Best Kids Stores in Portland, Oregon: Your Go-To Shopping Guide

As residents of Portland, Oregon, we have the distinct pleasure of accessing a wide variety of stores that cater to the needs and whims of our youngest citizens. Known for its unique and often eco-friendly approach to consumer goods, Portland is brimming with kids’ stores that offer an array of products from educational toys and books to durable clothing and creative playthings. Whether you’re a local parent, a visiting family member, or a friend looking for that perfect gift, you’ll find that the city’s eclectic boutiques and specialty shops create a shopping experience that is as enjoyable for adults as it is for children.

Brightly colored storefronts line the bustling streets, adorned with playful signage and whimsical window displays showcasing the latest in children's fashion and toys

Portland’s children’s stores are not just about the items they sell; they’re about creating a space where kids can feel inspired and parents can find products that encourage development and expression in their little ones. These shops are often community hubs, hosting events and activities that further enrich the Portland experience. They’re places where the staff knows their inventory and understands the importance of high-quality, kid-friendly merchandise.

In our exploration of Portland’s best kids’ stores, we’ve discovered locations like Hammer and Jacks, with its thoughtful selection of toys and kids’ activities, and Kids At Heart Toys in the vibrant Hawthorne district. For those looking for stylish and original children’s clothing, Posh Baby stands out with its eco-friendly options. Meanwhile, educational and engaging play experiences are plentiful at stores like Cloud Cap Games, which offers a diverse range of games along with a rental library, ensuring the perfect fit for every family. Each store has its unique charm, contributing to Portland’s reputation as a welcoming haven for families.

Top-Rated Toy Stores in Portland

Brightly colored toy shelves line the walls of a bustling store in Portland, Oregon. A variety of toys and games are displayed, with children and families browsing the aisles

In Portland, OR, we find a diverse array of toy stores that stand out for their quality toys, games, and books. With consistently high reviews, these venues have proven time and again that they are favorites among both kids and parents.

Spielwerk Toys

At Spielwerk Toys, they’re renowned for their selection that emphasizes play’s educational aspect. Parents consistently praise the store for its interactive toys and games that foster children’s development. Located in the Mississippi neighborhood, Spielwerk Toys has become a 4.3-star rated destination for families seeking thoughtful play options.

Thinker Toys

Thinker Toys is another highly regarded toy store in Portland, with special recognition for their educational toys at competitive prices. They’re situated in Multnomah Village and are known for their attentive staff ready to guide you to the perfect toy or book for any age.

Finnegan’s Toys & Gifts

No list of Portland’s top toy stores would be complete without mentioning Finnegan’s Toys & Gifts. A staple in the city, it has an extensive selection of toys ranging from classics to the latest trends. They bring joy to children and nostalgia to the adults who remember playing with some of the same toys.

Kids at Heart Toys

Kids at Heart Toys, located on Hawthorne Boulevard, continues to capture the hearts of its visitors with a versatile range of products. Known for their 4.2-star review status, they offer a vibrant collection of toys and books that cater to the imaginations of all children.

MudPuddles Toys and Books

Lastly, MudPuddles Toys and Books is a treasure trove for young readers and players alike. With a strong focus on enriching the minds and creativity of children through play, their shelves are stocked with quality options that are both educational and fun. Customers often highlight their unique finds that are not easily found in other stores.

Unique and Boutique Kids Stores

A colorful storefront with vibrant signage and playful window displays. A whimsical interior filled with toys, books, and clothing in a cozy setting

In Portland, we’re proud of our unique boutique scene, especially when it comes to children’s stores. We offer a variety of shops that provide high-quality kids clothes, trendy accessories, and charming decor that stands out for its distinctiveness and quality.

Black Wagon

Location: 3964 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227

At Black Wagon, we present a carefully curated selection of children’s clothing that is not only sustainable but also stylish. Our inventory includes an array of:

  • Kids Clothes: From newborn to youth sizes, emphasizing longevity.
  • Accessories & Decor: Specially chosen to be safe for all ages.

Hours: Sunday 11 AM-4PM; M, T, Th 11 AM-5PM


Location: Vernon Neighborhood, Portland, OR

Grasshopper stands out for its eco-friendly approach to children’s fashion. Highlights from our Grasshopper collection are:

  • Children’s Clothing: A diverse range ensuring that eco-consciousness meets fashion.
  • Toys & Books: Selected to foster creativity and understanding of sustainability.

Posey Child

Location: Pearl District, Portland, OR

At Posey Child, we emphasize a posh, yet accessible collection of trendy items for the little ones. Our boutique offers:

  • Unique Fashion: A blend of upscale children’s clothing that’s both eye-catching and functional.
  • Portland Charm: Designs that reflect the creative spirit of our city.

