The Best Baby Clothing Brands

Every parent wants the best for their child and this includes providing them with the best clothes. However, this is not only about style.

It is about comfort, the way the clothing is produced, and ensuring that your baby is happy.

Now, there are thousands of clothing brands out there so it can be a task finding the right brand for you, however here we will be walking you through some of the best baby clothing brands, helping you come to a satisfactory conclusion and find the best clothes for your baby.

Buying Baby Clothes – Where to Start

Purchasing baby clothing is a different type of battle. It is not as simple as us adults buying clothes – we generally look for what looks good.

With a baby, however, there are many more factors to the buying process.

There are a few things that need to be taken into consideration before purchasing but it can be hard to remember this.

For anyone expecting a baby (or for broody women) exploring the baby section in clothing stores is one of the most exciting things. 

You can immerse yourself in everything ‘baby’ from the cute little booties to those adorable dinosaur pajamas, and we cannot forget those tiny newborn sets that just makes your heart melt.

Although this is the more exciting part of shopping, we have to remember to concern ourselves with other things before immediately picking up items off the shelf.


To put it simply, baby sizes are a pain. For anyone who has had children or has experience with them, you all know the struggle of sizing when it comes to baby clothes.

Babies grow fast and more often than not you will find babies growing out of their clothes at a speedy rate, not lasting more than maybe a month or two.

You may only get to see your baby wear that adorable outfit you love so much once as soon enough it won’t be able to fit them. But do not fear. 

This isn’t an indication of overfeeding. This rapid growth is completely normal. In order to stay safe, it is recommended to buy larger sized clothes.

This is good for two reasons: it is beneficial for growth spurts and will last longer, and your baby will feel more comfortable with a non-restrictive attire giving them more space to move.


Another important thing to look out for when choosing your baby’s clothing is its material. As a baby (especially with newborns) their skin is very sensitive.

It is important to find clothing that is comfortable and suitable for delicate skin.

This is all down to the fabric. In order to provide your baby with the upmost care and comfort, choose fabrics such as cotton (this is the most popular choice), or bamboo. 

These materials are also produced from natural resources, allowing a promised comfort for your baby.

You should avoid fabrics such as polyester and nylon – this can irritate the skin and be uncomfortable for the baby.


We all know how tempting it is to run straight towards that adorable pink baby dress or to pick out that those cute booties, but many forget to consider functionality.

The clothes you buy may not always be appropriate for your baby as we are quick to buy something that is “cute” before thinking long-term.

As a newborn, for example, you will find them spending most of their days sleeping. 

Because of this, you don’t want to jump to dressing them in tiny pants and cute dresses. Dress them in something that offers the ultimate comfort, something that is soft, cozy, and is comfortable enough for them to sleep in.

When we’re asleep we are quick to take off our uncomfortable everyday clothes and put on those soft cotton pj’s. With a newborn, those soft cotton pj’s are their everyday.

Pick out onesies, gowns, kimono body suits. All of these are great options for your newborn and will provide them with the comfort that they need.


This point links well to the point on size. When choosing clothing for your baby, you should concern yourself with the seasons.

It is easy to find a snug winter hoodie or a cute floral dress and buy it, without acknowledging if they will even be able to wear it in the coming seasons. 

When your baby does not get to wear those clothes because they have outgrown them before even trying it on, that not only leads to a waste of time and effort, but to a waste of clothes and a waste of our natural materials.

Health And Safety

Although a child’s safety is something which every parent values, many do not think of this when purchasing clothes.

This is not to say that they are bad parents, but is to say that there is a lack of education for the safety of clothes. 

You will find that many baby clothes come with small decorations such as bows, jewels, and buttons – these are things to watch out for.

Many of these accessories are choking hazards. It can be very easy for a jewel or button to fall off and for your curious baby to place that inside their mouth.

It is recommended to buy clothing which has less of these chocking hazards.

This, however, does not mean that you cannot but clothes without cute add-ons and designs. This means that you should be cautious when doing so.

It would be best to find clothes which is of good quality (this means you may have to spend more, but it is worth it for your child’s safety) and that is notable.

As well as this, look for clothing that is flame resistant, particularly with sleepwear. You will be able to find this from the label. 

The Best Baby Clothing Brands

Buying Baby Clothes – Recommended Brands

Having a baby is both joyous and difficult. Who would have known that there would be so much work gone into clothes shopping?

But it is important to recognize these and consider these factors. This is why clothing brands are so important. Clothing brands have a reputation and can be the difference between good quality and bad quality.

We have cumulated a list of the best baby clothing brands in order to provide you with the best resources, perfect for your baby.


Hanna Andersson

If you are searching for a cozy set of pajamas for your baby, Hanna Andersson is the way to go.

What is great about the brand is that they cater for parent and child, providing matching pajamas for all the family. 

Their baby clothes are made from quality knit cotton, organic and comfortable for your child.

Furthermore, the bodysuits and onesies adapt perfectly to diapers, stretching out accordingly to fit around the undergarment. 

This a great feature and shows why Hanna Andersson is a brand you should choose.


Jazzy Organics

Jazzy Organics provides clothing for babies aged 0 to 12 months, as well as catering for children aged 1 to 4 years old. They are a great clothing brand, their clothes being organically made.

