Adorable Unicorn Baby Clothes For Your Little One

Everything looks cuter in miniature, and there’s nothing more adorable than baby clothes. Oh, we just love those neat little booties and bonnets, bibs and rompers.

And since babies need changing so many times throughout the day, gifting baby clothes to new mums and dads is always a winner. But wth so many brands and products available, it is hard to know where to begin. How do you decide just which tiny garment is best?! 

The answer… Unicorn themed baby clothes! Seriously, if you are looking for a baby shower gift, 1st birthday present, or any excuse to treat your little one, then unicorn baby clothes are a great option.

Not only are unicorns colorful, sparkly and fun, they are also symbols of hope and peace. Little ones will love wearing them, and parents and relatives will adore dressing them up! So, here are 10 of the most adorable unicorn baby clothes ideas, to give you all the unicorn themed inspiration you could wish upon a rainbow for!


This unicorn romper suit is a best seller on Amazon, and it isn’t hard to see why. Any little one will absolutely love wearing it because it is so fluffy and soft against their skin. The white and pink design is simple yet effective, and there is absolutely no doubt as to what it is.

The addition of the hood really finishes everything off and adds extra warmth, making this romper a great winter warmer. We think that it works especially well as a bedtime pyjama suit, and little ones will have sparkly, glitter-filled dreams when wearing it. 

The easy on/off design with zipper fastening, means that this onesie can be pulled on over underlayers with no trouble, and is also machine washable. It is available in multiple sizes, so you can buy it for older siblings as well.

The shiny angel wings on the back are that little touch of magic that sets this unicorn onesie apart from the rest. It will work well as a fancy dress outfit too, and will inspire lots of wonderful imaginary games for children to enjoy. 


These unicorn baby socks make a brilliant stocking filler, and are perfect for popping on little feet to keep them warm and cosy. The 3D unicorn characters on the front are such fun, and we just love the pastel pinks and purples.

What makes these socks extra special is that they rattle! That’s right! Babies will absolutely love kicking and wriggling their feet and listening to the unicorns rattle. It makes playtime so much more fun and is great as a novelty gift that will stand out from the rest.

These socks are stretchy and snug, and won’t irritate your baby’s delicate skin. The rainbow pattern is whimsical and fun, and the elasticated ankles mean that these socks won’t keep slipping off as your baby crawls about.

Better still, there is a little bit of rubber grip on the bottom to ensure that your baby does not slip and slide as they move about. Ideal!


These gorgeous diamante unicorn tights are very baby chic! They pair really well with over the top skirts and dresses because they are simple and elegant, yet the crystal detail is so striking and special.

The unicorn design is distinct and clear, leaving no one in any doubt as to what it is. And the tiny pink and silver diamantes catch the light and sparkle beautifully, which will delight any little girl as she wears them.

These tights are handmade by the seller, which gives them that extra handcrafted feel and makes them all the more attractive. They are available in three different sizes, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-24 months, so you can be sure to find a pair that are perfect for your baby.

The diamantes are securely stuck down so babies can touch them and stroke them without worrying that they will fall off. The tights themselves are soft and stretchy and feel very comfortable for babies to wear. A great option for glitter christmas parties and holiday festivities.


If you are looking for some slightly less fancy baby clothes then these unicorn leggings could be the answer. They are perfect for everyday wear around the house, for outings in the stroller, and even trips to nursery.

They are hard wearing and durable and so can withstand multiple machine washes and tumble dries without losing their elasticity, shape or color. These leggings are lovely and stretchy, so babies can move and play happily all day in them without feeling restricted.

The elasticated waistline makes them super easy to pull on and off when it is time for a nappy change or bath.

What is so wonderful about these leggings is that the unicorn print fabric makes them feel special and fun without making them too precious to enjoy. Casual daywear does not need to be boring! And these leaping unicorns on the purple leggings prove it!

These leggings are made to order by the seller herself and so are crafted with care and love. They are available in a wide range of sizes, and thanks to the loose stretchy fit, they will last a long time (for baby clothes that is!).


Continuing on the theme of everyday leggings, these fantastic unicorn maxaloone leggings are a total game changer. Not only is the custom print fabric completely zany and vibrant, but the design is seriously innovative.

The maker has children herself and so understands the difficulty of finding leggings that fit babies in diapers, and also the annoyance of finding that your baby has outgrown all their leggings in just a few weeks.

With these maxaloones, she has created rollable ankle cuffs that can be folded up when your baby is young, and then rolled down gradually to extend the leg as your baby grows! This means that these leggings have serious longevity. The large gusset leaves ample room for diapers and stops your baby from becoming uncomfortable throughout the day. 

The fabric is a super stretchy and durable 95/5 cotton lycra, which moves wonderfully and bends and flexes with your baby’s knees. The maker also offers Squishiloones for 0-6 month olds, Miniloones for 3-12 month olds, and Monster Maxaloones for 1-5 year olds.

