Best Kids Stores in Chicago: Your Guide to Top Children’s Shopping Destinations

Chicago’s landscape for kids’ stores is as diverse and vibrant as the city itself. Our adventure through the Windy City reveals a remarkable array of destinations for young ones, from immersive toy stores to chic children’s boutiques. Each shop offers its own unique flavor, meticulously curating collections that foster creativity, learning, and joy for children.

A colorful storefront with playful signage and a vibrant window display showcasing a variety of toys, clothing, and accessories for children

Our journey brings us to an assortment of toy stores nestled in the cozy neighborhoods and bustling streets of Chicago. Whether you’re on the hunt for educational toys, engaging games, or heirloom-quality playthings, you’ll uncover treasures in places like Bucktown and West Town. Many of these shops go beyond simply selling toys; they create experiences that encourage kids to explore and interact, making shopping trips delightful for both kids and their caregivers.

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While the city is dotted with mainstream retail giants, we take pride in the gems that stand out with their distinctly crafted selections. These local boutiques often feature items from smaller companies, each piece chosen for its ability to inspire and delight. These stores don’t just offer products; they offer a gateway to wonder for kids and a nostalgic journey for adults reminiscing about the whimsy of childhood.

Top Toy Stores in Chicago

Colorful shelves display a variety of toys in a spacious store, with children's clothing and accessories on racks nearby

When exploring the vibrant city of Chicago, families with children will discover a variety of toy stores catering to whimsical adventures and educational experiences. These stores offer a treasure trove of items suitable for kids of all ages, from books and puzzles to unique collectibles.

Building Blocks Toy Store

Our first stop is Building Blocks Toy Store, a local favorite for families in Chicago. This family-owned business spans multiple locations, including Lincoln Park and Wicker Park, providing a wide selection of books, games, and puzzles. Parents appreciate the educational toys available here, which aim to foster young imaginations and learning.

Timeless Toys

Moving on, Timeless Toys introduces us to an elegant and European-inspired toy shop. Shelves here are adorned with puzzles and stuffed animals, echoing the classic charm that defines this Lincoln Square landmark. It’s a spot where the name truly reflects the enduring appeal of its carefully chosen playthings.

Galt Toys + Galt Baby

Galt Toys + Galt Baby focuses on the needs of the very young, offering items like rattles and infant toys in addition to high-quality strollers and attractive nursery decor. The store’s range meticulously caters to babies and toddlers, providing both fun and educational value.

Toys Et Cetera

At Toys Et Cetera, we’re met with an impressive array of over 10,000 toys. They’ve been a fixture in Chicago since 1976, with a mission to supply fun and unique items that spark creativity. Their collection encompasses innovative toys to beloved books, allowing every visit to uncover something new and exciting.


For something distinctly contemporary, Rotofugi stands out with its eclectic mix of designer toys and collectibles. Known for its artistic vinyl figurines, Rotofugi is more than a toy store—it’s a gallery that captures the imaginations of both kids and adult collectors looking for that unique gift.

Toy De Jour

Lastly, Toy De Jour caters to the nostalgia lovers. This specialty store is a paradise of vintage finds and collectibles. From retro action figures to classic figurines, every piece tells a story, making it a favorite destination for those in search of a piece of childhood or a unique treasure to add to their collection.

Children’s Bookstores and Reading Nooks

A cozy children's bookstore with colorful shelves, comfy reading nooks, and whimsical decor in Chicago

Chicago boasts a selection of esteemed children’s bookstores that nurture a love for reading. These spaces are not only stocked with a wide range of children’s literature but are also designed with inviting reading nooks and spaces for story time, ensuring that our little ones can grow and thrive in a literary environment.

The Book Cellar

In the heart of Lincoln Square, The Book Cellar offers an inviting atmosphere for families seeking both educational books and a cozy atmosphere. It’s a place where children’s cognitive development is fostered through carefully curated selections of books. Regular story times transform reading into a shared, communal event, bonding children and parents alike over the magic of stories.


Play is a unique space located in Lincoln Park where books meet imagination. Not only does Play provide an extensive selection of children’s literature, but it also integrates play into the learning process, recognizing its importance for cognitive development. Little readers can look forward to a mixture of story time sessions and the opportunity to engage with puzzles and other educational materials.

57th Street Books

Nestled in Hyde Park, 57th Street Books is a haven for young readers with its labyrinthine layout leading to bountiful nooks filled with books. This bookstore specializes in children’s literature, offering an excellent variety for young minds eager to discover new stories. Educational books are in abundance here, catering to the curiosity and growth that mark early childhood reading experiences.