By choosing Jazzy Organics you will be guaranteed the softest and purest baby clothes whilst helping them to support sustainable farming practices.

This brand acknowledges how a baby’s skin can be sensitive, and because of this they have made it their mission to create super soft clothes which is gentle on a baby’s skin.

This is an ideal brand particularly for those with newborns.



MORI is an international clothing brand, providing organic clothing to children and babies everywhere. Using 30% cotton and 70% bamboo, your baby will be satisfied and comfortable wearing MORI’s clothing.

As well as this, MORI is a charitable company, donating clothing to families in London where they are based.

If you are looking to purchase clothes from a brand who puts the wellbeing of children first, then show your support buy shopping with MORI. 

With its great quality, you can be reassured that their clothes will last long.



This brand not only delivers amazing clothes for babies, however works to create awareness of the hard labors around the world.

The clothing industry is not always a place of light and positivity. It can sometimes be a horrible place where people are forced to produce and manufacture clothes in inhumane conditions.

Pact’s mission is to create awareness of sweatshops and child labor clothing production, whilst creating ethically and organically made clothes to share.

This is the brand to purchase from if you are wanting affordable clothes from a company you know you can put your trust into.



Carter’s has something for all. What makes this brand unique is how their baby clothing also provides for those born prematurely, having a dedicated shopping section for the premature.

As a parent, you can’t predict whether your child will be born late or prematurely, and if they are born early you may not have the clothing to supply for your child/find it hard to gather premature clothes last minute.

Carter’s gives people that glimmer of hope, providing for babies of all shapes and sizes.



Clothing does not always have to be defined by gender, and this is something Primary believes in to.

Their baby clothes are not split by gender as their clothes are designed to be appropriate for any child. Simply find the size you need and take your pick of clothing. 

Primary’s clothing is organic, providing comfort to the baby, and also offers matching sets for parent and child to wear.


Kate Quinn

If you are looking for something that is affordable then Kate Quinn is the brand to shop from. Some of their baby clothes cost as little as $3, perfect for those parents on a budget.

However, those affordable prices do not mean their clothes are low in quality. Their clothing is made from organic cotton and bamboo resulting in the softest and coziest clothes for baby.

As well as this, you can be reassured that the conditions of workers globally are fair and safe.


Burt's Bees Baby

Burt’s Bees provide clothing for babies of 0 to 24 months, supplying boy, girl and gender neutral clothing.

This is an inclusive brand, and you will find their clothes in familiar stores such as Target and Amazon. 

Burt’s Bees can be trusted, for their baby clothing is made with the baby in mind.

The material is soft, as well as the tag itself, providing that extra comfort for your child. Check out their well acclaimed onesies today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Clothes Do I Need For My Newborn?

It can be difficult to know what a newborn needs.

It can be tempting to go all out and find them the most fashionable clothes when in reality your newborn will be sleeping for most of the day. 

You want to provide them with clothes such as onesies so that they are able to rest comfortably.

No one wants to be wearing a heavy jacket or dress while they are asleep. What your newborn needs is comfortable attire.

For the hospital when they are born, you will only need one outfit, preferably a onesie. Depending on the weather, you can also give them a soft hat, socks, and booties.

How Can I Ensure My Baby’s Clothes Are Safe?

It is important to make sure that the clothes your baby is wearing is safe. In order to ensure this, watch out for buying clothes with too many small sewn-in details, bows, buttons.

If a piece falls off your curious baby can easily place it in their mouth and consume it. 

Furthermore, you want to avoid buying baby clothes made out of polyester and start buying cotton/bamboo fabrics. This is good for the baby’s skin.

Are Baby Products In Demand?

The baby product industry is always growing and is therefore in demand; it has been predicted that by 2025, the baby product market will be worth $16.78 billion.

This is particularly true for countries who have a high birth rate such as in Southern and Eastern Asian countries. 

Because of high birth rates, this means that there will always be a demand for baby product production. This production includes clothes, toys, bottles, and much more.

Why Are Baby Clothes So Important?

Providing clothing for a baby is much more important than providing clothes for an adult, and this is because a baby’s skin is much more sensitive.

Because of their skin, it is important to create clothing using suitable material such as cotton and bamboo. This is to avoid any potential irritation and to allow them to be comfortable.

This also applies to your baby’s diapers, cloth diapers being made to help avoid diaper rash.

As well as this, it is also important to have knowledge of recommended baby sizes and knowledge of the potential dangers with buying unsuitable clothing.

Final Thoughts

We have discovered some great things about baby clothing, learning about the important things to consider when looking for baby clothing as well as listing a variety of recommended brands.

Shopping for your baby is a difficult task and there are plenty of things to consider before purchasing.

Of course, the colors and designs are important however what is also important is your child’s comfort. 

You want your child to be wearing clothing which does not irritate their skin as well as clothing which is safe. Make sure to do your research on brands before buying as you cannot trust every one.

The brands listed above each have something notable about them – they are organic, sustainable, gender neutral and do not leave out options for premature babies.

The brand is just as significant as the clothing. You want to find a brand that holds value in what they do and cares about their customers.

With so many baby clothing brands out there, you will definitely find one suitable for your child.

Stephanie Creek