

The Child Layette Gift Set features light gray, stripy footsie pajamas with Baby Yoda images on them and text that reads “The Force is Strong With This Little One”; a bib that also doubles as a bandana with cute images on it; a green baby cap and a reversible blanket that has two different Baby Yoda all-over prints on each side, with one side being green and saying “Precious Cargo” and one side having multiple smaller images of The Child on it. 

The onesie has an ankle to chin zip up the front as well as easy ring snap closure, a safety neck tab for the zipper, and an outside zipper guard. This is the perfect option for little ones who want to be warm and comfy whilst showing their love for Baby Yoda!


As the name suggests, this outfit is best suited for a photo op with your little one rather than as an outfit to wear for everyday purposes.

The crochet set comes with a green, knitted Baby Yoda cap- ears included!-, a brown crochet diaper with an elastic waist to imitate the character’s brown robes and even a mini lightsaber to bring out your baby’s inner Jedi!

The handcrafted nature of the crochet outfit makes for an incredibly charming dress-up opportunity. 


This next outfit on this list is a coverall that could easily double as a costume for a party or as part of a pajama set! The coverall has a green hood with Baby Yoda’s large ears and doe-like eyes.

There is also an image of Baby Yoda with the phrase “Precious Cargo” on the front. Perfect for newborns and for infants, the ankle to chin zip-up front makes for easy access as well as maximum comfort. 


This romper suit has some great detail and a matching cap that makes for a super adorable Baby Yoda baby outfit.

The outfit is suitable for babies from newborn age all the way up to 24 months. The main body of the romper features the detailing of Baby Yoda’s robe and is also practical thanks to the snap button closure and lap shoulder design. 


These romper suits/ creepers are all super adorable and there are a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from! Whether you want a pattern with multiple Baby Yoda’s or just a singular cute Baby Yoda picture, there are plenty of options available for you to mix and match.

These creepers are also super hygienic and easy to clean. All you have to do is pull them downwards rather than over the head if you find yourself facing a potty emergency from your little Jedi. 


These romper suits/ creepers are all super adorable and there are a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from! Whether you want a pattern with multiple Baby Yoda’s or just a singular cute Baby Yoda picture, there are plenty of options available for you to mix and match.

These creepers are also super hygienic and easy to clean. All you have to do is pull them downwards rather than over the head if you find yourself facing a potty emergency from your little Jedi.


The adorable Baby Yoda art on the front of this baby onesie is what makes it stand out from the crowd, but if that isn't enough to keep you interested, it also comes with a cute hat that- of course- features those big Baby Yoda ears!

This baby suit has a brighter green color palette than some of the other inclusions on this list, making it a great choice for those who like to inject a bit of color into their baby’s wardrobe. 


Baby Yoda Baby Grow by GlittersparklebyZoe on Etsy

This adorable baby-grow is one of the simpler options for baby clothing on this list as it is all one block color with a basic Baby Yoda image on the front with the text “Too Cute I Am” written underneath to mimic the mixed up way that Baby Yoda’s namesake (Master Yoda from the main series of Star Wars films) speaks.

Sometimes, simplicity is key, and this very much feels like the case in regard to this baby-grow. You can customize it to an extent, choosing from white, blue, and pink, and it is also available in four sizes: newborn to 3 months, 6 to 9 months, and 9 to 12 months.

As well as that, you can customize the color of the text underneath the Baby Yoda design, with a choice of gold, white, silver, black baby pink, and white. If you feel that you want to dress your baby in a slightly more subtle Baby Yoda themed outfit, this baby-grow is the perfect option 


The hand-stitched embroidery that is featured in this baby grow is what makes it one of the more charming inclusions on this list. This baby-grow features an embroidered Baby Yoda on the front with “The Child” embroidered on the back.

There is also a level of customization with this option, as the seller mentions on their Etsy page that you can change the color of the outfit, make alterations and add a name onto the baby-grow if you so wish.

All the embroidery on the long-sleeved baby-grow vest is backed specifically with tender touch to ensure that your baby’s skin is not irritated if there is direct contact.

The baby-grow also has a colored popper to help with ease when changing and is available in sizes from newborn to 3 months, 3 months to 6 months, 6 months to 9 months, 9 months to 12 months, and 12 to 18 months. 


Baby Yoda Baby Grow Bodysuit Personalized Onesie by MakeitLawesome on Etsy

This onesie is super cute and unique in that it has a more specific design based around a funny and adorable “How to Become a Mercenary” series of Baby Yoda drawings.

This relates to Baby Yoda’s travels with the mercenary himself- The Mandalorian- during the series. You can also personalize this onesie to add your little one’s name or a date of your choosing. 


Baby Yoda Baby Hat and Booties Set by BitchinStitchin2020 on Etsy

This outfit consists only of a hat and baby booties, but they are incredibly adorable and sure to make your baby look like a sci-fi dream!

The hat- which features large Baby Yoda ears- and booties are made from green acrylic wool and are handcrafted, giving both the hat and booties an adorably charming and rustic, homemade look.

The hat and booties would work excellently with any other kind of outfit, whether it is a plain baby romper suit or a more formal outfit. Who wouldn’t want to jazz up a boring old baby dress or onesie with some fancy ears and booties?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best thing to consider when choosing an outfit for my baby?

There are a few key factors to consider when selecting the right kind of outfit for your baby, whether it is a Baby Yoda one or otherwise! The most important feature is practicality and safety.

If you have a baby that has a habit of trying to swallow small items, you might want to avoid any outfits that have little decorations that can be easily pulled off. You might also want to consider an outfit that allows for easy access to be able to remove the outfit with ease.

Potty emergencies happen and when they do, it is always much easier if your baby is wearing an outfit that can be taken off without any hassle. 

Come Over to The Cute Side The Most Adorable Baby Yoda Themed Baby Clothes

How do I keep novelty baby outfits clean?

There are usually specific instructions for each different baby outfit in regard to how to keep them clean. Some can be cleaned in the washing machine, whilst others will need to be washed by hand.

It all depends on the material that the outfit is made from and whether there are any additional features or materials included that need to be cleaned in a certain way to avoid damage. Always read the instructions to make sure that you don’t have any problems with shrinkage, running colors, or any other damage. 

Are novelty baby clothes eco-friendly?

This will vary from outfit to outfit, but most baby clothes- novelty or not- will have information on what material the outfit is made from and whether they are eco-friendly.

If you cannot find the appropriate information- whether buying online or in-person- reach out to the seller to ensure that the outfit is environmentally friendly as this is an important element to consider!

Stephanie Creek