Unique Children’s Apparel and Accessories

A colorful display of children's apparel and accessories fills the shelves of a trendy boutique in Chicago, featuring unique and stylish items for kids

In our guide of unique children’s apparel and accessories in Chicago, we spotlight specialty boutiques that offer one-of-a-kind pieces. Whether you’re searching for eco-friendly materials or custom-designed garments, these noteworthy stores cater to discerning tastes and provide a plethora of options for the young and stylish.

The Red Balloon Co.

The Red Balloon Co. stands out with its impressive array of vibrant children’s apparel and an assortment of unique gifts. Their carefully curated collection includes handmade pieces and a range of accessories that capture the essence of childhood whimsy. It’s a go-to destination for those in search of a special item that speaks to the heart of city style.


Psychobaby is where personalized apparel meets fun and unique designs. This store offers a custom touch to children’s clothing, giving parents the opportunity to craft an outfit that reflects their child’s individuality. From funky and cool accessories to custom-printed tees, Psychobaby is a treasure trove for gifts that are as playful and unique as every child.

Little Threads

With Little Threads, we find a boutique that merges sophistication with the sweet charm of handmade apparel. They are recognized for their expansive selection of boutique handmade clothes and unique accessories. It’s not just about fashion here; it’s about dressing kids in comfortable, organic, and eco-friendly fibers that also happen to be chic and trendy.

Sprout San Francisco

Lastly, Sprout San Francisco specializes in organic and eco-friendly children’s clothing. Their ethos is built on the belief that every child deserves the purest possible start in life. Expect to find a wide selection of organic cotton pieces that protect both the health of children and the planet, ensuring that style and sustainability go hand in hand.

Kids Furniture and Decor

A colorful display of kids' furniture and decor in a bright and spacious store in Chicago

In Chicago, families have a selection of quality stores offering children’s furniture and decor that combine modern design with eco-friendly practices. These stores provide an array of products, from customizable furniture to nursery essentials.

The Land of Nod

The Land of Nod is a go-to destination for unique and stylish children’s furniture with a focus on quality and safety. Our selections often include a variety of eco-friendly options that ensure a safe environment for your child’s play and rest.

Pivot Furniture

At Pivot Furniture, we’ve observed a commitment to modern design that caters to the evolving tastes of Chicago families. Many pieces are adaptable, ensuring they grow with your children and remain functional through the years.

Duc Duc

Duc Duc is known for its modern and customizable furniture designs. As we explore their offerings, we appreciate their dedication to creating eco-friendly and innovative pieces that can be tailored to fit the unique style and needs of your family.

Galt Toys + Galt Baby

Supplying Chicago with premium nursery furniture and decor, Galt Toys + Galt Baby stands out for us with their curated collection of strollers and other baby essentials. Their focus on quality and design meets our expectations for providing the best for our kids.

Specialty Shops and Boutiques

Colorful storefronts line the bustling streets, each adorned with unique displays and vibrant signage. Playful toys and trendy children's clothing fill the windows, inviting young shoppers and their families inside

We understand the charm and distinction that specialty shops and boutiques bring to shopping experiences in Chicago. Our curated selection highlights boutiques known for their unique gifts, custom options, and a personalized shopping experience that often includes complimentary gift wrapping, enhancing the allure of discovering the perfect item.


Suitor stands as a premier destination for those seeking custom apparel and accessories. Known for its personalized service, this boutique offers unique gifts, ensuring that each client finds something that appeals to their individual style. With attention to detail, one can expect to find a selection that’s as distinctive as it is charming.

Peachtree Place

In Northfield, Peachtree Place transports you into a world of unique home decor and exquisite accessories. This family-owned boutique is celebrated for an array of hand-selected items, and they often provide free gift wrapping, adding a touch of elegance to every purchase.


Virtu epitomizes the boutique experience, presenting shoppers with handmade jewelry and unique gifts crafted by skilled artisans. Here, the passion for artistry is palpable, offering a collection that’s both unique and deeply personal.


When it comes to gift-giving, Hazel is a boutique that truly understands the art. Featuring fair trade and eco-friendly gifts, this store commits to thoughtful curation. Here, one can find apparel and accessories that are not just unique but also consciously selected.

Greenheart Shop

As an eco-friendly boutique, Greenheart Shop is the embodiment of mindful shopping. With a focus on fair trade and sustainable products, their unique gifts and apparel come with a story of support for global artisans, highlighting the beauty of social consciousness in commerce.


