Target Up & Up Diapers Review

Diapers are an essential part of caring for your baby, but they are also very expensive.

In a day, a child from newborn to being potty trained can go through 6-12 diapers on average, which can lead to a spiraling of cost, especially if you are going for the higher-end brands. If you want a cheaper option, then you could try out Target Up & Up Diapers, which is one of the most budget options available.

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But being so cheap, are they any good?

To find out, we have reviewed these diapers and here will cover everything from how well it protects against leaks, to durability, and comfort for the baby. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Up & Up diapers.

Target Up & Up Diapers Review

Quick Review

Target’s Up & Up diapers are low-cost, convenient, fluffy, and pleasurable diapers.

In terms of longevity, they exceed the market, with fewer faulty tabs and SAP leaks than a lot of the competition.

However, this solution did not score well in our tests for absorption and leakage, two critical performance factors.

It’s also environmentally unfriendly and contains common skin irritants.

Even if you don’t need these features, we believe its failure to trap liquids and keep them away from the baby’s skin is a severe flaw.

It’s equally as important to be able to keep leaks and accidents from escaping the diaper and ending up somewhere they don’t belong.

This budget-friendly diaper is unsuitable in our opinion due to its lack of absorption and leak protection.

Target’s Up & Up diapers


  • Inexpensive – Priced at around £0.13 per diaper (subject to change but often can be even cheaper if you make use of Target coupons), this diaper is possibly the cheapest on the market
  • Soft feel and durable – the material used in this diaper is very soft to the touch with a quilted inner liner, making it less likely to cause your baby’s diaper rash is comfortable for them to wear for long periods.


  • Questionable materials – Target is not at all transparent with what materials are used in the making of this diaper. You could blame the low price point for this, but considering that the material is coming into contact with babies’ skin, you would think that they would be open about what they use.
  • No leak protection – This diaper really struggles to prevent any leaks from the side or back. While you can sometimes say that this is caused by one or two defective diapers, or perhaps there has been a bit too much time between diaper changes, the fact that this is a known issue with this diaper indicates that it is a problem with the product, and not caused by user error.

Feel Of Diaper

The material used in the diaper is soft and nice to touch. The elastic and motion points, as well as the closure tabs, are more ski-friendly than most of the competition.

Up & Up diapers are more enjoyable for babies since they contain a soft outer, quilted inner liner, and soft stretch tabs. Most babies should find this option to be a comfortable diaper to wear while they are dry.This diaper is also very durable, meaning that it is not likely to rip or tear easily. This is essential in preventing any mess from getting out accidentally.


This diaper performed poorly in absorption testing.

Your baby’s skin may retain more moisture as a result of the lack of absorption, which leads to a higher risk of diaper rash or skin irritation as this is associated with dampness on the skin.

Urine and other waste products may wind up on his or her clothes or in the surrounding area due to the lack of absorption as well.


The Up & Up had a hard time with leaks. This diaper scored poorly in our leak tests, and some Amazon reviewers stated it leaked more than other diapers they’d tested.

The low absorption score indicates that liquid is escaping the diaper rather than being held in the core, which could be due to a defective fit or a long time between changes, or because of the lower quality of material being used in the product.

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Environmentally Unfriendly And Questionable Materials 

This diaper isn’t produced from environmentally friendly materials, and the design isn’t really innovative in terms of bringing something new to the table.

When it comes to baby health and the environment, Target doesn’t say much about the diaper’s ingredients or how it’s made or packed, which is problematic.

The diaper doesn’t appear to have much else to offer besides recyclable packaging. Target also remains silent on the diaper’s composition.

The fact that they’re devoid of sulfates, parabens, petroleum, perfumes, and colors, as well as being created with elemental chlorine-free pulp, isn’t mentioned on the box or website.

Because the diapers have a print and a wetness indicator, they must include pigments of some kind, therefore the claim is at best confusing and perhaps misleading.

They also look to have lotion on the inside, although there is no indication whether this is latex-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Target Diapers Have A Wetness Indicator?

Yes, they do. The wetness indicator turns blue when wet

How Many Diapers Does A Newborn Use A Day?

A newborn can go through 8-12 diapers a day.


The Up & Up brand has a lovely feel to it and is reasonably priced. Many parents are enticed to try this diaper since the Target link gives a sense of quality at a reasonable price.

The results of the absorption and leak tests, on the other hand, were disappointing, demonstrating increased moisture transfer from the diaper as well as more leakage than a regular diaper.

These results reveal the risk of diaper rash, skin irritation, and waste escaping from the diaper, making the Up & Up option a letdown.

Despite its low price, we believe that this diaper will cost you more in the long run, making it an option we do not recommend.

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Stephanie Creek