The Cutest Doctor Who Baby Clothes For Your Little One

Go and grab your sonic screwdriver, as it’s that moment to travel through space and time as we list the cutest Doctor Who baby clothes for your little one.

We love everything Doctor Who, and the classic British sci-fi TV show has been a staple on television screens for over 57 years. 

With this fantastic run and its super loyal fanbase, there’s no doubt that many parents have a fond love for this iconic character, so why not share the love with the baby and get them started early as a Whovian?

It’s never too early to be a Doctor Who fan and we know that many of you have been asking for a comprehensive list of outfits for baby or toddler to wear.

So we’ve delivered you our favorite options you can purchase today, ranging from onesies to t-shirts, beanies, and bodysuits.


Time Lord in training baby suit vest

Let’s start off our list with this incredibly cute design that is perfect for the newborn baby that is going to grow up and travel across time and space.

This ‘Timelord In Training’ design comes in 8 colors (our favorite being red) and is 100% cotton.

The material feels great and your newborn will feel cozily and look cool wrapped up in this top.


The 10th Doctor Baby Halloween Costume Bodysuit

If your favorite Doctor incarnation happens to be David Tennant, look no further than this Halloween season with a 10th Doctor bodysuit.

This 1x1 brown-colored baby rib creeper with crew neck is handmade using ringspun cotton and is available for newborns all the way through to 24-month-old babies.

There’s no denying how cute it looks, and your child will be the best shown at Halloween this season!


Police Box Outfit Set

Here’s a trendy design that we love that pays homage to the Doctor's iconic mode of transportation: the TARDIS.

Everyone will recognize the famous police box the moment they set eyes on this trendy outfit set. 

This comes in a range of different clothing options, and you can purchase baby onesies, long-sleeve and short-sleeve t-shirts with joggers. 


Doctor Who Tardis Baby Beanie

Want to keep your baby’s head warm on an afternoon stroll?

This beanie features the TARDIS, but this time in a stylish blue which is made from 100% jersey-knit polyester. 

The TARDIS is patterned so it fully covers the beanie and is not just located on one side, in case the beanie manages to go on its own adventure around your baby’s head.

It will fit any baby up to 6 months old and would be a practical present for a friend that is expecting.


If you want something this is going to last, we recommend this unisex bodysuit that comes in many sizes ranging from 6 months to 24 months amd is 100% made from cotton.

The cute knock-knock joke is a timeless classic (no pun intended) that pretty Doctor Who fans worldwide have probably said at some point.


Doctor Who ABS’ Infant Bodysuit or Toddler T-Shirt

We know how important the early development of a child can be, which is why this adorable design should be on your wish list this Christmas.

The design features 4 squares located at the front of the top lettered A to D, and each square represents a word that pertains to the Doctor Who universe.

How fitting that both Cybermen and Daleks line up against each other, and this makes us see that learning the ABCs has never been more exciting!


Doctor Who Police Box Bib

Make feeding time one of the most entertaining parts of the day with this police box bib.

The design features the TARDIS in a dark blue color, with white boxes and chequered squares to represent the windows and door of the police box. 

This bib is reversible, the top layer is 100% cotton and the bottom is 100% cotton with the theme to match.


Doctor Who Inspired - Hello Sweetie Baby Onesie

Here's a cute onesie that is custom made for each order as each one is screen printed which means no two items are the same.

It’s a simple design in the recognizable dark blue Doctor Who theme, and would be a great onesie to keep baby warm this winter! This is available for newborns and up to 12 months old.


All of Time and Space Scarf pattern

Many Whovians consider Tom Baker to be one of the best Doctors, and this homage to the fourth Doctor will surely delight Baker fans worldwide.

Whilst not strictly speaking meant for babies, this could still double as a great option for young children looking to keep warm in the winter.

The multicolored scarf is 12 feet long and 8 inches wide at a reasonable price.


Doctor Who Shirt-Mommy's Little Wholigan, Funny Shirt

Some designs work well with play-on-words.

This Mommy’s Little Wholigan is a great item for the tiny Doctor Who fans of the world that wants to show their love for the Sci-Fi classic. 

This option comes in several different colors and is suitable for newborns and toddlers.

There’s also a choice of fabric, with cotton blends or premium comfortable lightweight 100% ringspun cotton/cotton blend.


Doctor Who Dalek Baby Bodysuit

If you had to think of the Doctor’s most fierce enemy, the alien race that would likely spring to mind would be The Daleks.

We love this simple design that showcases a single Dalek, presumably on its way to “Exterminate!” This bodysuit is available in an array of colors and is suitable for ages 6 to 18 months.


Doctor Who - Love You to the Moon - Tardis - Black Infant Bodysuit or Toddler T-shirt

This is such an adorable design, we’ve seen commenters wish they were pregnant, just so they can get their hands on this!

This onesie features a lovely styled floating TARDIS over trees in professional handwriting style font.

This one is available in black or white and comes in an array of sizes suitable for newborns and toddlers alike.


12 Doctor Who Inspired Monthly Baby Onesie Set

The joy of a baby's first year can be enjoyed by a Doctor Who fan that doesn’t have a clear favorite incarnation, but many favorites.

And this month's baby onesie set will share each of the first 12 Doctors month by month as you journey through time.

This would make a great baby shower gift and is a fun present for either a baby boy or a baby girl.


Regenerated Doctor Bodysuit

The joy of a baby's first year can be enjoyed by a Doctor Who fan that doesn’t have a clear favorite incarnation, but many favorites.

And this month's baby onesie set will share each of the first 12 Doctors month by month as you journey through time. 

This would make a great baby shower gift and is a fun present for either a baby boy or a baby girl.


Here’s a fun and funky cartoon that is great for little him or little her. The design work has a modern feel to it and features cartoon representations of some of the Doctor’s many lives, and many of the popular enemies throughout the series. This comes in sizes that are suitable for babies and up kids up to 2-year-olds.


Hooded bath towels are all the rage right now, so get in on the action with this TARDIS-inspired option for babies and teens.

The bath towel comes in the TARDIS shade of blue whilst the hood is a medium grey color.

This will fit from birth through to five feet tall, so could be a super choice to hang on as your little one grows up.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Good Online Stores For Doctor Who Baby Clothes?

We recommend Etsy, Amazon, and RedBubble, and the majority of our research will feature these particular online stores. But many other online retail stores provide Doctor Who baby clothes.

What’s The Most Important Thing When Buying Baby Clothes?

Make sure to check things like safety, comfort, size, and durability.

We know that our items listed above have the cutest designs, but make sure to check these other important aspects as there’s no point owning clothing that the little one cannot wear.

What Do You Do With Baby Clothes That No Longer Fit?

You can do a few things with unused clothes.

Either donate them to charity, give them to somebody you know that has a child that will fit the item, or save them in case you decide to give your child a sibling if they don’t have any already!

Is there Doctor Who’s Baby Clothes Design That Features Other Things Like Enemies Or Quotes From The Series? 

Yes, other designs feature a wide range of classic Doctor Who enemies and also quotes.

We listed our favorites above, but expect to find other designs that include Cybermen, Davros (the creator of the Daleks) as well as some hybrid options that feature a number of the Time Lords’ favorite one-liners.

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