Top 10 Baby Clothes To Gift To Geeky Parents

If you are looking for the perfect baby shower gift for geeky parents, then look no further. We have put together a list of hilarious and cute baby clothes that will tickle their nerdy fancy.

Whether it is Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter or Dungeons and Dragons, there are an array of pun-tastic romper suits, onesies and bibs available online to choose from.

Why go for something middle of the road when you could go for something marvellously niche?!

Just be sure to research which obscure sci-fi universe you are referencing, because geeks don’t take too kindly to those who get the Deathstar mixed up with the Starship Enterprise. Go forth and prosper.


Star Trek Baby Onesie

What better way to celebrate the next generation of your family than with this Star Trek: The Next Generation baby onesie?!

Dr Spok himself would be proud to see his little one in such an item, and Trekky parents will feel the same. This onesie is quite the statement, and leaves no one in any doubt as to where the wearer's allegiance lies.

Once a Trekkie, always a Trekkie - so best to start your little one early!

The long sleeves and hood make this onesie lovely and warm for winter wear, and also make this a great bedtime option. The material is 100% jersey cotton, so your little Trekkie will feel snuggly and comfortable. 


'Clean Me Up Scotty' Baby Onesie

For Star Trek parents with a sense of humor, this ‘Clean Me Up Scotty’ baby onesie is simply out of this world!

The baby blue fabric is soft and attractive, and the black writing stands out very clearly against it, meaning no one will miss the joke!

The hilarious slogan also doubles as a handy reminder for new parents to perform diaper checks… that’s if the smell doesn’t remind them first!

The matching Trekkie hat can be worn together or separately from the onesie, and is a really great elasticated design so it doesn’t fall off easily.

And the Star Trek logo blanket is a great size and thickness to carry in a travel bag and keep on hand in case naptime should strike early.

When wearing this set all together, your baby will look ready to board the Starship Enterprise!


'Dad, You Are My Father' Star Wars Baby Onesie

Star Wars fans will love introducing their little ones to the dark side with this hilarious ‘Dad, you are my father’ onesie. The Darth Vader image is big and bold, just like the man himself, and we love the clarity of the text font.

This onesie is made from 100% organic cotton so it is breathable and soft. The quick snap poppers on the bottom are perfect for speedy access when it is time for a diaper change, and the whole garment is suitable for machine washing so is very low maintenance.

The seller advises that this Star Wars onesie runs a little on the small side, so it is best to opt for a larger size if you are in any doubt.

The sizing chart is detailed and very helpful as a reference, and the stretch in the fabric will allow for some growing room too.


Yoda Baby Beanie Hat

Most cute will your baby be, when they wear this adorable Yoda beanie hat. The long, pointy ears are instantly recognizable and they stand out clearly from the rest of the hat so cannot be missed.

The 100% cotton fabric of this hat has just enough stretch to stay snug on your baby’s head without constantly slipping off, but it doesn’t squeeze the scalp either.

This fun and very silly beanie will put a smile on the face of all who see it and will certainly be a conversation started when you and your baby are out and about.

It will also keep your baby’s head lovely and warm and protected from the elements - ahhh, thank you wise one.

Machine washable it is, and in the tumble dryer it can go. So this Star Wars inspired accessory has all the force of a great gift!


Star Wars 'The Dark Side' Baby Onesie

Geeks and freaks across the globe will love this Storm Pooper onesie, especially thanks to the addition of the hilarious punchline printed on the bum!

The meaning will be lost on no one, and new mums and dads will certainly appreciate the joke!

This onesie is available in 7 different sizes, meaning you can get one for your newborn or your two year old!

Thankfully, your little storm pooper will be super easy to change and clean because this onesie has popper closures that are hassle free and easy to do up and undo - even if you only have one hand free.

So you can continue wielding your lightsaber and defending the galaxy (or whatever else new parents get up to) with your other hand.


'Snuggle This Muggle' Harry Potter Baby Outfit

Wow, do we love this Wizard outfit complete with Baby bloomers, baby leggings, knot hat and baby onesie! Your little one will be fit to start at Hogwarts once they are dressed head to toe in this fantastic wizarding fabric.