By showcasing these boutiques, we aim to guide parents to places where they can find quality, flair, and thoughtful offerings for their children.

Clothing and Apparel Shops

A row of colorful storefronts with bright signage and window displays showcasing children's clothing and accessories in downtown Portland, Oregon

In Portland, Oregon, we’re fortunate to have a selection of kids’ stores that offer good quality, affordable clothing and apparel. Whether you’re on the hunt for a unique baby gift or everyday wear for growing kids, these shops have you covered.

Hammer and Jacks

At Hammer and Jacks, quality and playfulness converge to create a delightful shopping experience. Situated in the Mt. Scott – Arleta neighborhood, this boutique prides itself on offering lovely kids’ clothes that not only look great but are made to last. Alongside their apparel, you’ll find an array of toys, making it a one-stop shop for gifts and everyday essentials.

Moreland Neighborhood Kids Fashion

  • Moreland Neighborhood Kids Fashion fronts the local scene with a collection of kids’ clothes that are both high in quality and accessible in price. Staying ahead of fashion trends, our store ensures that your children look their best without compromising on comfort or durability. Here, the apparel aligns with the various stages of childhood, promising pieces that are as practical as they are stylish.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Choices

A bustling store filled with eco-friendly and sustainable products for kids, with vibrant displays and a focus on environmental awareness

We understand the importance of making eco-conscious decisions for our children, and fortunately, Portland is a hub for sustainable and eco-friendly kids’ stores. As parents seeking out the best for our little ones, we prioritize boutiques that offer products which are not only safe and natural but also support our commitment to the environment.

Eco Baby Gear

Location: Portland, OR
Products: Natural, organic, eco-friendly, and sustainable baby products.
Services: Online and in-store shopping.

At Eco Baby Gear, we connect with families who seek environmentally conscious products for their children. We are proud to offer a variety of items that are organic, non-toxic, and sustainably made, ensuring that parents have access to the safest products for their babies. Our selection is carefully curated to meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

Wild Child

Location: Portland, OR
Ethos: Sustainable and natural children’s products.
Services: In-store shopping.

In the heart of Portland, Wild Child is a boutique that shares our commitment to sustainability. Here, we find a range of children’s clothing and gear that aligns with our values. Carefully sourced materials and the support of ethical manufacturing practices make Wild Child a top choice for us when looking for eco boutiques that help protect our planet while catering to our kids’ needs.

Toy Collectors’ Haven

A colorful array of toys fills the shelves, from action figures to stuffed animals. Bright lights illuminate the store, inviting children to explore

In Portland, we’re fortunate to have specialty stores that are a treasure trove for toy collectors. Whether it’s exclusive board games, vintage puzzles, or limited-edition sets from LEGO and Playmobil, these locations are must-visits for serious hobbyists.

Cloud Cap Games

At Cloud Cap Games, collectors can immerse themselves in an extensive array of board games. From European-style offerings to thematic adventures, it offers a hands-on experience with their game rental library before making a purchase. Enthusiasts can find their next prized piece or connect over common interests, all under one inviting roof.

  • Address: 1226 SE Lexington St, Portland, OR 97202
  • Contact: (503) 505-9344
  • Specialties:
    • European-style Board Games
    • Thematic and Party Games
    • Children’s games
    • Game Rental Library

Rec Room

Rec Room presents a unique environment for collectors and casual players alike. Our shelves boast a variety of puzzles that challenge both the mind and the eye, including 3D puzzles that double as display pieces. With LEGOs and Playmobil sets, from the newest releases to nostalgic classics, building enthusiasts will feel right at home.

  • Collections:
    • A vast assortment of LEGOs and Playmobil sets
    • Engaging and intricate puzzles for all age groups
    • A community-oriented space for playful exploration

Our dedication to supporting collectors and fostering a community around play is what makes us stand out as the go-to spots for toy enthusiasts in Portland.

Interactive and Educational Toy Stores

Colorful shelves display interactive toys. Children explore educational games. Portland's best kids stores offer a fun and engaging environment

When visiting Portland, Oregon, we look for toy stores that provide children with more than just playtime. We seek out places that stimulate development and creativity through interactive and educational experiences. The following stores specialize in products that engage young minds, from crafts to wooden toys, ensuring learning and fun go hand-in-hand.

Oodles 4 Kids

At Oodles 4 Kids, we find a carefully curated selection of educational toys that cater to various learning stages. The store emphasizes:

  • Engagement in Learning: Through an array of puzzles and science kits, children’s cognitive skills are challenged and developed.
  • Creativity and Crafts: A vast range of art supplies invites children to express themselves artistically.