Notice invites those in search of the uncommon. This boutique specializes in unique gifts and accessories, often accompanied by complimentary gift wrapping. Their assortment ranges from custom to ready-made, ensuring a special and memorable shopping experience for every customer.

Child-Friendly Activities and Play Centers

Children playing in colorful play centers, surrounded by toys, books, and games. Brightly lit store with shelves filled with kid-friendly products

Our exploration through Chicago’s vibrant family scene has led us to a collection of play centers that stand out for their engaging, interactive experiences for kids. These venues are designed for children to play, learn, and grow, offering a variety of games, craft activities, and party options to cater to the diverse interests of young families.

Purple Monkey Playroom

Purple Monkey Playroom, located in the heart of Bucktown, is our go-to venue for a family-friendly environment where kids can enjoy a range of toys and play areas. We appreciate that the space caters to a variety of play preferences, from climbing structures to imaginative play. They are well-equipped for hosting birthdays and events, ensuring a memorable experience for all ages.

  • Location: Bucktown
  • Activities: Toys, climbing structures, imaginative play areas
  • Special Features: Event hosting for parties

Little Beans Cafe

Next, we’d like to highlight Little Beans Cafe, a place where families in various locations across Chicago, including Logan Square, can relax while their children engage in play. They offer a comfortable cafe setting for parents and an array of fun, interactive play options for kids. Little Beans Cafe not only features an indoor playground but also provides craft kits and board games to encourage creative and social play.

  • Locations: Various, including Logan Square
  • Amenities:
    • Comfortable cafe for families
    • Indoor playground
    • Craft kits and board games available
  • Ambience: Interactive and relaxed

Explore and Much More

At Explore and Much More, children have the opportunity to embark on an adventure where they can climb, race, and discover new games in a safe and stimulating environment. This center emphasizes hands-on play, with exhibits and activities designed to support the developmental stages of children. It’s a place where fun and learning go hand in hand.

  • Focus: Hands-on play and developmental support
  • Activities: Climbing, racing, interactive games
  • Learning Opportunities: Exhibits tailored to various developmental stages

Shopping Tips and Parent Resources

Brightly colored storefronts line the bustling Chicago street, showcasing the best kids' stores. A variety of toys, clothes, and books are on display, drawing in parents and children alike

When it comes to shopping for kids in Chicago, we understand the unique challenges parents face. From selecting the perfect stroller to finding toys that are as fun as they are educational, our guide is designed to help you make informed decisions.

Stroller Shopping Guide

When looking for the right stroller, we prioritize safety and ease of navigation. You’ll want to look for a stroller with a strong safety rating. Additionally, consider the layout of the stores you frequent and select a model that’s easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Some family-owned stores in Chicago may offer test-drives.

Toy Store Selection Tips

Selecting the right toy store is crucial. We recommend choosing stores with a diverse selection, including infant and toddler toys, educational toys, and handmade options. Pay attention to the selection advice given by stores and check for any available reviews. A store with knowledgeable staff can be invaluable in finding unique toys.

Children’s Clothing Buying Guide

Comfort and size are key when purchasing children’s clothing. Always consider the material and fit to ensure comfort for your child. Style is also important, so look for stores that carry a variety of unique styles. Check if stores offer personalized services, such as sizing advice or gift-wrapping for children’s clothing gifts.

Gift Ideas for Children

In search of a unique gift? Consider handmade or personalized items that hold a special touch. Educational board games or a beautifully made piece of wooden furniture can be both practical and delightful. Many stores also offer gift-wrapping, making your gift stand out even before it’s opened.

Events and Community Involvement

Children playing in a vibrant, interactive store. Parents and community members engage in activities and events. The store is filled with colorful displays and a welcoming atmosphere

We take pride in the robust community involvement and events that our family-owned toy stores in Chicago offer. Our events are designed to be educational and enjoyable, encouraging participation in a variety of hands-on experiences.

Local Author Readings

We regularly host reading sessions with local authors. These events celebrate Chicago’s literary talent and provide families an opportunity to explore new books and meet the authors. Such gatherings reinforce our commitment to literacy and education through engaging storytelling events, often featuring authors who focus on themes relevant to our diverse communities.

Toy Store Workshops

Our workshops at various Chicago toy stores provide a space for children to engage with toys in a new way. They can learn about the art of crafting with wood or participate in interactive games that are both educational and fun. We ensure that these workshops are more than just playtime; they’re about learning and growing through hands-on activities. These events strengthen the bond between the community and our stores, fostering a love for toys that educate and inspire.

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