The leggings, bloomers and knot hat are all made from a cotton knit which is warm and cosy so is great for winter and fall. The onesie is made from 100% cotton so is breathable and soft and makes a fantastic underlayer to any outfit.

You won’t be able to resist snuggling your little muggle when they are all dressed up, and they will feel incredibly comfortable and warm too.

Potter fans will adore the details on the custom print fabric, which includes fan favorites such as the sorting hat, Harry's glasses, Hedwig, quidditch quaffles and even Hogwarts itself! 


Harry Potter Print Baby Swaddle and Knot Hat

This Harry Potter baby swaddle and hat are perfect baby shower gifts for expectant parents who love the wizarding world.

The fabric is covered in beautifully detailed images from the books including flying letters, Hogwarts scarfs, wands, snitches, owls and circular glasses.

The pure white fabric is the perfect backdrop, and keeps this swaddle and hat set looking clean and classy. The swaddle is made from a polyester jersey knit fabric and is available in two sizes.

It hugs and wraps the baby close enough for them to feel wonderfully secure, almost as though they are under a magic sleeping spell. The hat is long and droopy and looks very much like something Dumbledore would wear to bed!

It is made from the same jersey knit as the stretchy swaddle and will ensure that whoever wears it stays warm and comfortable.


Brave Little Wizard Onesie

For any future Gryffindors out there, this ‘Brave Little Wizard’ baby onesie is the ideal gift. It makes a great fancy dress outfit and is perfect for funny photoshoots.

The Gryffindor colors and tie are instantly recognizable, and the house crest looks marvelous on the baby blazer.

Your little one will be fit to join the quidditch team in no time and will undoubtedly attract comments and smiles from other fellow Gryffindors when you are out and about together.

It is made from organic cotton and has snap closures for ease of access.

Luckily, this brilliant little onesie is available in three different sizes, and we recommend buying a size up to ensure that you all get the maximum amount of wear and enjoyment out of it as possible.


Dungeons And Dragons Baby Onesie

For any geeky parents who just love Dungeons and Dragons, this super cute D&D baby onesie is sure to be a winner. The D20 image is big and bold, and we love the ‘Future Dungeon Master’ print because it is wonderfully niche.

Only those who know the game will get the reference, which in itself is an excellent selling point. Luckily, your little dungeon crawler will feel comfortable and free in this onesie thanks to the top quality fabric and durable stitching.

It is available in 6 different sizing options and is even available in newborn size, so you can make sure that you waste no time introducing your youngster to the mighty game.


Customized Game Of Thrones Baby Onesie

GOT fans will really love this customizable baby onesie. You simply let the seller know what name you would like your ‘House’ to be and they print the onesie accordingly in the iconic Game of Thrones font.

There will be no doubting your baby’s allegiance once it puts this onesie on, and you can even ask for a more specific personalized message if you wish.

The text is very well transferred so it won’t come off in the wash, however it is best to wash this garment turned inside out and not on too hot a cycle.

Make sure your baby is fit for the throne and watch all who see them bow down!


'Player 3' Gamer Baby Onesie

And finally, we absolutely love the retro aesthetic of this Player 3 onesie. It is reminiscent of that 80s vibe that we all associate with the origins of gaming and will look absolutely adorable on any new player!

This onesie is awesome for first time mums who are looking for a fun way to announce their pregnancy, and it also works really well as a gift after a third child has been born.

Gamers will love the look and sentiment of this baby suit, and babies will love the soft, cozy feel. It scores bonus points for being unisex!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Size Should I Buy For A 3 Month Old?

If you are looking to buy clothes for a 3 month old baby, we recommend opting for a 3-6 month old size rather than a 0-3 month old size.

This is because babies grow very quickly in the first year of life and it is best to leave lots of growing room if you want to get the most wear out of your garments

Top 10 Baby Clothes to Gift to Geeky Parents

Can Babies Sleep In Onesies?

In cold weather during winter and fall, babies can sleep in onesies to keep them cosy and warm through the night.

However, it is important not to let your baby get too hot in spring and summer. Thin, cotton onesies which are breathable are ideal for these warmer seasons.

What Accessories Are Good For Babies?

Headbands are a really popular choice of clothing accessory for children and can jazz up any outfit brilliantly.

Other accessories are baby friendly as long as they do not have tassels or other choking hazards dangling from them?

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