Pampers Pure Protection Diapers Review

With so many different diapers available it can seem impossible to decide on the perfect kind for your little one. But if you are looking for non-toxic diapers that suit sensitive young skin? Look no further than the Pampers Pure Protection diaper range.

Overall, Pampers’ Pure Protection is a fantastic range of diapers. When using them, we definitely noticed a reduction in redness and general skin irritation within a few hours with a significant improvement when they were worn overnight.

On the whole, we think that the slight increase in cost per diaper is not enough to put us off buying them again, especially as the gentle natural materials seem to have done their job in protecting delicate skin.


  • These diapers come with some super cute designs and are available in a good variety of sizes - perfect for sensitive skin at any age!
  • The diapers come with wetness protection and longevity that is often typical of Pampers, making Pampers Pure Protection a fantastic choice for overnight wear.
  • Pampers live up to their ‘pure protection’ promise as these diapers are made exclusively from cotton and other plant-based fibers with no toxic or irritating harsh chemicals.


  • These diapers are a little more expensive than other Pampers diapers available. Remember that you do get what you pay for and these diapers are one of the best options for sensitive skin.

Pampers Pure Diapers Buying Guide


The major selling point of these diapers is their non-toxic and high-quality materials. Material selection is often what sets Pampers apart from other companies anyway, but here they really live up to expectations. 

Pampers Pure Diapers Review

The Pure Protection diapers are made from soft plant fibers and premium cotton and are completely hypoallergenic. The cotton is responsibly sourced and produced in the US from companies that are part of the Cotton LEADS program - an initiative that focuses on sustainability and producing high-quality cotton.

They are also 100% free from chlorine bleaching, fragrance, parabens, latex, and other lotions. This is fantastic for sensitive young skin and, as an added bonus, these diapers are more environmentally friendly than other popular ranges.

These ‘pure’ materials make for super comfortable wear. The inside and outside of these diapers are super soft and gentle and the whole of the diaper is free from sharp or scratchy materials.

The leg gussets are stretchy and smooth, as are the side tabs which let us get a secure but comfortable fit without digging into the baby’s tummy.

As with all of their diapers, Pampers has made sure that any points of potential friction are extra gentle. The inner lining has been designed to cause the least amount of irritation possible which is perfect for sensitive or already irritated skin.


We all know that slight differences in absorbance is what will turn a good diaper into a great diaper. But fortunately, Pure Protection does just what is says on the tin - offers what we think is an above average protection from leakages with some natural materials. 

The wetness indicator strip on the diapers is a fantastic way of keeping parents aware of how urgently a change is needed which will help prevent diaper rash and discomfort. We also love the weight that these diapers develop when they get wet.

The heaviness can be felt through lightweight and thicker clothes and is detectable enough to distinguish between an emergency-need-to-change-now diaper and a diaper that can wait a minute. Being able to detect wetness is another good way to prevent diaper rash and skin irritation. 

These diapers have not suffered a loss of absorbancy due to eco-friendly and less high-tech materials and are still able to quickly lock away moisture. No matter how you measure absorbancy at home, these diapers are going to be top of your list soon!


The look of a diaper is of course not going to be a major selling point, instead remember to check out absorbancy and material choices, and these diapers are fairly standard-looking. 

The Pure Protection range does not differ a whole lot from other Pampers diapers but they do have some cute little designs.

Are sweet little illustrations going to make a blowout any easier to deal with? Probably not. But do we think they’re a super cute addition to the diapers and love them anyway? Yes. 

Structurally, there are some design features that help keep the diapers as absorbent as possible. The fairly high back, for example, helps prevent blowouts and generally keeps things well contained.

We did also find that the stretchy gusset and secure closure tabs made for a better fit which again helps to keep the contents contained.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Diapers Have A Shelf Life?

In theory no, there is no expiration date for a pack of diapers. You should, however, aim to use your diapers within two years of purchase. Wait any longer and you run the risk of weakening elasticity, limited absorption, discoloration, and even decomposition for super eco-friendly diapers.

How Much Can A Pampers Diaper Hold?

The amount of ‘stuff’ that a diaper can hold will depend on the absorbency materials which vary with manufacturer and model. On average, a Pampers diaper can potentially hold 40 fluid ounces of liquid (1180 ml) which is impressive!

What is A Wet diaper?

A diaper is considered wet when it is holding more than 4 tablespoons (2 fl oz or 60 ml) of liquid. Any more liquid and the diaper is considered soaked. Don’t forget that a ‘poopy’ diaper also counts as a wet diaper.

Final Thoughts

After a non-toxic diaper that is kind to sensitive skin? You have to try the Pampers Pure Protection diapers.

Sustainable sourcing and non-toxic material choice would be enough to turn us into Pure Protection converts, but the fact that these diapers are also so gentle to irritated or sensitive skin has made these a firm favorite.

They are super comfortable and soft which is ideal for irritated skin, as are the super stretchy gusseting and smooth tabs. Stretchiness also means that everything is - hopefully! - kept in the nappy, limiting diaper blowouts and preventing leakages.

We found that these anti-leak features are great for the nighttime, with the wetness indicator being a fantastic indicator of change urgency.

Stephanie Creek