Clothes For Chunky & Cute Babies

Baby Clothes For Chunky Babies

Despite baby clothes being clearly marked with sizes that are suitable for ages, sometimes these numbers just don’t add up, especially if you have a particularly chunky baby.

All babies are beautiful, so it can be frustrating when people come up to you and ask how old your baby is, or act shocked when you tell them their actual age due to their size.

But it doesn’t matter if your six month old baby is fitting into 18-24 months clothing. Size is just a number, and it’s not a one size fits all kind of situation.

As long as your baby is healthy, and your pediatrician is not concerned about their weight, then it’s fine to fit them into clothes that they can wear comfortably and safely, no matter what the measurement is. 

Finding clothes to fit a chunky baby can be a struggle as they don’t often fit into the recommended size for their age, and the larger sizes can be too loose around the arms and legs!

Luckily, we’ve got some suggestions for you to try.

Onesies And Babygrows

Onesies, bodysuits and baby-grows are a godsend for chunky babies. They’re super comfortable and easy to get on them.

When it comes to bodysuits and onesies, Carter’s are some of the best around. They’re high quality, and a lot of them are 100% cotton. We recommend these ultra soft ones:

With comfy styles and cuts, they’re perfect for a chubby baby! 

Pants For Chubby Babies

If it’s pants you’re looking for, then the Simple Joys range from Carter’s:

These pants are ultra soft, stretchy and so comfortable for your little chubby monster to wear!

Tees For Chunky Babies

If you’re looking for tees for a chunky baby, then why not try the Hanes Flexy 4 Pack Sleeve Crew Tops: 

They look great, and come in 12 different colors and varieties to suit all babies!

Loose Socks For Thicker Feet

If your baby has chunky legs and feet, then you will want to dress them in stretchy fit socks to keep their feet warm and cozy. We recommend the Zaples Baby Non Slip Grip Ankle Socks: 

 or these roll down Cotton Socks For Babies: 

Baggy Overalls

When it comes to overalls, you have to try OshKosh B’Gosh World’s Best Overalls. They’re called the best for a reason.

These overalls are cute, stylish, comfy and have lots of room in them for a chunky baby. You can find a range of OshKosh B’Gosh overalls here:

Tips For Dressing A Chunky Baby

If you’ve got a chunky or chubby little one, then we’ve got some simple mom and dad hacks for you to try out!

  • Try overalls! Overalls are roomy, baggy and so comfortable for your little ones to wear. They’re easy to get on and give your baby lots of wiggle room even if they’re on the chunky side. Just make sure the fabric is soft and has lots of stretch.
  • If you have to size up in pants because your baby is a little on the larger side, then simply hem the pants to fit them perfectly. You’d do exactly the same if they were your pants!
  • Alternatively, you can dress your chubby baby in sweatpants. Sweat pants are so comfortable for them and give them a huge range of movement.
  • There are even fashionable sweatpants for babies if you have an event to take them to.
  • If you find that shirts, sleeves and body suits are too tight on your babies’ arms, then simply use your hands, insert them into the sleeves and stretch them out a little.
  • If you have to buy larger socks for your baby because of thick, chubby ankles, then simply roll the tops down until they are the right length and size for you baby. This way, they won’t look silly or really oversized.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Some Babies Super Chunky?

It’s quite natural for some babies to appear chunky when they are younger, and this does not always mean that they are going to be obese or fat later on in life.

Most of the time, babies are so chunky because they can gain weight quickly.

Babies store some of their fat under their skin because their brains and bodies are developing and changing so quickly. This means they need more fuel and energy to keep their bodies going.

As babies can store this fat quickly, it may appear that your baby has belly rolls, fat or chunky arms and chubby cheeks. However, this is perfectly normal and healthy.

Where Can I Get Baby Clothes For A Chunky Baby?

We would highly recommend looking at Carter’s for bodysuits and pants on Amazon as they come in a range of sizes and stretchy, breathable fabrics which are perfect for chunkier babies.

Is It Normal For A Baby To Have A Big Tummy?

Yes, it is normal for your baby to have a large tummy or belly. It is quite common for a baby’s belly to appear full and rounded.

However, if you are concerned, or if your baby seems to cry or strain when the abdomen is touched, then you may need to speak to a doctor or pediatrician about your concerns.

Can My Baby Be Too Fat?

Most of the time, babies can look a little chunky as they start growing, especially if they are breastfed.

However, excess fat and calories can be a concern if you are overfeeding your baby. 

An overfed baby may struggle to start walking or crawling, which is an important part of your baby's physical development. Therefore, if you are concerned about your baby’s weight, then speak to a doctor or pediatrician. 


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