We love the fact that these Maxaloones are suitable for 6 month olds to 3 year olds because they are so adaptable and versatile. The unicorns and rainbows on the fabric are completely psychedelic, and the rainbow patterned waist and ankle bands finish the whole look off. Spell binding!


If you want to buy the whole outfit in one, then this next baby clothes bundle is a total winner! It includes a gorgeous unicorn romper suit, frilly rainbow colored tutu skirt, golden horn headdress and fabulous unicorn slippers!

The outfit works fantastically as a whole ensemble and will really turn heads at any playdate or party, however each item can also be worn separately meaning that this clothes set will get plenty of wear!

We love the elasticated waist band on the tulle skirt, and think that the front bow detail gives it that extra bit of flounce that every little girl loves. The lace sleeves on the romper elevate it from a casual day garment to something a little more special, and the glitter bows on the unicorn slippers give them a Dorothy touch and no mistake. But the headdress is surely the star of this show!

Complete with horn, ears, lace and flowers, this is more of a crown than a headband and is absolutely ideal for fancy dress parties and imaginary games with friends. Best of all, your baby won’t grow out of this headdress in a hurry and so will be able to wear and enjoy it for a long time! Magic!


This Hudson baby unicorn bathrobe is affordable yet very high quality. You can feel the quality just by touching the soft, fluffy fleece material. It will feel fantastic against baby soft skin and will keep little ones warm and snuggly after baths and before bedtime.

This is the perfect garment for curled up evenings on the couch next to mummy, but it also doubles as a really fun costume! The hood has fantastic horn and ear details which stand up brilliantly and make you want to gallop around.

The waist tie is long enough but not too long, so it doesn't drag along the ground unnecessarily and pick up dirt. We especially love the peaked cap on this bathrobe as it makes pulling the hood up and down super easy. This light pink, fluffy bathrobe is a perfect gift for any unicorn lovers out there.


For a unicorn clothes item that can be shown off in the park and playground, this adorable, handmade coat jacket is perfect. The coat is crafted from quality moleskin which is soft and buttery to allow flexibility and freedom.

It has also been fully lined with gorgeous fleece to add warmth and insulation for those wintery afternoon walks. The unicorn face, horn and ears are simply fabulous and look fun without being gaudy and over the top. The maker has even added a starburst applique detail on the back of the coat to give it that extra bit of magic.

This coat has lovely deep pockets which are great for storing stones, shells and other treasures in.

The pink buttons are well sewn so as not to fall off with wear and tear, and the hood has great depth, so it stays up and provides lots of protection against wind and rain. This is a classy unicorn coat that will make getting ready to go out much more fun than usual!


You are going to love these baggy pump pants because they are so comfortable and warm. The wide legged design means that little ones have lots of wriggle room and these pants are easy to fit over diapers.

The large belly cuff sits high on the baby’s tummy for a snuggly fit that does not easily ride down. And the elasticated ankle cuffs mean that their feet are feet and uninhibited beneath the billowing material in the trouser legs.

The unicorn design is cute and bold, and we love the jersey material that these pants are made from. It is highly durable and can withstand all the wear and tear that comes with baby life! Any baby will look gorgeous and feel great in these awesome unicorn pump pants.


And lastly, this Mud Pie unicorn cardigan is an absolute treat to behold. We think that the crochet pompoms add that extra texture and detail which sets this cardigan apart from others like it, and babies will love touching and fiddling with it as they wear it.

The ruffled shoulders and ribbed edging give it a refined finish, and the sparkly stars and unicorn decoration will appeal to any little girl! You won’t have any trouble getting your little one to wrap up warm with this cardigan in the wardrobe, the only trouble will be getting them to take it off!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Material is Best for Baby Clothes?

Organic and natural materials are the best choice for baby clothes, since they are free from chemicals and synthetics which could be irritating to baby skin.

Cotton is the natural choice, as it is lightweight and breathable so does not cause babies to become sweaty and clammy, and it is also very soft so ensures that they are comfortable.

Adorable Unicorn Baby Clothes For Your Little One

Where Should I Buy Baby Clothes?

Babies outgrow their clothes so quickly, particularly in the first few months of life, that it is not always sensible to spend a great deal of money on expensive, designer brands. Buying good quality but affordable baby clothes from high street chains and online retailers like Amazon is a good idea.

However, from an environmental perspective, it is best to buy baby clothes from charity shops and thrift stores. This way you can get top quality second hand goods, and be donating to a good cause at the same time.

What Clothes are Good for Newborns?

Newborn babies can be dressed in just about anything so long as it is comfortable and safe. As they cannot yet walk or crawl, newborns often have onesies and rompers which cover their feet to keep them warm. It is important to look for garments that are easy to take on and off, and that have boom fastenings for quick access when you need to change those diapers!

Stephanie Creek