Located in the heart of Portland, Oodles 4 Kids is known for its quality wooden toys and a delightful assortment of stuffed animals that provide comfort and companionship to young ones.

BrainyZoo Toys

BrainyZoo Toys is our go-to for handpicked, imaginative learning tools. They stand out for:

  • Educational Value: Interactive games and toys encourage problem-solving and critical thinking.
  • Handmade Finds: The store features locally made, unique crafts, giving a taste of Oregon’s community talent.

BrainyZoo Toys ensures all toys are not just fun but also serve as educational resources to foster a child’s curiosity and intellect amidst the joy of play.

Value Shopping for Kids

Brightly colored storefronts line the bustling street, with cheerful signage and playful window displays inviting families inside. The air is filled with the sound of children's laughter and the excitement of finding the perfect toy or outfit

When it comes to furnishing our children with toys and clothing that combine quality with affordability, Portland offers great options. We understand the importance of finding the best value without sacrificing the enjoyment and longevity of products. Here, we’ll highlight two standout choices for value shopping in our city.

Kids at Heart Second-Hand Selections

At Kids at Heart, we find a treasure trove of second-hand toys that offer the same charm and playability as new items, but at a fraction of the cost. Not only do these selections promise affordable prices, but they also provide a sustainable shopping option. Their carefully curated collection ensures that we’re choosing from quality toys that have been well-loved and are ready for a new home.

  • Value: Excellent
  • Product Range: Diverse array of second-hand toys
  • Location: Hawthorne district

Merci Milo Outlet

Merci Milo Outlet is our go-to for discounted, overstock, and end-of-line products from the popular children’s brand. Shopping at this outlet allows us to enjoy lower prices while still accessing high-quality, unique playthings. It’s a brilliant spot to find exceptional deals, especially if we’re on the hunt for one-of-a-kind items that stand out.

  • Value: High
  • Product Range: Unique toys, usually overstock or end-of-line
  • Location: Available online with shipping to Portland

By shopping at these venues, we can ensure that our children’s shelves are stocked with enchanting toys that don’t break the bank, proving that value shopping in Portland is both rewarding and accessible.

Online Shopping Alternatives

A colorful storefront with a variety of toys and clothing, surrounded by happy children and parents browsing through the selection

For those of us who prefer the convenience of browsing from the comfort of our homes, Portland, OR, offers a number of friendly and accessible online shopping options for children’s clothing and toys.

Locally Owned Eco-Friendly Choices:
Posh Baby – An online storefront that mirrors their commitment to eco-friendly products, with a range of baby and kids’ clothing that is both sustainable and stylish.
The Grasshopper Store – Known for continually updating their inventory, they provide non-toxic, eco-friendly options that are just a click away.

Itemized Online Boutiques:

  • The Bull and The Bee – A curated collection of high-quality children’s items, available with a few simple clicks.
  • Black Wagon Kids Boutique – A user-friendly website that showcases a diverse selection of kids’ apparel.

Inclusive Online Shopping Experience:
We understand the necessity for excellent customer service. These online stores are not only reputable but are known for their friendly and helpful staff, ready to assist with any online purchase.

Table for Quick Online References:

Store Name Website Features Customer Service
Posh Baby Eco-friendly, Quality Selection Responsive Staff
Grasshopper Store Non-toxic Products, Updated List Supportive Staff
The Bull and The Bee High-quality Pieces Attentive Staff
Black Wagon Boutique Diverse Apparel Options Helpful Staff

We ensure a seamless, clear, and straightforward online shopping experience for you and your family. Whether looking for children’s clothing or toys, our online stores in Portland meet those needs with professionalism and care.

Neighborhood Specialties

A colorful storefront with toys and children's clothing. A playful atmosphere with bright signage and window displays. Vibrant and inviting

Portland hosts a myriad of specialty stores across its neighborhoods, each offering unique selections that reflect the character of their locales. We explore the top stops in the Pearl District, Multnomah Village, and the Foster-Powell Neighborhood that are celebrated for their curated collections of children’s items.

Pearl District Boutiques

Posh Baby stands out in the Pearl District with a selection of upscale baby gear and children’s clothing. The range of products from this boutique caters to discerning parents looking for both style and quality in their purchases.

Multnomah Village Gems

Multnomah Village may be smaller than other Portland neighborhoods, but it boasts treasures such as Piccolina, a local favorite for gently-used children’s clothing and toys. Their environmentally conscious approach ensures parents can find sustainable options for their kids.

Foster-Powell Neighborhood Finds

Foster-Powell, affectionately known as FoPo, offers unique places like Hammer and Jacks. With a commitment to fostering community, this store not only sells an array of children’s toys and clothing but also serves as a venue for kids’ events and activities.

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